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  • 1. NewYear Event 2014 - Flanders' PlasticVision 30th January 2014
  • 2. About AIMPLAS
  • 3. AIMPLAS is a Centre of Innovation and Technology (CIT) 21 years of experience supporting companies in the plastic sector A team of more than 100 highly qualified professionals Over 8.500 m2 facilities with the latest advanced technologies
  • 4. Market oriented RGB 6/4/6 RGB 20/5/95
  • 5. Revenues by activity 2012 DATA RGB 20/5/95
  • 6. Solutions for Plastics 1. R&D Projects 2. Analysis and Testing 3. Materials’ Processing 4. Technical Assistance 5. Competitive Intelligence 6. Training
  • 7. International partnering & funding opportunities for Industrial Research & Innovation
  • 8. Funding Programmes EU Framework Programmes (FP5 to FP7) Capacities (CRAFT, Collective, Research for SMEs, Research for SME Associations) Cooperation (NMP, KBBE) CIP Eco-Innovation INTERREG SUDOE LIFE+ PEOPLE Marie-Curie LEONARDO CORNET Cost Action IEE EUREKA IBEROEKA Fecyt Since 2000 AIMPLAS has participated in more than 80 international projects
  • 9. Collaborations in Europe: UE Funding (2000 – 2013) Research, Development and Innovation projects Funding Programme Nº of projects Total budget (€) Nº of enterprises involved How many of them were SMEs? FP5 9 13.601.927 33 33 FP6 18 56.911.186 158 148 FP7 34 114.733.226 260 190 CIP Eco-Innovation 7 7.765.249 22 20 LIFE+ 3 3.948.978 3 1 LEONARDO 2 799.788 3 3 EIE 2 2.159.076 0 0 SUDOE 2 1.434.143 0 0 479 395 Total 77 203.938.572
  • 10. Benefits of EC funded Industrial Research & Innovation projects Possibility to face ambitious projects Be prepared for the future (compliance with new legislation, incorporate forefront materials/processes1,……………..) Share the risk Public funding for research (% related to the type of project) Internationalisation Networking: To establish relations with European enterprises and RTOs Wide Dissemination: Visibility e.g. CNTs (1 kg): 1.700€ (2005), 90€ (2013)
  • 11. The other side of the coin Highly competitive Calls Resources to prepare a competitive bid Heavy administrative load: presentation, negotiation and realisation Management: • Technical • Personnel • Administrative All the incertity of a “research” project need flexibility
  • 12. Key issues Identify industrial needs Have an innovative solution If looking for EC funds it should fit with EC Calls To find the best partners But only the partners necessary to perform the project Sound coordination, both for preparation and execution
  • 13. AIMPLAS support for SMEs Highly skilled professionals to help enterprises to identify the best technical solution for their needs Assistance to identify the most suitable Call Technical and management expertise to prepare a competitive bid Help to build up the consortiums through our networks Support to SMEs in all management/administrative aspects along the whole process
  • 15. Some project examples
  • 16. PICUS: Development of a 100% Biodegradable Plastic Fibre to Manufacture Twines to Stake Creeping Plants and Nets to Pack Agricultural Products (https://proyectos.aimplas.es/picus/) Type of project: CRAFT Participant countries: 5 Enterprises: 9 (3) RTD: 3 After the project: Eco-Innovation for industrialisation
  • 17. POLYCOND: Creating Competitive Edge for the European Polymer Processing Industry Driving New Added-Value Products with Conductive Polymers. (www.polycond.com) Type of project : Integrated Project for SMEs (IP-SMEs) Paticipant countries: 5 Enterprises: 13 (4) Industrial Associations: 4 RTD: 3 After the project: Partners collaboration New projects
  • 18. PEGASUS: Integrated Engineering Processing & Materials Technologies for the European Sector (www.pegasus-eu.net/) Type of project : Integrated Project for SMEs (IP-SMEs). Paticipant countries: 8 Enterprises: 13 (1) Industrial Associations: 2 RTD: 5 After the project: Partners collaboration New projects
  • 19. DOLFIN: Development of Innovative Plastic Structures for Aquiculture Using a New Composite With Crop Waste as Reinforcing Filler. (www.aimplas.es/proyectos/dolfin) Type of project : CRAFT. Participant countries: 6 Enterprises: 10 (3) RTD: 4 After the project: Partners collaboration New projects
  • 20. CODE: Curing Polyester Resins on Demand (www.curing-on-demand.info/) Type of project : STREP. Participant countries: 3 Enterprises: 4 RTD: 2 After the project: Partners collaboration New projects
  • 21. CRYOSINTER: Development of an Innovative Recycling Process Based on Cryogenic and Water Jet Grinding and Sintering Techniques for Extending the Use of Recycled Rubber in the Development of High Quality Products (www.cryosinter-project.net/) Type of project : CRAFT Participant countries: 6 Enterprises: 8 (3) RTD: 3 After the project: Eco-Innovation for industrialisation
  • 22. Innovation trends
  • 23. Innovation trends Highly related to the application: Weight reduction Improved properties Multifunctionality Materials should be more “active” and “intelligent” Materials and processes have to fit “personalization” trend Cost reduction maintaining properties/functionalities: material reduction, shorter production cycles, lower energy consumption… To improve environmental behaviour
  • 24. Thank you Liliana Chamudis-Varan Deputy Director Head of Projects Area lchamudis@aimplas.es Conecte con @aimplas