Is tonsillitis contagious
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Is tonsillitis contagious






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Is tonsillitis contagious Is tonsillitis contagious Document Transcript

  • Is Tonsillitis Contagious?What is Tonsillitis? Tonsillitis (pharyngitis) is an acute inflammatory syndrome of the throat that is caused by various microorganisms. Since it is an inflammation of the throat (pharynx) and tonsils it is also known by the name tonsillopharyngitis. It is manifested by local inflammation of the throat, usually accompanied by fever and other general symptoms. It usually occurs in the colder months, and most commonly affects children. Since the primary focus of this article is if tonsillitis is contagious, that will be enough for the introduction. In the next few articles you will be able to find outmore about types of tonsillitis, tonsillitis treatment (penciling treatment), tonsillitis medicine andthe difference between virus and streptococci tonsillitis.Is Tonsillitis Contagious?The first question all my patients who have this vicious acute disease ask is: “Is TonsillitisContagious? That is often because they are concerned if they can infect their children, sincechildren are the most dangerous category. All forms of tonsillitis are contagious mostly. Whymostly?The common phrase is: “Tonsillitis is contagious.”, but this varies depending on individual factor.Some patients have stronger immune system then others, so it is likely they will not get infectedby tonsillitis, while the others have weaker immune system and they will most probably getinfected. It is not rare situation when a patient questions me:”How come my boyfriend didn’t gettonsillitis infection and you said tonsillitis is contagious?” The answer lies in a stronger immunesystem of her boyfriend. But thinking this way is a matter of gambling with your health. Everydisease, even a minor flu, leaves strong marks and scars on your body, therefore it is better toprevent then heal. Once you got a tonsillitis infection it will weaken your body and allow otherviruses to contaminate your system.If you have children or older people near you and suffering from tonsillitis, you must avoid them.Their immune system is very weak and sometimes if tonsillitis is not treated right, it can developinto some more serious diseases. You should wear surgeon masks over your mouth.In conclusion, any air contact should be avoided, because tonsillitis is contagious.Copyright from All rights reserved. Find out more on healthcare.