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The Top 10 Tools For Monitoring The Success Of Your Website
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The Top 10 Tools For Monitoring The Success Of Your Website


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  • 1. The Top 10 Tools For Monitoring The Success Of Your Website
  • 2. 1 Google Analytics
  • 3. 2 Google Webmaster Tools
  • 4. Want to know how the largest search engine in the world sees your website? Googles Webmaster Tools will give you loads of information such as the pages that areindexed, errors found by the Googlebot (dead links), your search engine rankings for specific search phrases, your anchor text on inbound links, internal and external link data, and robots.txt and sitemap data.
  • 5. 3 SEOmozs Page Strength Tool
  • 6. SEOmoz is one of the leading search engine optimization (SEO) firms and their website provides a wealth of information through their blog, articles and tools. Their Page Strength Tool shows you the "relative importanceand visibility" and the "potential strength and ability of a page to rank in the search engines." SEOmoz provides aquick way to get a basic look at the strength of your page. The Page Strength Tool can be used at:
  • 7. 4 Sitening.coms SEO Analyzer
  • 8. Sitening is another leading SEO firm with several valuable tools on their website. The SEO Analyzer differs fromSEOmozs Page Strength Tool in that it checks the internal structure of your site to determine how well it isconstructed (in terms of search engine optimization). The structure of a website is the framework for a good SEO campaign, and Sitening.coms SEO Analyzer will help youto build the right framework. Sitening.coms SEO Analyzer can be found at:
  • 9. 5 Mikes Marketing Tools
  • 10. has two tools that every webmaster should use regularly. The Search Engine Rankings Tool will show you where your site ranks in several of the top search engines for a specific word or phrase. You can save time by using this tool instead ofvisiting each search engine and clicking through the search engine results pages to find your website.
  • 11. 6 Summit Medias Spider Simulator
  • 12. The spider simulator shows you "how a search enginereacts to your pages and what can be done to boost your usability." Search engine spiders see web pages much differently than human visitors do. A page may look attractive and well-designed to a human visitor, but a search engine spider may not be able to find what it is looking for. This page is a great tool to assure you thatyour site is built for maximum search engine results. The spider simulator can be used at:
  • 13. 7 SelfSEO Page Speed Checker
  • 14. 8 Dead Links Checker
  • 15. Having dead links on your website can frustrate visitors and damage your search engine rankings. However,checking all the links on your site manually is not realistic. Fortunately there are a number of tools online that will automate the process. The W3 Link Checker will crawlthrough your pages and report which links are broken. To use this tool visit:
  • 16. 9
  • 17. will show you which words and phrases appear most frequently on your websitethroughout the text of the page, title, headings and metatags. This is a useful tool to be certain that your pages are optimized for the words and phrases that you are targeting.
  • 18. 10 FeedBurner
  • 19. If you publish a blog, FeedBurners service is a must have.Feedburner will provide you with statistics regarding your blogs feed and you can give your readers the option to subscribe by email instead of RSS. There are a number of other features that you can read about at FeedBurner. With FeedBurner you can always see how many subscribers you have and how many of them are clicking through from your feed to your site.
  • 20. Please visit: for more info