Basic Military Training


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Recruit trianing

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Basic Military Training

  1. 1. Basic Training Annex.HQ
  2. 2. Overveiw Introduction to Annex Purpose of the HQ Basic Commands Attention procedure Front and Center Procedure Ranks and RHIP Chain of Command Your Job Graduation
  3. 3. Introduction to Annex Annex is a military simulation on Annex was founded January 2010 We have 3 branches; US Army, US Navy, and US Marine Corp The US Army was the original Branch of Annex
  4. 4. Purpose of the HQ The HQ (Headquarters) is the main operating room of the military. In this room we carry out our main operation. This is recruiting. We are recruiting new people into Annex such as yourself and teaching you military principles and providing you a community of friends
  5. 5. Basic Commands To keep HQ in order and functioning, we have commands we use. FTF (Fill the Front) – Fill the front row and recruit FTM (Fill the Back) – Fill the back that does not recruit. AFK/BRB (Away From Keyboard) EP (Entry Procedure) – the way in which we enter the working area. FU/FD (File Up/File Down) – move seats F&C (Front and Center) – Ceromonial Procedure to hand out promotions and demotions and various awards.
  6. 6. Attention Procedure This is the procedure we use to show respect for Officers who enter the room. When an Officer (2Lt/ENS+) walks past the gate, the first person to see them shouts “ATTENTION!” When that is called, all active personnel stand at the positions of attention. You will not talk or move. You may sit when you hear “At Ease”, “Carry On”, or “As You Were!”
  7. 7. Front And Center Procedure (F&C) During an Attention, the officer might say your name and F&C. If they do, you must stand directly in front of them, wave, and say 'Yes Sir/Ma'am.' Once they say 'Dismissed!', wave, and say 'Thank you Sir/Ma'am'. Then go back to your seat, sit, and stand back up again.
  8. 8. Ranks and RHIP Here at Annex we have different rank tiers. These rank tiers have special duties. RHIP (Rank has their privileges) – certain ranks of personnel get certain perks. Officers get rights in HQ, and are allowed VIP access. NCOs are allowed forum access. The higher rank you get, the more privileges you earn.
  9. 9. Enlisted Ranks: (Army) Private, Private 2, Private First Class, Specialist. (Navy) Seaman Recruit, Seaman Apprentice, Seaman. (Marines) Private, Private First Class, Lance Corporal. Enlisted personnel will be doing most of the front row work. They will be doing most of the recruiting. It is also the learning stage.
  10. 10. Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) Ranks: (Army) Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, Master Sergeant, First Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major. (Navy) Petty Officer Third Class, Second Class, First Class, Chief Petty Officer, Senior Chief, Master Chief. (Marines) Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Gunnery Sergeant, Master Sergeant, First Sergeant, Master Gunnery, Sergeant Major. NCOs are incharge of mentoring the enlisted and helping them learn how to be a future NCO, learning leadership, and recruiting. They will sometimes Moderate in HQ. Called by Rank and Name
  11. 11. Warrant Officers (WO) Ranks: They are pretty much all the same – Warrant Officer 1 (Not in the Navy), Chief Warrant Officer 2, Chief Warrant Officer 3, Chief Warrant Officer 4, Chief Warrant Officer 5. Their job is to mentor the NCOs to become future WOs and moderate HQ. Called Sir/Ma'am
  12. 12. Commissioned Officer Ranks: (Army/Marines) Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, General. (Navy) Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain, Rear Admiral Lower Half, Rear Admiral Upper Half, Vice Admiral, Admiral. Their job is to run the military. Called Sir/Ma'am
  13. 13. Chain of Command Commissioned Officer / Warrant Officers / Non-Commissioned Officer / Enlisted
  14. 14. Chain of Command cont. The reason for the chain of command is how to find out about stuff. It is the “communication channel.” If you are enlisted and you have a question, ask a NCO. If the NCO does not know, he/she will as a WO, if they do not know, they will as a CO who will know or know someone who knows. This is to prevent everyone going to Cos and distracting CO from their job.
  15. 15. Your Job Your job at Annex is to recruit visitors. If they wish to join direct them to the stickies and to the football gates. You are required to assist them if they need help.
  16. 16. Graduation You have finished the video. Your next set of instructions is to seek a NCO or WO, or a CO and tell them you have completed the training video, you may be directed to someone. What should happen is you will be quizzed about the content of the video. This is also the time to ask any questions. After the quiz, tell the person who quizzed you what branch you wish to be in; Army, Navy, Marines.