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Annique Rooibos Products


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Annique Rooibos Products tea products and skin care

Annique Rooibos Products tea products and skin care

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  • 1. Rooibos Tea & Skin and Health 0121 711 7739info@AnniqueUK.couk
  • 2. •The Rooibos plant, Aspalathus linearis is aherb unique to South Africa•First Reported by Botanists in 1772, butalways valued by the indigenous peopleRooibos / Red BushTeathe New, age-old phenomenontaking skin and health care into
  • 3. Rooibos research1980’s: Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) - antioxidant•New research by Dr Jeanine Marnewick from MRC’sconfirms that Rooibos protects against one of the firststeps in the potential onset of cancer mutagenesis.•Rooibos has great potential:skin cancerliver cancer lesions•6 cups of Rooibos per
  • 4. Established in 1971The first cosmetic housein the world to capture thepowerful anti-oxidantproperties of the Rooibosplant in their skin andhealth care productsRooibos Tea, the newBuzzword in the world ofHealth and Skin
  • 5. 1971 – Annique Lifestyle Shake1973 – Revitalising CreamFull Skin Care Range follows1980 - Micronutrients1990 - Baby Products2000 – Slimming Capsules2007 – Advanced Therapy2012+ Lucid / Hydrafine /Synergy /The Spa1968 - Annique Theron discoveredthe anti-allergic propertiesof Rooibos5Annique
  • 6. • Best Woman Inventor of the YearWorld Intellectual Property Organisation in 1997• Marie Claire ‘Prix d’Excellance Award for ResQue CreamDr Annique
  • 7. The Zero Effect:zero caffeine zero calorieszero sugar zero oxalic acidzero carbohydrates•Bursting with Anti-oxidants•Bursting with essential Minerals•Low in TanninRooibos
  • 8. •Anti-allergic•Anti-spasmodic•Anti-inflammatory•Anti-bacterial•Anti-carcinogenic•Anti-ageing•Anti-viralIs Rooibos Your Cup of Tea?Green Rooibos tea is even better for you thannormal Green Tea PLUS because of the lowtannin content, it is NOT BITTER !
  • 9. Rooibos Herbal Infusions• Green Rooibos tea• Relaxation tea with Wild Jasmine• Stomach tea with Mint• Bladder & Kidney tea with Buchu• Colon Cleanse Tea with Senna• Night Rest tea with Lemon Balm• Detox tea with Zingiber officinale• Balance tea with Cinnamon• Metabolism tea with
  • 10. Productsare not tested on animalsproducts are internationallyrecognised for the high standard ofquality in formulation & manufacturing,and for the remarkable resultsachieved on aged, dry, problem,allergic and sensitive skin typesRooibos contains alpha-hydroxy acidknown to promote healthy
  • 11. • Baby Care Range• Annique Rooibos Skin Care• Resque Range• Body Care / The Spa• Cellulite / Shaping / Slimming• Men• Face Facts Young Skin• Sun care• Advanced Therapy• Vitamins & Minerals• Colour CosmeticsAnnique ProductRangesAnnique products arebased on over 40 yearsof experience11Products are nottested on animalsUnique way of
  • 12. Baby Rooibos Tea•Essential MineralsRooibos tea soothes colic and digestionRooibos extract soothes skin
  • 13. 13Baby ProductsBaby Silky SoapBaby BathBaby LotionBaby ShampooBaby SunBaby Detergent &
  • 14. Forever
  • 15. 15ResQueSunburn Winter SkinRashes Insect BitesPiles (excellent) Cold SoresCracked Lips Heat RashChicken Pox Scars BlistersAllergic ReactionsGrass BurnsLesions
  • 16. The Spa16Oil WashHandCreamBody
  • 17. Shaving GelMoisture BalmBody WashNight RecoveryMen’s
  • 18. 18Face Facts - AcneSmooth OverScrubSpotlessPimple TreatmentCalm Down MaskMoistureShieldCrystal Clear CleanserLiquid
  • 19. CirculexCelluliteLipo-SculptHips/ThighsCorrectionRepairStretch
  • 20. Dr Annique Theron aged78 in April
  • 21. UK Supplier of AnniqueRooibos Products andTea