Business bitesize. taking your offline business successfully online


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Introduction to getting your offline business online.

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Business bitesize. taking your offline business successfully online

  1. 1. Anne PerezIntroduction to Getting Your OfflineBusiness Online
  2. 2. Does your business need to beOnline?• Around 40% of Google searches are for localproducts and services!• Increasingly people are getting information aboutyour company and your competition online beforedeciding who to call or visit• Customer reviews• Comparing products and services• Is your Business Online?
  3. 3. Do you Have a Marketing Plan?What is Marketing?“Getting the right message to the rightpeople using the right media channelsand methods, effectively, efficiently andprofitably.”A Marketing Plan is a way to systemiseyour marketing efforts.
  4. 4. What’s Your Message?• What do you want to tell people about yourproduct and service?• What are the benefits you provide?• What is your solution to their problem?• Clarity is essential
  5. 5. Who’s Your Target Market?NB it’s not everybody“The big danger is that without a targetmarket, it’s like standing in a park shoutingin the wind. When you have a target market,its like standing in a park and talking to aspecific group of people.”
  6. 6. How to Reach your Audience?“Knowing your potential customers well willenable you to create a crystal clearmarketing message, tailored just for them,that they will hear and are more like torespond to. “When you know who your potential customers are get toknow them so well that you know which media to use toreach them with your message.
  7. 7. How well do you know Google?Google has a market share of around 90% in the UKHow many of Google’s resources are you using?• Google Places• Google Analytics• Google Keyword Tool• Google +1 button• Google +• Google Trends• Google Website Optimizer
  8. 8. Are you Location Based?Do you have a Google Places Page?A Free Resource for LocalBusinesses
  9. 9. Need a Website?It doesn’t have to cost a fortune!If you’ve yet to take your business online its not too difficult to createyour own website and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.All you need is:• A domain name e.g. Go Daddy (about £7 per year)• A host e.g. Hostgator (about £6 per month)• A content management system e.g. Wordpress (Free)
  10. 10. Is Your Website Working for You?Are You Clear on the Purpose of your Website or does it just lookgood?Will it be used to :• Capture Personal details for example names, email addresses,phone numbers and mailing addresses to continue a salesconversation offline?• Will it be used just to Increase Awareness for your Brand?• Is the intention for your website to Sell Directly to Consumers?• Will it Provide Information in the form of pdfs, how-to videos ordownloadable manuals?• Is it just to entertain?
  11. 11. Key Ingredients of a SuccessfulWebsite?• Clear in its Purpose• Achieves its Purpose• Easy to Navigate• Captures the Visitor’s Attention• Has Measurable Results• Is Optimised Effectively to Attract More Visitors
  12. 12. SEO EssentialsGoogle wants their customers to receive the best experience whenusing their search engine.They want their customers to find Quality Sites with RelevantContent• Create unique, accurate page titles keyworded to your niche• Make use of the "description" meta tag to summarise your page’scontents• Improve the structure of your URLs• Make your site easier to navigate• Offer quality content and services• Write better anchor text for links• Optimize your use of images• Use heading tags appropriately
  13. 13. Track Your Results and TweakGoogle Analytics - Measure the effectiveness of your websiteTo sell more of your product or services you need to understandwho your site visitors are and how they use your website.Google Analytics ( is free.Statistics they can provide include:• Where your visitors are coming from• How long they are staying• The keywords that led them to your site• Sales and conversionDiscover what works and what doesn’t and make changes to domore of what works and less of what doesn’t
  14. 14. Promote Your Business for FreeOnlinePromoting Your Business Online doesn’t have to cost much:• Social Media• Article Marketing• Forum Marketing• Video Marketing• Blogging• Blog Commenting• Email Marketing• Providing Valuable Content on your Site and elsewhere online willincrease your visibility, establish your credibility and your expert statusand bring more visitors to your business.
  15. 15. Why use Social Media?“Social networking gives you, a business owner, the ability toconnect with customers and prospects on a more personallevel. It gives you the ability to build a community around yourbrand and to learn more about your target audience.”Relationship MarketingNetworking Offline is successful when people get to “know, like andtrust you”.Social Media is networking online.
  16. 16. Do’s and Don’ts of SocialNetworking• Do Decide where your target market is “networking” online• Do Spend Your Time on the best site for your business• Do Engage• Do Build a Community• Do Connect with Industry Leaders• Do Update Frequently• Do Behave Professionally• Don’t Market Tirelessly• Do point people back to your website• Do add a “Follow Me” button on your website and other relevantmarketing tools.
  17. 17. Putting it all Together• Decide Why you Want your Business Online• Create a Clear Marketing Plan: Decide on yourMessage, your Market and your Media• Choose 3 or 4 different methods to spread yourmessage online, track the results and tweak