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Beyonce knowles

  1. 1. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter was born on September 4, 1981  Born and raised in Houston, Texas  Performed in singing and dancing competition as a child  In 1990 she was a lead singer in girl band Destiny’s Child  Group had become very successful; world’s best-selling girl groups 
  2. 2. Beyoncé became a solo artist and released her album Dangerously in Love (2003), and second album B’Day (2006)  Beyoncé started acting in a few movies including Dreamgirls, The Pink Panthers and Obsessed  Beyoncé songs are fierce, music is around love, relationships, and female empowerment 
  3. 3.  Beyoncé posts regularly on Facebook, aside from advocating her music, tour dates, she advocates for blackhistory, her charity in beygood which is cause for people to, well, be good. The consistency in her posts around her music and life keeps her channel fresh and keeps fans updated so that they keep coming back
  4. 4. Beyoncé has 56,651,453 likes on her Facebook page and 920,632 talking about her Facebook site. Although finding your audience is not justified by the massive numbers but her Facebook page has massive amounts of people passionate about her music and her charities that she is leading. Groups are proactively engaging in sharing her music, talking about it, commenting on it, and building a community around her work.
  5. 5. Beyonce uses tumblr and Facebook as a means to connect with her fans, to develop an online community around her music and career  She consistently posts her music, links, comments and photos so that her fans can see and connect with her life, personally and professionally, you can see connections between her personal life and her work  Users can share their thoughts, opinions and provide comments on the things Beyoncé posts establishing an online community 
  6. 6.  Beyoncé consistently posts pictures of people who have inspires her along the way of her music, her music inspires impendence and essentially human empowerment and it depicted through pictures, photos and her charity BeyGood, people can use hashtag #BeyGood as a way to connect themselves and become an active participant in her charities  She provides information on her life, work, video diaries for fans to look through and to establish a deeper connection with her fans.
  7. 7.  On her site she tour dates, musics, promotions for her fragrance and her BeyGood charity that she updates consistently so that fans have access to recent information, building an online community around her work
  8. 8. Beyoncé instagrams pictures of her performances, updates on her work, her personal life and things that interests her  Users like and comments on her pictures establishing a relationship between her and her fans 
  9. 9. Beyoncé fails to use twitter to connect with her fans, she has a twitter site comprised on 8 tweets but does not tweet fans or use this social media site as a means to connect and build a community with fans
  10. 10. o Ways in which Beyoncé converges/overlaps her online and physical space is through her BeyGood charity where she asks people to donate or bring clothes to her performances and to put it into a box that is located outside of where she performs. This works well since fans engage and build this community around her work and connects with her on a personal level, many fans engage in her charity work and actually overlap her online space with physical space as many people have brought donations to her performances.