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Teacher tools mounds park june11
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Teacher tools mounds park june11


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No notes for slide
  • Flubaroo also has nice 5 step create a quiz + Flubaroo
  • No fees No registration No PowerPointMake your ownUse those already created
  • Google custom search
  • Bighuge labs has an education/teacher version that lets you sign up students without email and use site ad free
  • Connect your flickr or Facebook account or upload each pic
  • Pdf converter—will email your resultsPdf online—extract content and make editable word doc
  • 1. Find the video you want to chop.2. Select & cut interesting part of the video.3. Share it with friends.
  • Fewest choicesNo way to print/save except screenshot
  • Can use local fonts or upload other fonts
  • Instead of clickers, one question at a time
  • Transcript

    • 1. MetronetMounds Park AcademyJune 2011
      Teacher Tools: Web 2.0
      Some rights reserved by Frankincensy
    • 2. What Can Online Tools Do?
      Expand your options
      Save time
      Jumpstart Projects
      Encourage participation
      Improve productivity
      Make life easier—no coding
      Entertain & illustrate
      Made with Big Huge Labs|Mosaic Maker
    • 3. Is there a catch?
      Often need an account to create
      Always need an account to store online
      Tools can be fleeting
      Limited free versions
      Pay for premium with more features
      Terms of service for students—often age 13+
      Some rights reserved by EssjayNZ
    • 4. Quiz Makers
      Some rights reserved by c.a.muller
    • 5. EasyTestMaker
      • Registration required
      • 6. Multiple test types
      • 7. Creates printable tests
    • 8. Google Forms
      Make first question student name!
      How To Video
      Flubaroo: Grading Made Easy
      Add-on for grading multiple-choice or fill-in-blank assignments
    • 9. Jeopardy Boards
    • 10. More Quiz Sites
      WordsmythVocab Quiz Maker
      Fill-in, multiple choice, matching
      JavaScript Quizmaker
      Mostly math, a few other quizzes
    • 11. Rubrics
      Some rights reserved by ErzaWinanto
    • 12. Rubrics
      Over five hundred printable rubrics
      Pre-made or customizable
      Also a subscription version
    • 13. Rubistar
      Register to save and edit rubrics online
      Use templates
      Search for rubric by subject
    • 14. Flashcards
      Need to sign-up or at least sign in
      Social capability for group work
      Archive of others’ cards to use or modify
      Tutorials for site use
      Some rights reserved by limonada
    • 15. HeadmagnetCreate smart online flash cards that predict when you'll forget.
      Slideshow, self test, or normal test
      Shared card sets
      Download, copy, print
      The more you use it, the more it models what is in your head
      13 or older
    • 16. Cramberry
      iPhone/Android app
      30 cards per day for Free Account
      $9/year for Pro
      13+ years old
      iPhone app
    • 17. iPad, iPhone, other mobile devices
      StudyBlue content is organized by class and by school
      Teachers can create accounts for students
      Generate quizzes based on flashcard decks
      Sync with Evernote
    • 18. More Flashcard Generators
    • 19.
    • 20. Image Generators
      Enhance your images
      Create new images
      Add text
    • 21. Create New Images
    • 22. Big Huge Labs
      Upload your pictures
      Manipulate them in many ways
      Ad-free Education version
      Student Accounts
    • 23. Productivity Tools
      Some rights reserved by Enokson
    • 24. Create Certificates
    • 25. Paper Printers
      You choose layout—ruled, grid, etc.
      Graph paper, lined paper, financial paper, music paper, score sheets, and more.
    • 26. PDF Converter
    • 27. Edit YouTube Videos
    • 28. Word Play
      Some rights reserved by Leo Reynolds
    • 29. Word Scramble
      Enter words one at a time
      Printable worksheet
    • 30. Crossword
      Make crossword puzzles with words and/or images as hints
      Up to 20words in grid
      Can add a word search grid
    • 31. Create Your Own Crossword
      Only words you enter
      Various grid sizes
      PDF version
      Multiple languages
    • 32. WordSheets
      Many grid sizes
      Add your own words or
      A few premade (e.g., state capitals)
    • 33. Word Mosaics
      Some rights reserved by Leo Reynolds
    • 34. TagCrowd
      Simple tag list
      Multiple languages
      Use a tilde character ~ between words you want to keep together
      50-100 words
      Nothing fancy
    • 35. Wordle
      Limited layout choices
      Use a tilde character ~ between words you want to keep together
      No way to save/store except screenshot
    • 36. Image Chef
      Very limited number of words
      Control shape & color
      Save & share easily to many sites
      Generates embed code
    • 37. Tagxedo
      Most options for color/font/shape
      Use URL, Twitter, delicious, and others to create cloud
      Save for print or share
    • 38. Polling Tools
      Some rights reserved by lakelandlocal
    • 39. Polldaddy
      100 survey responses per month
      10 questions per survey or quiz
      Content contains Polldaddy links1 User account
      iPhone|iPad app
    • 40. Poll Everywhere
      Free for up to 40 in class
      Responses via text, web, or Twitter
    • 41. Google Forms
      Easy to use
      Embed code
      Share via link or email
      Spreadsheet results
      Templates for various types of polls
    • 42. Homework Help
      Live help from tutors or librarians
      Some rights reserved by MyTudut
    • 43. Homework Rescue
      Must have public library card
      Available 1pm-11pm every day
      English & Spanish
      Live tutors
      Other services
      Skills building
      Writing lab
      Practice test center
      Foreign language center
      Public library website or find from
    • 44. 24/7 Reference
      Real time chat reference with librarians in Minnesota & other places
      Must have Minnesota library card
      Let AskMN know if using it with entire class