Portfolio 2010


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Portfolio 2010

  1. 1. A S Ann Sacksteder Portfolio 2010
  2. 2. “Design is the physical manifestation of a solution” - Charles Eames-
  3. 3. Contents Graydon Knopf Residence Tag Restaurant Precipice Residence and Art Gallery Antichi Baltimore Antique Store/ Design Firm Henley, Frye & Schmidt, LLP Environmental Law Firm Kansas City Convention Center Conference Room
  4. 4. Graydon Knopf Residence
  5. 5. Graydon Knopf Residence • The couple wanted a space to allow for entertaining small gathering and offered way finding devices for Philip who is visually impaired. • The original floor plan features a bearing wall on the first floor that must be supported every nine feet. Original Floor plan
  6. 6. Enclosed but Not Contained • The phrase “Enclosed but not Contained” stems from Mark and Philip’s interest in Eastern culture and philosophy. • This concept is borrowed from Japanese garden design. • The site plan reflects this with the meditation garden hidden from the street by the hedge in the front yard. The embracing line of the patio in the back hugs the house but also leaves the view open to the boundary of the yard. • The flowering trees and shrubs are arranged to follow the patios embrace and provide privacy but allowing the movement of air. Site Plan/ Concept
  7. 7. Floor plans • The first floor (below left) and second floor (below) rendering studies assisted in material selection. • Important considerations in the process include adjacencies, flooring changes as way finding devices, sound transmission, durability and aesthetic. Development
  8. 8. Rendering studies of elevations of the staircase (above), den (above right), and custom master bed assisted in finish and fixture design. Sketches
  9. 9. • The final floor plans and reflected ceiling plans show the final development of the “enclosed but not contained” concept in the use of flooring and the columns. • The flooring changes offer a auditory way finding device as well as carving out spaces visually and without barriers. • The pillars in the center of the upper and lower levels (essential to the structural integrity of the home) and ceiling height changes are utilized to create a visual barrier but allow open communica- tion and movement. First Floor Floor plan Second Floor
  10. 10. First Floor Second Floor Reflected Ceiling Plan
  11. 11. First Floor Renderings
  12. 12. Second Floor Renderings
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