Tx data system deployment project


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  • Tx data system deployment project

    1. 1. A data collection and reporting system that will: 1. Modernize the PEIMS data collection process to reduce technology risk and system downtime, allowing for more system availability and ease of use, and; 2. Put real-time student performance data in the hands of educators to improve student achievement, and; 3. Become the one common data collection platform for TEA to reduce the data collection burden on districts and charter schools. 1 Simple Solution. Brighter TSDS Vision
    2. 2. What’s at Stake?  TSDS is a nationally visible project being closely watched by other states and the education technology industry  TEA has received over $25M in federal grant money, involving detailed federal oversight. TEA has also received $5M in private grant money with an additional $3M coming soon.  The TSDS project is sensitive at this time, and misunderstandings by the public about what this program does are a major concern: The state is not collecting any more data than in the past—it is simply providing data storage and an interface for authorized education staff to use their data better  TSDS touches almost every educator and most staff members in the state of Texas—we’ve asked them to make big changes for the sake of the value we have promised to provide  Education data is one way we can work to close performance gaps, improve college and workforce readiness, and help future generations of Texas remain competitive nationally and 2
    3. 3. New more flexible approach3 • eScholar Complete Data Warehouse • eScholar Uniq-ID for Students and Staff • Web Services • Oracle Exadata • Optional • Skyward or TCC • Reduced price • Improved functionality • Hosted system • PEIMS • District Dashboards • Other Applications • Student performance reports • Early warning indicators • Performance trends • NCES Conferences • eScholar Community Leadership • Ed-Fi Alliance Leadership Broadly Supported Components State Sponsored SIS Collect Detailed Data once for Work closely in the industry Develop reports others can use
    4. 4. Example: Collect Once use Many Data Collection:  ORG Data Used in:  PEIMS Reporting  Dashboards  AskTED Application  Additional District- facing TEA Applications 7/26/2013 4 Texas Education Agency: Texas Student Data System
    5. 5. Functionality Provided? 7/26/2013Texas Education Agency: Texas Student Data System 5 TSDS allows educators to:  See student, classroom, campus, and LEA performance graphically  Save time by not having to search multiple sources for student and LEA data  Get a complete view of student performance, not bits and pieces  Use data to set goals with students, campuses, and their LEAs  Get faster access to student data so educators have more time for their students TSDS Offers:  A client-side validation tool for PEIMS and Dashboard data  Loading and validation of PEIMS data not restricted to historical submission windows  Potential cost savings through student information system (SIS) contracts TSDS helps LEAs do ALL of the above.
    6. 6. One Repository (many ways to load data)  Web Interface Standard Web Browser Interface  Web Services Behind the scenes automation  Secure FTP  Data Transmission Utility District side automation software 7/26/2013 6 Texas Education Agency: Texas Student Data System
    7. 7. How Will TSDS Help?  TSDS offers a streamlined process to reduce LEA time and effort, and an optional SSIS to reduce data management costs.  More flexibility and automation makes the system more convenient for LEAs to maintain and use  studentGPS™ Dashboards will help educators monitor and assess—in real time—student performance.  Vital information is in one easy-to- use dashboard, saving teachers time and effort.  More stable system  Expandable system  Single data collection system is easier to use and maintain, provides economies of scale  More accurate data: thanks to the new Validation Tool and expanded data loading windows 7 For LEAs For TEA
    8. 8. Response from LEA’s and vendors 7/26/2013Texas Education Agency: Texas Student Data System 8  Delivering functionality as promised  Substantial value seen in dashboards  Vendors like supporting capabilities that can be deployed in other states  Examples:  ID integration for assessments from Pearson, ACT and College Board  XML Data transmissions from SIS vendors and assessment vendors.  Commonly used technology and data standards save everyone time and money
    9. 9. Initial feedback: Dashboards a Valuable Tool for Educators 7/26/2013Texas Education Agency: Texas Student Data System 9 “This will be so valuable in communicating with parents.” “I do LOVE that now I can access info about absences, credits, college readiness, etc. at the same time!” “With this data we would be able to identify and challenge our power kids!” 100% of Lubbock ISD and 98% of PSJA ISD users said they are likely or very likely to recommend the dashboards to their colleagues
    10. 10. Lessons Learned 7/26/2013Texas Education Agency: Texas Student Data System 10  Communicate often and consistently  Changing user processes is a one-time cost, customizations to fit old processes are expensive forever!  Data quality is hard, need to do everything possible to manage it consistently across all districts.  Success drives more demand!
    11. 11. Where do we go from here? 11 SSIS/ Local NE W NE W StudentGPS™ PEIM S NE W TSDS UID Currently evaluating TEA’s 160 existing collections for including in TSDS in future. • Scale innovative ways educators are using data (personalized education plans, early warning, interventions…) • Broaden support for automatic data integration among all data providers • Share our work and learn
    12. 12. Questions?12
    13. 13. Thank you! Texas Education Agency: Texas Student Data System