Guide to traveler's health


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Guide to traveler's health

  1. 1. Health is An Important Part of a TravSource:
  2. 2. • There is a need to take good care of your health at all times, by makingsure that you get immunized from the diseases that you know that, theycan attack you at any time when you go away from your home or fromyou country. There are many diseases that can attack you when you are inyour locality and they are not very serious because your body has adaptedto the prevailing conditions. If there is a malady that you suffer from whenyou are in you locality, it can at most times not be serious because yourbody is used to it. However, if you are traveling, it does not matter thedistance of the place that you are going to, because it is important thatyou need to be vaccinated against the diseases that are known to attackpeople in the place where you are going to.• Some of the very common diseases are bird flu, yellow fever amongothers like malaria and colds. Respiratory diseases (neti pot solution) areothers that can be very serious because of change of climate. The medicalexperts advise that, you should be immunized against the diseases thatyou know that you can suffer from when you migrate and they can attimes not be detected by looking at the symptoms that are experiencednormally. They can be very serious maladies like malaria which is atropical disease and it worsens when you change the climate from oneplace to the other.• There are places that you can travel to and if you have not beenvaccinated against a certain disease you become prone to the diseasesthat are in that place. There are people who are not compatible with theclimate of certain places and they often keep on getting ill at any timethat they go to those areas.
  3. 3. Tourists Need to Be Careful• There are diseases that are very serious and they cannot be just ignored becausethey cause death at very high rates. They are diseases like H1N1 and others likeH5N1 that were found to be very contagious and passed from one geographicalarea to the other within a very short time. The diseases were found out to transferfrom one continent to the other within a very short period. Hours are enough for aH1N1 to move from Asia to Africa and from South America to Europe. People arethe agents of transfer that enable the causative agents to be taken from one placeto the other.• People go and get infected where the viruses or bacteria have been taken to. Thespread continues and the disease prevails. People who are from poor families andthey leave in deplorable conditions are prone to get infected with the diseasesthat spread in new areas because they do not get immunized.• Tourists who are moving from one place to the other are supposed to beimmunized against the diseases that they can contract when they go to their newdestinations. It can be sex tourists or ordinary tourists who move from one placeto the other, either to do research or to do other activities. People, who alsomigrate from their home countries to other countries, are prone to diseases thatcould not be infecting the residents of that place but infecting them. The diseasesthat attack people who are new in a certain environment are very serious and theycan even be fatal. There is a very great significance as to why you should beimmunized to avoid contracting diseases and to avoid passing the infection toother people who live in the place that you are going to. In some countries youhave to be diagnosed before you can be permitted to go there so that you do notgo and take diseases.
  4. 4. Immunize Yourself!• There are measures that can be taken to avoid people going toother places and spreading diseases. If child prostitution and sextourism are stopped, there can be no STDs being transferred fromone country to the other and thus there is no spread that can go onin that place. Other kinds of pressure that can be put in a place toavoid any kind of disease being introduced in a certain place thereare measures that can be taken to ensure that it efficates. Childtrafficking that is purposed to exploit them sexually is one of thethings that are supposed to be observed and curbed so that spreadof sexual infections can stop. If you are traveling from one place tothe other you should make sure that you get vaccinated against thediseases that you can contract. When you are traveling you shouldalso be aware of serious pests that are lurking in hotel rooms likebed bugs (bed bug registry), chiggers, dust mites and silverfish. Thatis why our two amazing articles were about flea bites on humanswith pictures and wasp sting pictures.