20 ways to use social media research

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  • [twitter]SMR lets you monitor brand sentiment on a daily basis #1 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]
  • [twitter]SMR allows you to fun multiple comparisons to category norms #2 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]
  • [twitter]SMR facilitates competitive brand comparisons #3 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]
  • [twitter]SMR lets you compare brands in 3D space #4 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]
  • [twitter]SMR generates a unique social media net promoter indicator #5 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Create your own proprietary measures using SMR #6 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Track a new product launch from the minute it is released using SMR #7 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Monitor adverse events to determine if you are in fact remedying the problem #8 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]
  • [twitter]SMR lets you identify what consumers actually want to talk about #9 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]
  • [twitter]SMR lets you identify your key strengths so you can promote them #10 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]
  • [twitter]SMR lets you identify your major weaknesses so you can fix them pronto #11 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]
  • [twitter]SMR helps you identify where brand negativity is coming from #12 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]
  • [twitter]SMR is an early warning system for possible brand problems #13 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]
  • [twitter]SMR helps you learn about the psychographics of your consumers #14 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]
  • [twitter]SMR helps you narrow down celebrity endorsers for your brand #15 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]
  • [twitter]SMR helps narrow down which brands to approach for co-branding #16 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]
  • [twitter]SMR helps you narrow down the answer options to include on a survey #17 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]
  • [twitter]SMR helps you measure all the other answer options you couldn’t include on the survey #18 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Using SMR in a multi-mode strategy helps you confirm suspiciousresearch results #19 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]
  • [twitter]SMR can be used as a qualitative collage exercise #20 @Conversition #MRX[/twitter]


  • 1. 20 Uses in 20 Minutes:How to Leverage Social Media ResearchAnnie Pettit, Chief Research Officer, Conversitionannie@conversition.comSocial media research by researchers, for researchers
  • 2. Measure Brand Sentiment Over Time1In early June 2012, Chick-Fil-A accused a company of infringing on theirtrademark. Then, in late June, Chick-Fil-A was accused of not supportingequal marriage rights. Can Chick-Fil-A return to their former glory days?
  • 3. Compare to Category Norms2In the shampoo category, Pantene is outperforming norms by 7 to20 points. They need to ensure they retain this leading position.
  • 4. Compare Sentiment to Competitors3Although the iPad generates the greatest awareness, the Nookconsistently receives more positive ratings in the social media space.Should Apple be concerned?
  • 5. Compare Brands in 3D Space4Among itscompetitive set,Checkers enjoys theoptimum positionwith the mostpositive chatter, aswell as the mostpassionate chatter.But it does not enjoythe volume of chatterthat McDonalds andChick-Fil-A do, both ofwhich suffer fromlower sentiment.
  • 6. Evaluate Net Promoter Indicator5This NPS inspired score, ranging from -100 to 100, demonstrates thatrecommendations for Citibank lead whereas Bank of America trails.
  • 7. Evaluate Proprietary Measures6Create proprietary measure based on social media data for anycategory and any theme to meet specific needs.ConsumerConfidenceBrandHealthInnovationLoyalty
  • 8. Track A New Product Introduction7Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy, by Unilever, launched to only mild fanfair theweek of May 7. And now, it is quickly losing interest. Can the brand find away to return the volume of buzz back to when it first launched?Got it at @Target! Great hair ispart of my #bestdayever
  • 9. Track an Adverse Event8Chick-fil-a drew attention for not supporting equal rights. The event drewattention on August 1st when supporters staged a Chick-Fil-A appreciationday. When will consumers forget this incident?Chick-fil-a and it’s supportersare making me ashamed to bea Christian.no chickfilet here but I am soproud to be a Christian & haveconservatives taking a stand!
  • 10. Identify the Most Common Topics9People talking about Chevrolet are most likely to mention the engine, and inparticular electric or hybrid engines. Chevrolet should focus their marketingefforts here as opposed to less common issues such as the interior.
  • 11. Identify Your Key Strengths10People talking about the Diablo III war video game have the most positivethings to say about the shotgun weapon. The makers of Diablo ought toensure this weapon retains its positive features in future releases.
  • 12. Identify Your Major Weaknesses11Netflix, a provider of movies, announced a new price increase whichangered people and caused them to threaten cancelling their service andswitching to Redbox. The data quickly announces this.
  • 13. Identify Sources of Negativity12Delta airlines experienced bad press due to food contamination. Redditwas a major source of negativity and so should be monitored to ensurethe coverage is fair and does not persist.
  • 14. Catch Early Rumblings13These are some of the more negative topics with very small sample sizesfor Delta airlines. Are these tiny problems that should be addressed beforethey burst into major problems?
  • 15. 14Evaluate Language Styles14Casual LanguageFormal Brand Names Informal Brand NamesForceful LanguageMirror to your consumers the style of language that they prefer. Knowwhen to use strictly formal language or slightly relaxed language.
  • 16. Choose a Celebrity Endorser15Garnier consumers are already talking about these famous actors. If theywant to partner with another celebrity, they ought to start with this list.
  • 17. Choose Product Co-Branding16People talking about Chevrolet are already talking about these electronicsbrands. If they want to partner with a brand for some co-development orco-marketing, they ought to start here.
  • 18. Choose the Right Options for a Survey17Coca-cola should ensure their survey questions include optionsrelated to Mountain Dew, Gingerale, Dr. Pepper, and Pepsi.
  • 19. Measure ALL of your brands18Abba O O O O OAgadir Argan Oil O O O O OAlagio O O O O OAlfaparf O O O O OAlterna O O O O OAmerican Crew O O O O OAmika O O O O OARTec O O O O OAveda O O O O OBack To Basics O O O O OBain De Terre O O O O OBed Head Hair Care O O O O OBed Head Sugar O O O O OBiosilk O O O O OBrazilian Blowout O O O O OBumble and Bumble O O O O OCatwalk Haircare O O O O OCHI O O O O OCHI Deep Brilliance. O O O O OCHI For Men O O O O OCircle of Friends O O O O ODavines O O O O ODermOrganic O O O O ODeva Concepts O O O O OEnjoy O O O O OFairy Tales Haircare O O O O OFarouk Deep Brilliance O O O O OFHI O O O O OA well designed survey focused on data quality can’t measure everyrelevant brand. Focus on the top brands and let social media research dothe rest.Keratin Complex by Coppola O O O O OKMS O O O O OLanza O O O O OLiters O O O O OLOreal Professionnel O O O O OLove Peace and the Planet. O O O O OMacadamia Natural Oil O O O O OMarrakesh O O O O OMatrix O O O O OMatrix Amplify O O O O OMatrix Biolage O O O O OMatrix Color Smart O O O O OMatrix Curl Life O O O O OMatrix Logics O O O O OMatrix Men O O O O OMatrix Shade Memory O O O O OMatrix Sleek Look O O O O OMatrix Total Results O O O O OMatrix Vavoom O O O O OMens Hair Care O O O O OMilania O O O O OMOP O O O O ONioxin O O O O ONot Your Mothers O O O O OOrofluido O O O O OPaul Mitchell O O O O O
  • 20. Confirm Suspicious Findings19No research method is perfect nor 100% reliable. When suspiciousfindings result, confirm them with a multi-mode strategy.http://www.joehallock.com/edu/COM498/preferences.html
  • 21. Qualitative Collage Exercises20People share not only words online, but personal photos andimages.
  • 22. Thank you21Questions?annie@conversition.comhello@conversition.com