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ESC - More than Great Software

  1. 1. Introduction to ESC|StackVision
  2. 2. Objectives Introduction Regulatory Time-savingto the Market Knowledge Features Leader Definition of Products & Support Services
  3. 3. Who is ESC?ESC was founded in 1969 Started in ambient air monitoring software The #1 Supplier of CEMS Software Reporting from 2200+ units at over 600 plants Largest Part 75 Installed Base 40% of all units, 60% of all coal units
  4. 4. More About ESC ExtensiveWork closely Active User Interaction with with EPA Group Customers
  5. 5. More About ESC Largest Customer Support Group Continued Experienced Investment in our Development Software Products Group Regulatory Detail Oriented Knowledgeable Staff QA Group
  6. 6. Intro to ESC Market Leader Focused on Extensive You! Experience Innovative Products
  7. 7. Intro to ESC Market LeaderFrom RMB Consulting & Research May 2012 reportWhats Everyone Using? Part 75 CEMS Equipment Trends ‐ 2012 Update
  8. 8. How are you managing your cal gas inventory? Which bottle is currently in-service? Are any of How many my bottles Cal Gas bottles do close to Management you have expiration? onsite? Where are those bottles located?
  9. 9. PGVP Reporting Daily Calibrations Linearity RATA Tests Tests
  10. 10. PGVP ReportingEnter certificate data in one location Link certificate record to each test All required information will be included in your EDRs
  11. 11. Do you have a solution for reportingAETB Requirements? RATAs LME Unit NOx Correlation Default Test Test
  12. 12. AETB ReportingManual entry in AETB table Ability to import spreadsheets into AETB table Notification of expired exams
  13. 13. Do you have a need to trend your dataon a real time basis? Chart the last 3 hours of data for a given parameter? Include a ChartGraph scales limit parameters are parameter on with similar adjustable your trending ranges chart
  14. 14. There’s a report for that… Calibration Cumulative Missing Data Trending Emissions Substitution Hours• Plots daily • Displays • Keeps track of calibration accumulated the number of results into a data by hours substituted chart for analysis MTD, QTD and for the selected YTD parameter(s)
  15. 15. There’s a report for that… Operating Load Peaking UnitMonitoring Plan Analysis Qualification• Reports all the • Displays the • Evaluates information total number whether the contained in of operating unit qualifies the Monitoring hours and % of as a Peaking Plan record time for each Unit load level in a specified time period
  16. 16. Do you need the flexibility to monitoryour CEMS from a distance? Automated Reports Print Email Auto Calibrations Daily and Startup Start from Console
  17. 17. How cumbersome is your P60reporting process? Spending hours Manually Creating your own editing reasoncompiling all the report template codes and action data codes Checking a hard copy logbook Frustrated just against your thinking about it records
  18. 18. Part 60 ReportingNumerous P60 Reports to Monitor Your Data Throughout the Quarter 30 DayExceedance Downtime Rolling Events Events Average Report Report Detail Report
  19. 19. Part 60 Reporting• Edit Reason Codes and Action Codes – Bulk Editing – Utilize Filters – Color Code Data Flags to Easily Identify Exceedances
  20. 20. Part 60Reporting
  21. 21. What kind of support do you expectfrom your DAS vendor?On-line Telephone Access • Cases • Knowledgeable • Normal • Solutions agents business hours • Ideas • Timely • 24/7 Resolution Emergency Based on Case Support Urgency
  22. 22. Rave Reviews• I feel the technicians that I have dealt with have always been top notch. Thank you. – Merced Power• Keep up the good work. Your assistance is deeply appreciated. – City of Cleveland• Tech support is the best. Never had a problem with tech support for the past 16 years. - GenOn• Person assisting me is an asset to ESC. Great support – courteous and knowledgeable. – El Paso Electric• It always seems a pleasure to work with any of the ESC Support. Thanks for all the help! – University of Virginia
  23. 23. ESC Reporting Services DAS Portion Electronic EDR/Permit QA/QC Plan Monitoring Reporting Update Plan Update Permit Review Analyzer Span & System & Range Design Review Evaluation
  24. 24. ESC IT Services Server Server SQL Tune Up Upgrade Management Remote Data Purge Hosting
  25. 25. ESC Engineering Services Configuration MATS Prep of Permit Changes Onsite Tutoring Sessions
  26. 26. ESC|University CEMS QuickStart to StackStudio New User ESC|StackVision (Configuration) Part 75/60 Data Review ECMPS Regulations QA/QC Roadmap to Certification Reporting
  27. 27. ESC Product Line FleetVision StackVision CIMVision ESC
  28. 28. Putting the Pieces together Experienced Responsive Engineering Support Team Staff Extensive Innovative Training Development Offerings Team
  29. 29. Upcoming Events Managing Your DAS Roadmap to Reporting February 11-14, 2013 February 18-22, 2013 Austin, TX Austin, TX Contact Sales for A Customized Demonstration of StackVision
  30. 30. Q&A
  31. 31. Contact ESC Sales•• (512) 250-7902