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How to survive the recession
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How to survive the recession


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The Change Emporium will show you how using a benefits management approach will get your and your organisation through this recession - for more details on HOW contact us at : E …

The Change Emporium will show you how using a benefits management approach will get your and your organisation through this recession - for more details on HOW contact us at : E

Published in: Business, Career
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  • 1. Once upon a time
    Brilliant Leaders
    Fast Growth
    Cutting edge methodologies
    Projects and Programmes delivering ‘on time and to budget’…..
  • 2. Organisations were not worried
    A return on investment was being seen
    Benefits were being realised
    Senior Managers were happy with business cases showing £££ and solutions making customers happy
  • 3. Until the recession hit the UK market
    And the workplace came upon challenging economic times
  • 4. The Leaders became anxious
    Budgets disappointed
    Profits plummeted
  • 5. Projects fell hopelessly behind schedule
    The Finance Director was not confident where the organisations money was being spent
  • 6. Stress skyrocketed
    Morale Plunged
    Fingers were being pointed at middle managers for weak business cases
  • 7. Discontentment ruled the day
    Fear flooded the workplace
  • 8. The Leaders searched
    Desperate for anything to stem the
  • 9. VOICE
    Finally, a strong VOICE rang out,
    “Clearly you were looking for answers
    But had you asked the right questions?”
  • 10. “Are you asking questions?”
    “And are you really listening?”
    “What are you hearing?”
  • 11. “why is ‘change’ failing?”
    “do you know about all your projects/programmes?”
    “do you have the right people in the right jobs?”
    “what benefits are we actually realising?”
    “are you willing to change the way you do things?”
  • 12. “Have you asked your people,
    - one on one?
    - for their views and ideas?”
    “Have you created an environment that promotes a comprehensive focus on achieving strategic objectives and top performance?”
  • 13. The Leaders listened to THE VOICE
    And something magical happened
  • 14. They tackled the hard issues……
    Starting with their own team of leaders…… senior managers
    They matched strengths to work
    Opened their minds, got them to accept accountability
  • 15. They sat down with their people ……
    analysed all their projects and programmes
    asked questions
    …….and made the first step
    …….. they discovered Benefit Realisation Management
  • 16. Key values were re-discovered
    And resurrected
  • 17. the company recovered
    Employees flourished
    benefits were realised….. efficiency savings made……. costs reduced….. processes leaner……performance improved…….ROI achieved
    Consolidation, optimisation and maximisation of resources, finances, benefits …………..all aligned to strategy …….. It was happening
  • 18. It reached new heights
    never before envisaged
    and once again became the perfect workplace
    profited happily
    ever after
  • 19. All because they listened to…….
    …………listen to THE VOICE of The Change Emporium (TCE)