Ann Fiorelli Market Research Capabilties


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Overview of Market Intelligence Capabilities

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Ann Fiorelli Market Research Capabilties

  1. 1. Strategic Market Intelligence How will you leverage market intelligence to pinpoint new opportunities and chart your course for growth? Photograph Courtesy of Stanley London, Copyright © 2009 Stanley London Ann L. Fiorelli Transforming Information into Insights to Help Achieve Your Business Goals
  2. 2. Ann Fiorelli 972-393-2943 Transforming Information into Insights Business Benefits Focus resources on opportunities with highest potential for return Reduce risk associated with new market investments Build presence in global markets and help clients compete globally Be first to market with new product and service offerings Demonstrate leadership with clients & prospects Shift sales strategies to better align with market dynamics Compete more effectively overall, and in specific sales situations Educate sales teams about new markets and offerings Examples of Value Delivered Strengthened Competitive Position to Win New insights about competitor capabilities enabled a sales team to shift strategies and win a multi-million dollar contract with a large, global technology provider Eliminated New Market Investment Risk Enabled senior executives to definitively conclude that the benefits of creating a new service line would not outweigh the multi- million dollar investment being considered Re-Aligned Strategies & Enabled Sales Teams Revealed ways to shift sales strategies that eliminated barriers and enabled clients to get in front of buyers Facilitated Success in Global Markets Detailed understanding of the integrated political and business structure was critical to winning a multi-million dollar design project in Dubai Mobilized Sales with Segmented Strategies Designed tools for evaluating and segmenting prospects based on technology take-up, and defined strategies for selling outsourcing and CRM services Enabled Early Capture of Emerging Markets Developed a process for identifying and pinpointing top 5 emerging markets for BPO offerings, which were developed into major long term revenue streams
  3. 3. Ann Fiorelli 972-393-2943 Transforming Information into Insights B2B Market Research & Analysis Market Development Strategy Transforming Information into Insights to Help Achieve Your Business Goals Overview  For over twenty years, Ann Fiorelli has provided organizations such as Accenture, EDS and Jacobs Engineering with strategic marketplace insights to help executives make more informed decisions about how to manage their business development investments.  Her insights have contributed to multi-million dollar contracts, successful entry into new markets, and development of billion dollar revenue streams.  Ann has a keen ability to interpret data, spot trends and summarize complex concepts. She applies expertise across diverse global markets and industry segments and always completes projects on time and within budget. Areas of Expertise  Competitor Analysis and Positioning Strategies  Tier 1 Prospect and Market Identification  New Market Entry Planning - Sizing and Forecasting  Market Segmentation and Go-to-Market Strategies  Emerging Market Identification  Customer, prospect and stakeholder intelligence