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Masterful Mousing : 6 Excellent Laptop Mice Review
You’re heard of the better mousetrap — here are some mice that do their job better than the average rodent.
If you’re still using a traditional computer (as opposed to a tablet), you’re probably also still using a traditional mouse.

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www.batteryfast.co.uk-Masterful Mousing : 6 Excellent Laptop Mice Review

  1. 1. August 31, 2011 batteryfast.co.uk Masterful Mousing : 6 Excellent Laptop Mice Review Masterful Mousing : 6 Excellent Laptop Cyborg R.A.T. 9 Gaming Mouse Mice Review You’re heard of the better mousetrap — here are some mice that do their job better than the average rodent. If you’re still using a traditional computer (as op- posed to a tablet), you’re probably also still using a traditional mouse. While laptops all come with touchpads to help us move our cursors around the screen, there’s no denying that many users are more comfortable pushing a mouse around a desktop. However, sometimes there isn’t a desktop — and sometimes you need a mouse that is more portable or more powerful than the $20 piece of plastic that you picked up on sale. To help deal with such issues, we’ve found six mice that break the design mold that most of today’s mice are built from. They do have some things in common — they are all laser mice and they all use wireless Bluetooth to connect with the computer. Otherwise, Cyborg R.A.T. 9 Gaming Mouse these cursor-control devices don’t have a whole lot in common — except possibly the ability to make You think a mouse is a simple device? You’ve got computing more efficient. another thought coming. The Cyborg R.A.T. 9 Ga- ming Mouse is one of the most customizable mice around — this is the mouse for gamers who are real- ly, really serious about their pursuits. It offers a wide variety of tweaks, including interchangeable palm rests and pinkie grips; two batteries (one to power the mouse, the other to recharge in the wireless receiver/recharge dock); five 6-gram weights thatjoliprint you can subtract or add in order to get a perfectly weighted mouse (the knob that you unscrew to get at the weights doubles as a screwdriver to help you adjust other parts of the mouse); five programmable Printed with buttons; the ability to change the dpi rating (which http://www.batteryfast.co.uk/battery-technology/masterful-mousing-6-excellent-laptop-mice-review/ Page 1
  2. 2. August 31, 2011 batteryfast.co.uk Masterful Mousing : 6 Excellent Laptop Mice Review goes up to an impressive 5600 dpi) — and that’s just Magic Mouse for starters. This $150 device is the Maserati of mice. Logitech Couch Mouse M515 Apple’s Magic Mouse Despite recent rumorsthat it was going to be phased out in favor of Apple’s Magic Trackpad, the Magic Mouse is still available for those Mac fans who prefer the feel of a mouse to that of a trackpad. The Magic Mouse offers a multitouch surface that lets you click and swipe with one or two fingers, depending on what you want to do. You can also use it like a tradi- tional mouse on any surface — like the other mice Logitech Couch Mouse M515 in this roundup, it’s a laser mouse and therefore doesn’t require a mouse pad to be effective. And it Most of the mice in this roundup are styled diffe- has the smooth white styling that has become the rently than the traditional mouse that we — or, at signature of Apple products. least, our computers — have grown up with. The Logitech Couch Mouse, though, is a nice combination of the old and the new — it resembles the larger old-fashioned mice that fit nicely in the hand, yet it offers a variety of interesting features. These include hand detection — so that the mouse is only active when it is gripped — good control no matter what surface you’re moving it on and a scroll wheel that also tilts from right to left to let you move backwards and forwards through Web pages. Unlike most of the other mice in this roundup, the Logitech Couch Mouse uses traditional AA batteries, so you don’t have to worry about recharging it (only replacingjoliprint the batteries), and the battery compartment also has a handy little space for the tiny Bluetooth receiver. And it’s less expensive than any of the others here — in fact, at $50, it’s a bargain. Printed with http://www.batteryfast.co.uk/battery-technology/masterful-mousing-6-excellent-laptop-mice-review/ Page 2
  3. 3. August 31, 2011 batteryfast.co.uk Masterful Mousing : 6 Excellent Laptop Mice Review Swiftpoint Mouse Touch Mouse Artist Edition Microsoft’s Touch Mouse Artist Edition Unlike Apple, Micro- soft isn’t known for hard- ware design, but nobody can say it doesn’t occasio- nally try. The Touch Mouse Artist Edition is the new version of Microsoft’s Blue- tooth Touch Mouse, which has been out for a couple of years. The Touch Mouse offers multitouch capabili- ties for PCs running Windows 7 – for example, you swipe with one finger to move within a window, Swiftpoint Mouse swipe with two fingers to maximize or minimize a window, and use three fingers to show open win- The Swiftpoint is one of the strangest — and smal- dows or reveal the desktop. The Artist Edition is lest — mice covered here, but it’s also one of the etched with a design by New York artist Deanne most useful. It was designed specifically to work Cheuk, and while it may not have the clean lines with laptops; the Bluetooth transmitter that sits in of an Apple Magic Mouse, the intricate gray-over- one of your USB ports also acts as a power station white pattern is certainly intriguing. — the mouse clicks into it when you’re not using it. The design allows you to hold it with the fingers Whirl Ergonomic Pivoting Laser Mouse of your right hand (unfortunately, lefties aren’t ac- commodated here); the buttons that sit on the right and left on top of a typical mouse are instead on the top center ridge, one below the other, while the scroll wheel is just to the left of the buttons. And you can use it on any surface, including the area next to your laptop’s touchpad, on your knee and on the arm of your chair. To look at it, you wouldn’t think it was very comfortable, but after a few minutes, you find that it’s great for small laptops and smalljoliprint spaces. Just be careful — something this small is also easy to lose. Printed with http://www.batteryfast.co.uk/battery-technology/masterful-mousing-6-excellent-laptop-mice-review/ Page 3
  4. 4. August 31, 2011 batteryfast.co.uk Masterful Mousing : 6 Excellent Laptop Mice Review Whirl Ergonomic Pivoting Laser Mouse How Google User-Generated Content Is Changing SEO Like many things in this life, mice may be fun and useful but they’re not necessarily good for you — Apple’s A6 Chip To Boost Speed And Battery Life those of us who use them many hours a day leave in New iPad ourselves open to a variety of stress injuries. The Whirl Ergonomic Pivoting Laser Mouse was desi- HP Or No HP: The PC Lives | Technology News gned to try to prevent that. According to the com- pany site, the mouse was “designed in collaboration WebOS on An iPad Ran Over Twice As Fast As the with the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in New TouchPad York.” It is attached to a pivoting base; as you push it around, your hand tilts and moves so that your 10 Risky Default Settings In Social Media That You wrist and arm are changing position and not sim- Should Check ply following the same repetitive motions. Like the Couch Mouse, the Whirl comes with a Bluetooth To read more good posts, please follow us on Twit- dongle that stores in the base of the mouse, and it’s ter: http://twitter.com/batteryfastuk powered with two AA batteries. If you’re traveling, Thank you! you can try the smaller Whirl Mini ($50). Did you enjoy this post? Why not leave a com- ment below and continue the conversation, or subscribe to my feed and get articles like this CloudTag: Masterful mousing , laptop , mice , Hp delivered automatically to your feed reader. pavilion dv5 batteries , Dell xps m1330 batteries , dell inspiron 1300 batteries , Hp 6735s batteries Battery Technology Related Articles: Samsung Targets Rural Folks With Solar Powered Laptop, Run For 15 Hours Tips For Protect Your Laptop In Case of Theft – HOW TOjoliprint The Layperson’s Cloud Computing Guide to Distri- buted Networks Printed with Apple without Steve Jobs : Who Are Winners and losers? http://www.batteryfast.co.uk/battery-technology/masterful-mousing-6-excellent-laptop-mice-review/ Page 4