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  1. 1. Anniken LührGraphich & VisualCommunication 906 30 947
  2. 2. Illustration:Fashion illustraded drawings for a café table book-Fashion Quote of famouse designers.
  3. 3. Illustration:Fashion illustraded drawings for a café table book-Fashion Quote of famouse designers.
  4. 4. Package design:Mc Donalds. - package design. Decor style. I`m lovin ittypo world decor and French fries box package with lid.
  5. 5. Package design:Mc Donalds. - stamp decor to use for different products
  6. 6. Custom wave:Business card and label, shopping paper bag, label tag, Customwave catalogue, decor to use in magasine add and etc.
  7. 7. CAFE AND DI NER 806 Stanley st, 4102 Woolloongabba Brisbane - QLD Australia Phone: 04 333 90 630 Board Smithy’s Mangaer SMi t hy’S cafe and di ner 806 Stanley st, 4102 Woolloongabba Brisbane - QLd australia Phone: 04 333 90 630Branding - corporate identity:Smithy`s cafe and diner, a morning/breakfast cafewith a retro 50`s look. - This page: Stationery.
  8. 8. no.1 36 no.2 34 35 32 33 30 31 28 29 26 27 24 25 21 22 23 19 20 17 18 15 16 13 14 11 12 8 9 10 5 6 7 36 1 2 3 4 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 ayay ’da W Ge Tak ay G’da W a y e Tak no.3 no.3Branding - corporate identity:No.1:Uniform,no.2:table menu,no.3:take away bag and car
  9. 9. the students work the students work Anniken Lühr Anniken Lühr Email: Email: PICTURE tlf: +47 90 63 09 47 PICTURE tlf: +47 90 63 09 47 Note: Note: Nequae occum quis sim culpa doluptatent molo vitio eat. Nequae occum quis sim culpa doluptatent molo vitio eat. Consectur, nobis dendictam id et veroribustem fugiandit er Consectur, nobis dendictam id et veroribustem fugiandit er GRAPHIC DESIGN GRAPHIC DESIGNEnd-of-year student Exhibition and Booklet:This is my “logo” concept to the cover of the booklet.Taking off. is a metaphor for, that we are graduate student,and leaving for good, we are finish.
  10. 10. Look around youbefore you drive
  11. 11. Advertising:advertising add for The salvation Army. Work as a poster/flyer or a magasineadd. The cut out butterfly work as a gorilla campaign. You can put it and stickit all over the city, to get attention and people will remember the add.
  12. 12. Not everyoNe has diNNer oN the table everyday Homelessness in Australia has higher numbers than ever, is more than 4000 people w ithout homes just her in the city og Brisbane. ONE SMALL COI N FOR YOU, CAN MAKE A LI F E T I ME FOR A HOMELESS PERSON. Send SMS - "dinner" to 0422 and give 5$Advertising:advertising add for The salvation Army.wWork as a poster/flyer or a magasine add.
  13. 13. houres and nothing, we not in the air, OHH my gud we are still at the airport in Bangkok, is been 5 Australia WHAT WHEN WHO ?????? 1 hour is going to slow, why do we have to wait here for so long, Why are Hmmm…what, Australia? thats 8 hours to mutch, I go craysy, what is the breakfast is already surved in the air plane. It been 10 hours at the airport, happenyng. WHAT Will we ever get to Brisbane Australia, How many Hmmm…what, Australia?get off this airplain. hours is it left, I want to BRISBANE, dream is finally happening . What can I expect . my Australia Kangeroooo, Will we ever get to Brisbane Australia, How many hours is WHY ooohh no, will I be able to swim at the beaches? I want to learn to surf...surfing in Australia, on the best sandy Will I see a shark, maybe I will be killed by a shark, Who are am going to meet? is the school okay? What about my live, is it expensive, ?? We have to create a new are we going to Time different, the day is up side down, when is day in Nor way, it will be night in Brisbane. Another round with eating flight food, its okay. How is the country on the other side of the it left, I want to get off this airplain. will I like the food? Is it normal to eat Kangeroooo, world, the down under country. Will I see a shark, maybe I will I meet one jumping around?willitbe killed by a shark, ooohh no, will I be able to swim at theþ many snake that can kill me. Is beaches? I want to learn to surf...surfing in Australia, on the best sandy beaches. Yes this is heaven. Will we ever get to Brisbane Australia, How many hours is it left, I English ? beaches. Yes this is heaven. want to get off this airplain. MY DBUY TO G GOO OVING TO M SAYIN .M LI FE., - I A A HALF YEAR Y NEW ND ET TO M S FOR ONE A TH TICK NDTHE FLIG ILY AND FRIE E WORLD. MLIFE, FA ER SIDE OF TH THE OTH s like home, maybe from another round with eating flight food, its okay. How is the country will I also still be in love with my boyfriend. - country with other culture. And my friends at home, my soul-mate, my best friend and the guy I Time different, the day is up side down, when is I come back after 1,5 year. Do I love Australia, dayin Norway, it will be night in Brisbane. Another What a about friends, will I meet someone lucky that he coming with me, this is our journey. so many questions, this is my dream. Hmmm, what is the time. what only 10 min sense last time I look at the time...still 7 hours until landing in Bangkok. Maybe get some sleep... What a about friends, will I meet someone on the other side of the world, the like home, maybe from another country will it be the same when always want to be with. I am I am there. I live in Aussie down under country.
  14. 14. Designed decore:Used on a invitation for a coctail party/moviepremier ofsex and the city the movie
  15. 15. to be a gay bathhouse. Parker runs down- actress who recently turned 50. “Having stairs, having changed from her stilettos this fantastic character that I love and en- into silver flats, and she is so hostesslike, joy playing, it has a dark side,” she says so obliging, it’s almost indecent—full of as cabs honk in the background. “Not compliments, her head tilted, touching just because people don’t think of you me on the knee, offering me a drink, liter- for anything else. But people get out of ally running off theatrically when she has touch with you as a person—and you can to go pee. It’s a type of friendliness that get out of touch with you as well.” The might seem over-the-top if it weren’t so show’s final season was a painful one: disarming. She’s tiny, with enormous blue She’d lost her job, her marriage was fall- eyes. She looks her age, but then, so do I. ing apart, and her father was diagnosed The last time we’d met, four years ago, it with dementia. Though she’s clearly still was in a trailer outside Silvercup Studios, rankled by aspects of the series’ aftermath where Parker was worrying out loud about (“Oh God, you’re going to make me cry,” Carrie Bradshw the sex (Photo: Andrew Eccles; Styling by Alex “You’re welcome. Nice to meet you. Sex and the City’s final episode, parsing she says when I complain how little Sam jounorlist how endet up on the 32 buss in new Slavycz; Hair by Orlando Pita; For Orlo; Bye,” Parker says and turns toward me the future of Carrie Bradshaw as if she shows up in the edited reruns), she sounds York city from episod 1 Makeup by Leslie Lopez; Manicure by with an arched eyebrow. “All types! Won- were a real person—could she please her guardedly thrilled, if there is such a thing, Gina Eppolito; Dress by Lanvin; Shoes derful types here in the city.” single-girl fans and be happy “on her own to be back to “this phenomenon.” by Vicini; Diamond Studs by Cartier) We begin to cross the intersection to- terms”? That question seemed to apply to In any case, by 2006, when Parker revived ward Gourmet Garage, where Parker is Parker as well. The show she was end- the film, Cattrall cut a deal. In the interim, W planning to pick up some pork chops for ing (and it had been her choice, both as Parker had made her own gestures toward e’re on the corner of West 10th and Hud- dinner. She shops there all the time, she star and as executive producer) had trans- breaking away from her iconic charac- son Streets when the young woman ap- tells me. She worries about her son being formed her at 35 from a quietly famous ter, releasing a few critical misfires like pears. such a picky eater, since she and Matthew person into the sort of celebrity who is as The Family Stone and Failure to Launch “Excuse me,” she says. “I’m your biggest Broderick love good food: They used to much brand as actress, a fashion magnet (though the latter was a hit). But she’d also fan.” have a regular post-theater Sunday dinner who tugs strangers down the street, con- begun to pursue a parallel career, mone- The girl is stylish, faintly mod, with enor- date across the street, at a French restau- vinced that Parker will make their entire tizing her Carrie-based status as a fashion mous fringed pinwheels for eyes. She’s rant that burned down a few years back. world. icon with ads for the Gap (from which she speaking very quickly in a British accent But suddenly, the designer has returned. was peremptorily dumped for Joss Stone) and rifling through her handbag for some- And this time she won’t take no for an Sarah Jessica Parker Would Like a Few and producing the fragrances Lovely and thing I can’t quite see. answer. She forces the jeans into Parker’s Words With Carrie Bradshaw Covet and the inexpensive clothes line This is the last image we have “I love your eyelashes,” says Sarah Jes- hand and begs: “It would make my whole Bitten. Meanwhile, in the ensuing years, from det series, When Carrie is sica Parker. entire world.” the Sex and the City phenomenon had ariving back to NY from Paris whit big and meeting the girls “Thank you!” says Pinwheels, digging “Well, all right,” says Parker finally, giv- Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim only grown, with those bubble-gum-pink again deeper. “I have a denim brand. It’s Brit- ing in, the jeans dangling from her hands Cattrall, and Kristin Davis on the set of DVD sets bringing in both international ish. And I would absolutely die if I could like a fish from a hook. “Thank you very Sex and the City: The Movie, October viewers and the “cocoa time” women (in give you a pair.” much. Don’t get hit—” Because Sarah 2007. King’s phrase) who found the bowdler- “Well, you don’t have to,” says Parker. Jessica Parker’s biggest fan is already (Photo: James Devaney/WireImage) ized reruns comfort fare. This time, the “You just tell me the name, I’ll find them, running away from us, back into the traf- money people could believe. you don’t have to give me anything—” fic streaming down Seventh, her hair fly- And truth be told, even as they were film- And Parker had an intuition that time was But her fan has indeed produced from her ing behind her, yelling out a final passion- ing those last scenes in Paris, Parker and running out: “It had this shelf life.” The handbag an entire pair of designer jeans, ate “I love you!” her collaborator, writer-director Michael resulting film, which opens May 30, is no Sex and the city gjengen begynte som New Yorks crosshatched on the rear pockets. She is I Patrick King, were kicking around a mov- summery lark. Instead, it has a surpris- The friendship is hottenste kvinner da serien startet i 1998, literally pressing them into Parker’s hand, t is a famous fact about Sarah Jessica ie concept. King’s original pitch sounds ingly serious tone, exploring questions stronger then ever og har hatt en sukse worlwide med 6 ses- which is trying to press them back. “Oh, Parker that she is a good girl. She ob- like a palate cleanser intended to follow of forgiveness in long-term relationships. onger. Nå 4 år sener gjør damene comeback my,” says Parker in astonishment. “You jects to things that are “vulgar.” She uses the hype surrounding the series finale—it (Reader, I cried.) The trademark elements med the movie, nå som verdens hotteste damer. just, you just happen to have them in your phrases like “a bee in my bonnet.” She is was a light, summery, Bob Hope–style are all there—rat-a-tat dialogue, sex bag?” reflexively prim and has been that way road movie, with the girls following sepa- scenes, and unsettlingly orgasmic excite- “I was meant to see you. What size are since her teen years—“although prim is rate paths. “Then the deals weren’t hap- ment upon access to designer goods— you?” not a good word; modest,” clarifies Cyn- pening,” King tells me. “And the money but the mood is bittersweet. When Parker tries hard to say no, as politely as thia Nixon, her co-star on Sex and the people didn’t believe in it.” the story begins, Carrie and Big possible. “I don’t like to take anything City, who got to know Parker when the Parker’s co-star Kim Cattrall reportedly have been together for ten years, from a new designer, because you need to two were 13, filming a movie of the week scuttled the project, wanting more money and the melodrama of their sell them,” she explains—“They’re at In- in Nashville, back when rolling down a and creative control. “If I had thought off-and-on dynamic has faded. termix!” interjects the British designer— hill outside their hotel seemed like the it was any of my business at the time,” “She would probably long for that “Oh, good, I can go there, I can find them best fun in the world. (In Nixon’s memory, Parker tells me carefully, “what I would earlier type of heartbreak versus on my own. Don’t give them away. Give the actress was a conservative dresser but have said is, ‘Isn’t it okay for Kim to what she experiences this time them to people that need them. Don’t give a master accessorizer: “She would take think that the money wasn’t right?’” (She around,” Parker says, dishing them away to me.” a different ribbon every day and braid it also drily notes, “Perhaps she was some cryptic tidbits that are sure to “I love you and would absolutely die into her hair.”) kind of emotional psychic, because this be ruined when the movie gets if—” But Parker, now 43, is also a person who way we made a better movie.”) spoiled online. “The disappointment Salvat “I will. I’m happy to purchase them! And knows how to steer her own ship. We Cattrall herself sounds somewhat hum- and the loss is so painful because much good luck to you.” meet just after a photo shoot she’s doing bled when I speak to her, less the sassy they’re grown-ups now, and it just “Thank you. Bye.” in the East Village, in a studio that used promoter of sex manuals and more the changes, as we all know.”Magasine layout:Different spreads to typical women/fashion magasine