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Electric Fields and Potential copyright acloutier
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Electric Fields and Potential copyright acloutier



The power behind Doctor Frankenstein's experiment

The power behind Doctor Frankenstein's experiment



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    Electric Fields and Potential copyright acloutier Electric Fields and Potential copyright acloutier Presentation Transcript

    • Electric Fields and Potential by Ann C. Cloutier copyright 2011
    • How did Doctor Frankenstein bring his young Frankenstein to life ?
      • He must have had a Van de Graaff generator
      • He increased the voltage by increasing the radius of the sphere
      • Or he filled the system chamber with high pressure gas
      • These generators can produce 20 million volts with pressurized gas
      • This is how scientist split the nucleus of an atom by bombing it with charged particles (ions)
      You better pay attention, or you could look like me. Darling, I think you look vonderful
    • Van de Graaff alter the space around it when it is charged. The space becomes an electric field
      • GRAVITY
      • The regions are altered by mass for the gravitational field
      • The Sun attracts the Planet Earth
      • Earth attracts the Moon
      • both attract each other
      • mass 1 to mass 2
      • Sun > Earth
      • Earth > Moon
      • The regions are altered by the charge for the electric field
      • Fields are called “force fields” because energy is stored in a field
      • Because forces are exerted on bodies in their vicinity
      • Energy field might be a better term because energy is stored in a field
      • Why do batteries lose power ?
    • Wonder if the neighbors complained ?
    • Van de Graaff Generator a moving rubber belt carries electrons from the voltage source to a conducting sphere
    • An electric field is nature’s storehouse of electrical energy
      • When electric field lines (also called lines of force) are far apart, the field is weaker
      • If the charge on a conductor is not moving, the electric field inside the conductor is exactly zero
      • The electric potential energy of a charged particle is increased when work is done to push it against the electric field of something else that is charged
      • A field line around a single positive charge can extend to infinity
      • But, for a pair of equal but opposite charges, the field lines emanate from the positive charge and end at the negative charge
    • Faraday’s Cage
      • the metal cage, even with gaps, cancels out the electric charges
      • the metal cage becomes the conductor and actually blocks out static electricity
    • The energy stored in a capacitor comes from the work done to charge it
    • Invisible Force Fields > Gravity and Electricity
      • space is around Earth and all other mass is filled with a gravitational field
      • the Earth exerts a force on the Moon, and the Moon exerts a force on the Earth
      • the planet and moon do not have to have contact to attract
      • this is action at a distance because the center of gravity in deep inside the earth and the Moon
      • a ball thrown in the air will curve as it comes down;
      • a rocket will go up, curve as it heads out into space
      • this is the invisible force of gravity
    • Electric Field
      • An electric field is a force field that surrounds and electric charge or group of charges
      • The magnitude (strength) of an electric field can be measured by its effect on charges located in the field.
      • The direction of an electric field at any point is the direction of the electric force on a small positive test charge
    • Magnitude of electric charges
      • Electric field has magnitude and direction
      • The magnitude of and electric field can be measured by its effect on charges located in the field
      • Where the force is greatest on the test charge > the field is strongest
      • Where the force is weak > the field is small
      Are you paying attention ? I started to understand electricity with my kite experiment !
      • Producing an electric field of positive charges , hung off the sides of a boat, has been successfully experimented in attracting fish
    • Your precious cell phone
      • Experiment:
      • wrap your cell phone with aluminum foil
      • make a call to the wrapped phone
      • unwrap the cell phone, cover part of it with foil.
      • make a call to the partially wrapped cell phone
      • repeat : but cover different parts of the cell phone.
      • Analyze & Conclude:
      • What effect did completely wrapping the phone have ?
      • Did wrapping only part of the phone block the incoming signal ?
      • If so, which part needed to be covered to block the call ?
      • Predict:
      • What other materials could we use to shield a cellular phone ?
      • What is electric shielding, and why does it work ?
      • … .conductors …..electric field
      I love my cell phone
    • The end…my name is Coulomb, as in Coulomb’s Law...