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Metamorphic rocks, heat and pressure, re-crystallization of atoms structures; new characteristics …

Metamorphic rocks, heat and pressure, re-crystallization of atoms structures; new characteristics
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  • 1. acloutier copyright 2011 1Metamorphic Rocksby Annie Cloutier copyright 2011
  • 2. acloutier copyright 2011 2• Pressure and heat increase with depth• Pressure and heat inside the Earth cause thechanges to occur in rock• Where does the heat come from ?• Earth generates heat from the radioactive coreworking its way up to the lithosphereMetamorphicGreek word originmeta means “change”morph means “form”
  • 3. acloutier copyright 2011 3Two Types of Metamorphic Groups• Regional metamorphism > when high temperaturesand pressure affect large regions of Earth’s crust belts ofmetamorphic rock happen• Contact metamorphism > when molten rockcomes in contact with solid rock, large scale mineralschange with little deformation
  • 4. acloutier copyright 2011 4Regional Metamorphism
  • 5. acloutier copyright 2011 5Contact metamorphism
  • 6. acloutier copyright 2011 6Cause & Effect of Metamorphism
  • 7. acloutier copyright 2011 7Hydrothermal Metamorphismwhen very hot water reacts with rock and alters its chemistry andmineralogy
  • 8. acloutier copyright 2011 8Getting into hot water can be good• hydrothermal fluidsinvade the surroundingrocks and change theirmineralogy, textures andchemistry• valuable ore deposits ofgold , copper, silver,tungsten and lead areformed this way
  • 9. acloutier copyright 2011 9Two Textures of Metamorphic Rocks• foliatedwavy lines, bands, layers characterizefoliated rocks;often have small crystals of mineralgrains, and long axis of parallelalignmentSchistGneissShale• nonfoliatedusually form with blocky crystalshapes; sometimes record faintcolor ripple marksQuartziteMarbleCalcite
  • 10. acloutier copyright 2011 10Gneiss >• Schist >< Slate >
  • 11. acloutier copyright 2011 11It’s Morphing time..• Metamorphic Rock• Gneiss <• Marble <• Slate <• Mica schist <• Parent Rock• Granite• Limestone• Shale• Mica pegmatiteIts Morphin’ time !
  • 12. acloutier copyright 2011 12The Rock Cycle
  • 13. acloutier copyright 2011 13The end is not…it’s all a cycle
  • 14. acloutier copyright 2011 14• …but this is the end of the power point