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Rbp art-120705223737-phpapp01 Rbp art-120705223737-phpapp01 Presentation Transcript

  • Royale
  • NationalPhilippine HeadquartersOwned Outlets 17 Company Branches JR Bldg., 1520 Quezon Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City • Laoag City, Ilocos Norte • Santiago City, Isabela • Baguio City, BenguetHotline Numbers: • Dagupan City, Pangasinan(632) 448-7953 • Olongapo City, Zambales • Baliuag, Bulacan448-6542 • Calamba, Laguna • Quezon City, Metro Manila448-7844 • Naga City, Camarines Sur448-5643 • Iloilo City, Iloilo • Cebu City, Cebu • Tacloban City • Cagayan De Oro, Misamis Occidental • Davao City, Davao Del Norte • General Santos City, South Cotobato • Zamboanga City • Angeles City 10 Product Centers 28 Satellite Centers 146 Mobile Stockists And more to come...
  • WeManufacture Our Own Products View slide
  • Royalè gained the accreditation of the World’sIndependent Arbiter on Branding, the “Superbrands.” It was founded by advertising executive Marcel Knobil in London in 1994.Its membership programmes pay tribute to the worlds leading brands, the brands that perform above and beyond other brandswithin their respective markets as selected by experts and consumers. Superbrands has launched its programs in many key global markets and has publications in over 80 countries. View slide
  • L-Gluta POWER Royale Beauty Lipstick Anti-Ageing Soap 4g L-Gluta POWER Pinkish Glow 90g Whitening & Brightening & Smoothening Smoothening Cream Cream 10g Pinkish Glow Cleansing & 25g Brightening Toner 100ml Royale Scent - His & Her 30ml L-Gluta POWER L-Gluta POWERAnti-Ageing Cream L-Gluta POWER Anti-Perspirant/ 25g Whitening Lotion Deodorant 120ml 50ml L-Gluta POWER Soap Kojic Papaya Soap 130g 130g
  • Removes dark spots, reduces and gets rid of freckles, age spots, pimple marks. It whitens skin, revives skin suppleness and nourishes skin to make your skin look radiant and flawless.KOJIC PAPAYA SOAP lightens the skin byinhibiting melanin formation. With itscomplete combination of activeingredients, Kojic Papaya soap helpsremove pimples, mildly exfoliates,nourishes and rejuvenates the skin &lightens overall skin tone.
  • Royalè Blend Roasted Corn Powdered Beverage FR-77458 Richarge Herbal Drink Mix FR-83861Choco ALL 8 FR-77471 Royalè Blend Coffee No Sugar Aded Royalè Blend Coffee FR-77470 FR-77469
  • Pinkish Glow Glutathione Supplement Anti- w/ Lycopene, Alpha The The Ultimate Multi-Vitamin World’s Healthiest Oxidant, Immune System Booster, Lipoic Acid Vitamin C & E Ant-Ageing Supplement with Superfood DetoxifierSupplement for Concentrated Whole Foods Men FR-68895 FR-68888 FR-77117 Immune Weight System Management Memory & Mental Anti-Oxidant Anti-Diabetes Booster Supplement Alertness Supplement Anti-Cancer SupplementDRHR-1306 FR-74754 FR-77118 FR-70849 FR-76346 100% Natural Fibers FR-74752
  • Performax can change your life! By supporting a natural testosterone production, and not delivering a steroid or synthetic precursor.
  • Anti-oxidant Free Radical Scavenger- metabolizes carbohydrates- aids in the oxidation of fats- prevents cells oxidation- maintains balance of red and white blood cells- builds healthy immune response- protects the body against oxidative damage- slows ageing process- improves skin condition- rejuvenates sexual life
  • "After 6 years of waiting na magka-baby kami ng husband ko, our dream came true kasi nagkaroon na din kami ng Miguel Rafael dahil sa bisa ng Royale L-Gluta POWER. It all started nang sumali ako sa Royalè Business Club last November 2007. And from the benefits ng pagiging Royale member, I’ve been given the chance na masubok ang produkto nilang L-Gluta POWER. Sabi kasi magiging healthy kami at puputi pa, without knowing na L-Gluta POWER pala ang magiging sagot sa matagal na naming wish - ang magka-baby. Nagstart ako uminom at ang husband ko last November 2007 and then, on February 2008, I got pregnant! I gave birth last October 2008. I and my husband are very happy for our baby and proud to be Royalè! All of these are because of the grace of GodEloisa R. Martin, 36 Years Old through Royale Wellness Products."
  • Rev. Fr. Horace YangyangMore than a year of bearing this unexplainable skin illness. Was treated by 5 different Dermatologists. Parish Priest - Philippine Independent Church Was given series of steroid treatment. (after 3 weeks of using Royale Products)
  • Why Wellness? “WELLNESS BUSINESS IS THE NEXT TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY!”Paul Zane PilzerKnown EconomistAuthor of 9 Best Selling BooksEconomic Adviser of 2 US Presidents
  • How can we jointhe Wellness Industry?• Be a MEDICAL PRACTITIONER • If you are a doctor, massage therapist, chiropractor, naturopathic healer etc.• Be a MANUFACTURER • If you can afford millions of pesos for infrastructure, patents, research, logistics• Be a RETAILER • If you can afford Franchise Fees, 7-day work weeks, inventory & employee problems• Be an INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR of a COMPANY that carries WORLD-CLASS Royalè HEALTH,WELLNESS & BEAUTY PRODUCTS:• The Only One!!!
  • t’s !! Build the Royalè Business and Be an I ! s y INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR… Now! ea• After this RBP, fill out the Independent Distributor Application Form;• Choose your preferred Royalè Product Packages;• Pay in cash, check, debit card or credit card at RBCII Cashier.• A team of Royale Distributors would be very glad to help you succeed.
  • • 4 Bottles of either L-Gluta POWER (462mg) or Pinkish Glow• 40 Royalé Beauty Soaps (L-Gluta POWER Soap, Kojic Papaya Soap or Anti-Ageing Soap)
  • • 12 Bottles of Spirulina• 5 Royalé Beauty Soaps (L-Gluta POWER Soap, Kojic Papaya Soap or Anti-Ageing Soap)
  • • L-Gluta POWER 462mg• Spirulina • L-Gluta POWER Whitening• PRIME Lotion• Pinkish Glow Capsule • L-Gluta POWER Anti-Ageing• Riqall Cream• Royale-C • L-Gluta POWER Whitening• Fitshape Cream• Grapeseed • L-Gluta POWER Deodorant• Diabetwatch • Pinkish Glow Toner• Fiberich • Pinkish Glow Brightening• Choco ALL 8 Cream• Royale Blend Coffee • Lipstick• Richarge• Kojic Papaya Soap• L-Gluta POWER Soap• L-Gluta POWER Anti-Ageing Soap
  • • 7 Bottles of Spirulina• 7 Bottles of PRIME
  • • 4 Bottles of either L-Gluta POWER (462mg) or Pinkish Glow• 20 Royalé Beauty Soaps (L-Gluta POWERSoap, Kojic Papaya Soap or Anti-Ageing Soap)• 2 L-Gluta POWER Anti-Ageing Cream or L-Gluta POWER Whitening Cream• 2 L-Gluta POWER Whitening Lotion• 2 L-Gluta POWER Deodorant• 2 Pinkish Glow Toner• 2 Pinkish Glow Cream
  • Real Value for Money and More!!! SUPER KING PACKAGE Option A •4 Bottles of either L-Gluta POWER (462mg) or Pinkish Glow e.g. P 1,680 X 4 Bottles P 6,720 • 40 Royale Beauty Soaps e.g. Anti- Ageing Soap P 210 X 40 Boxes 8,400 (L-Gluta POWER Soap, Kojic Papaya Soap or Anti-Ageing Soap) in-house products worth: P 15,120
  • Super KING PACKAGE for onlyAnd you will become a distributor-member already and start your amazing and exciting business!
  • PACKAGE INCLUSIONS: MARKETING TOOLS - Additional Products (2 boxes of Coffee or 4 bars of Soaps) - BUSINESS KIT - BROCHURES - APPLICATION FORMS - DVD - DISTRIBUTOR’S ID CARD - INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR TRACKING CENTER - VIRTUAL OFFICE - WEB ACCESS 24/7 (www.royalebusinessclub.com) 1 YEAR PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE 1. Accidental Death & Displacement P100,000 2. Permanent Total Disablement 100,000 3. Unprovoked Murder & Assault 100,000 4. Medical Reimbursement 10,000 5. Burial Benefit 10,000
  • www.royalebusinessclub.com
  • Drugs Food(Supplements & Beverages) Cosmetics
  • Additional benefits, Privileges and Incentives of an Independent Distributor A Royalè Independent Distributor can earn through the following: Direct Selling Multi-level/ Stair Step to Success Retail Profit from: Rebates In-house products Overrides Product Packages Royalety / Leadership Bonus Leveraging Team Match Sales Bonus Incentives a) Product Package (Pro Pack) Profit Sharing Program (P.S.P.) b) Product Sales Special Incentive Program (S.I.P.) -PPV Accumulation Fifth Cycle Gift Cheque Rebates International Travel Getaway Team Advantage Program Mobile Stockist/Satellite Center Uni-level MS/SC Sponsor Finder’s Fee Rebates MS/SC Sponsor’s Rebates Overrides (Please see a Royalé Staff for Royal a detailed information)
  • RETAILING(DIRECT SELLING) P 1,680 SRP P 840 PROFIT you sell 1 bottle/day P25,200 / LIFETIME DISCOUNT mo you sell 10 bottles/day P252,000 / mo P 3 Million per year extra income!!!
  • Suppose you sell 20 bars of L-GlutaPower Soap per day? P1,386.00 per dayP41,580.00 per month extra income!
  • Suppose you sell 20 bars of Kojic Papaya Soap per day? P1,260.00 per dayP37,800.00 per month extra income!
  • SRP 1,980.00 DP 1,485.00 Retail Income = 495/bottle 10 bots/day = 4,950.00 148,500.00/ month 1.8M/year Extra Income
  • Your 12,888.00 inVestment has a maximum Potential income YOU RIGHT TEAM LEFT TEAM of: (Team A) (Team B) 500 + 500 + 2,400 DSC=P500 DSC=P500 150 150 PPV 150 3,400.00 PPV MSB = 2,400.00 PPV 150 PPV 4,800.00 150PPV 150PPV MSB = 2,400.00 DSC=P500 DSC=P500 150PPV 150PPV DSC=P500 MSB = 2,400.00 DSC=P500 MSB = 2,400.00 9,600.00 150PPV 150PPV 150PPV 150PPV 150PPV 150PPV 150PPV 150PPV DSC=P500 DSC=P500 DSC=P500 DSC=P500 DSC=P500 DSC=P500 DSC=P500 – 2,400 MSB MSB – 2,400 MSB – 2,400 MSB – 2,400 4,800.00 DSC=P500150PPV 2,400.00 DSC=P500 Gross income of 10 Pairs Per daY, 10% withholdinG tax, and 5 th Pair
  • 12,888.00Month LEFT RIGHT PAIRS MSB SOD IN-H Assumptions: No selling experienceJanuary 1 1 1 P2,400 - - Part-time/Full-timeFebruary 2 2 2 P4,800 - - Each one sponsors at leastMarch 4 4 3 P7,200 1 - two to become members ofApril 8 8 6 P14,400 1 1 Royale by selling Super King Packages.May 16 16 13 P31,200 1 2 “1:2 Duplicate”June 32 32 26 P62,400 3 3July 64 64 52 P124,800 6 6 Total cash match sales BONUS plus total IN-HOUSE CHECK and SODEXO PASSAugust 128 128 103 P247,200 13 12September 256 256 205 P492,000 25 26October 512 512 240 P576,000 30 30November 1,024 1,024 240 P576,000 30 30December 2,048 2,048 240 P576,000 30 30 P 2,740,40Total 4,095 4,095 1,131 140 140
  • sinGle account inVestment seVen-account inVestment 12,888.00 P9,600.00 24K/wk 720K/mo 8M/yrTHREE-ACCOUNT INVESTMENT P28,800.00 (Capital) 90,216.00 (Products) 110,000.00 7-ACCOUNT POTENTIAL INCOME P19,200.00 1M /wk 4M /mo 48M /yr Same Time, Same Effort,CAPITAL = 38,664.00 / PRODUCTS = 45,000+ Same Number Of Sales Transactions500,000.00/wk 2M/mo 24M/yr But Very Different Income!
  • UNI-LEVEL INCENTIVE 1,500 UPV (up to the 10th Level) Monthly Maintenance 8% 4,042.50 120.00 1STLevel 5% 3,000 UPV x5% 150.00 2ndLevel 4% 6,000 UPV x4% 240.00 3rdLevel 3% 12,000 UPV x 3% 360.00 4thLevel 2% 24,000 UPV x 2% 480.00 5thLevel 1% 48,000 UPV x 1% 480.00 6thLevel 1% 96,000 UPV x 1% 960.00 7thLevel 2% 192,000 UPV x 2% 3,840.00 8thLevel 3% 384,000 UPV x 3% 11,520.00 9thLevel 4% 768,000 UPV x 2% 30,720.00 10thLevel 5% 1,536,000 UPV x 1% 76,800.00 Additional income P 125,670.00
  • Ex: If each one will purchase 8 bottles of L-Glutapower700 per month. Multi Level Program Stair Step to Success(S.S.S.) l le ve 35% Royalety / Leadership Bonus all D.) Rebate t to (I. 5 level Diamond o un utor DIAMOND Independent Distributor (D.I.D.) Bonus isc trib 25% D.I.D I.D. e D Di s Rebate 3%Override 0%Override (D.I.D.) im t +10% e t den RUBY D.I.D Lif en 15% I.D. Override 30,050 PPV 3%Override Rebate ep (R.I.D.) D.I.D In d 10% SAPPHIRE +10% 17250 PPV +20% 3%Override Rebate I.D. Override Override D.I.D (S.I.D.) 3%Override 5% EMERALD +5% +15% +25% D.I.D Rebate I.D. Override 8250 PPV Override Override (E.I.D.) 3%Override I.D. +5% +10% +20% +30% D.I.D 150 PPV 3750 PPV Override Override Override Override 25 SuperKing 55 SuperKing 115 SuperKing 201SuperKing Distributors Distributors Distributors Distributors 15 MPV 15 MPV-Rebates and Overrides based on MPV MPV 15-Group Points AccumulationIncome: Group Sales Potential Override from 15 MPV 15 MPV 15 MPV-No Time Frame 25 MPV 25 MPV MPV 25 25 MPVPhp 300,000.00+-No Demotion-No Pass-Up-No Spin-Off-Minimal Monthly MPV Maintenance of 600 MPV only 50 MPV 50 MPV 50 MPV 50 MPV 300 MPV 100 MPV MPV 300 MPV 300 per month UNTIL INFINITY-MPV= Multi-Level Points Value
  • Kung kaya nila, kayarin natin ‘to!
  • Art Bonjoc, Jr. (Executive Club / Millionaire’s Circle Member)October 28, 2011 @ the SM North Edsa Skydome
  • Use Royale to put an end to all your financial problems.Avail of the free Trainings & Business Seminars because in Royale we believe that Financial Education is key to Financial Revolution.Royale can be your TRANSPORTATION to your DREAM DESTINATION.