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Internet And Its Utility
Internet And Its Utility
Internet And Its Utility
Internet And Its Utility
Internet And Its Utility
Internet And Its Utility
Internet And Its Utility
Internet And Its Utility
Internet And Its Utility
Internet And Its Utility
Internet And Its Utility
Internet And Its Utility
Internet And Its Utility
Internet And Its Utility
Internet And Its Utility
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Internet And Its Utility


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Survey on Internet and Its Users

Survey on Internet and Its Users

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Internet and it’s Utility
    • Project Presented By
    • Anindita Basu
  • 2. Introduction to Internet
    • Internet is a mode of Modern Communication
    • E-mail, Chat, Internet Telephony helps in communication
    • It is the source of updated News and information
  • 3. The big Question
    • It is estimated that 25 Million people is communicating on Internet Should Internet then be considered as a Mass Medium ?
  • 4. Introduction to Project
    • Mission : To bring in front how Internet brings a difference in people’s life and claims to be considered as a mode of mass media.
    • Way : Working in an IT company (IntraSoft Technologies Pvt. Limited) to help understand the utility of Internet.
  • 5. Project Rationale
    • Keeping in touch with long distance pals over Internet
    • A relatively new and unexplored form of media
    • Difference between traditional and Modern Media
  • 6. Project Aims
    • Gaining knowledge about Internet
    • Learning about tools in Internet like blogs, chat software, Instant messengers, mail services and Internet Telephony as modern way of communication
    • Exploring services like News sites, Online Ticket booking, Auctions and banking over Internet
  • 7. Project Objective
    • Exploring Internet as a medium to the fullest and make others aware about the same
  • 8. Utilities of Internet
    • Active Agent
    • Has a social utility
    • Decision Maker
    • Networking System
    • Fast and rapid Medium
    • Peer to Peer Interaction
    • Easily Upgradeable
    • E-Commerce friendly
    • Leads to Media Convergence
  • 9. Social Utility of Internet
    • NGO sites : Charity, News and Collections
    • Blogs: Rapid awareness e.g.. Tsunami blogs
  • 10. Internet as a Mass Medium
    • One to one – emails, chat
    • Many to Many – forums, conversations
    • Synchronous - Mixed
    • Asynchronous – Access Websites
  • 11. Internet and Interpersonal Communication
    • It is more recently applied to all new media.
    • It is the best way to bring about interactivity.
    • It helps in inquriy and bring about the degree of responsiveness.
  • 12. Traditional Media vs Modern Media
    • Currently 65% of Internet population report to use internet as a source of news, in comparison to magazines(58%), radio (67%) and approaching network TV (89%)
    • 31% of news media users surveyed use the internet for the news and information, more than newspaper (23%) and radio (17%)
    • As the Internet medium matures, more people are trying online news services.
    • Over 4 in 5 internet users(81%) have tried at least at least one of the major online news services like ABC News, CNBC. CNN, Fox News, Zee News, NDTV, BBC etc.
    • The majority of internet users (58%) are regular consumers of a least one online new service, with an average of 1.4 user regularly.
    • Thus we can conclude that internet will cover up all the traditional media, as it gaining popularity and will lead to Media Convergence.
  • 13. Survey Results
    • Maximum usage to gain knowledge
    • Maximum access from cybercafés
    • Speed : Medium
    • Maximum own a PC
    • Maximum agree that Internet changed life
    • Next best alternative is Television
    • Maximum years of Internet usage 3 to 5 years
    • Most prefer Internet Access in Universal English
    • Advertisement is necessary in Internet existence
    • Internet brings Social development
    Refer Survey Results
  • 14. Conclusion of Survey
    • Internet acts as a medium to communicate
    • It is gaining importance in people’s life
    • Digitalized lifestyle made a difference to society
  • 15. Summary
    • Internet thus is an important aspect in present scenario consisting of social, economical and political sphere. Acting as a mode faster and wider way of communicating with each other; truly judges Internet as a mode of mass communication.
    • Thanking You
    • Anindita Basu