The Willis Advantage is a private exchange platform combined with the consultingexpertise of Willis. We work with clients ...
Willis • 5/13THE Willis Advantage Private Exchange CONTINUUMEmployee benefit plans have come a long way in the past fewyea...
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  1. 1. The Willis Advantage is a private exchange platform combined with the consultingexpertise of Willis. We work with clients to create a private exchange strategy thatestablishes a fixed budget for your organization, helps you achieve your businessobjectives and meets the diverse needs of your employees while emphasizing theimportance of healthy behavior.WHAT WE DOIt’s every employer’s dilemma: How do I control rising health carecosts without cutting benefits? The Willis Advantage exchangeplatform gives you cost control and predictability through adefined contribution – or fixed budget – approach to benefits. Youremployees get more benefit options, with clear decision-supporttools, so they understand their choices and can be more accountablefor their benefits.In addition, our health outcomes approach promotes healthy livingand wellness within your employee population through betterhealth care management, lowering health care costs and increasingproductivity. Of course, healthier employees cost less becausethey’re at work – and working harder because they’re feeling better.This approach leads to enhanced terms and conditions from yourinsurance carriers.The Willis Advantage:Taking Consumerism to the Next LevelThe Willis Advantage exchange platform analyzes employees’ healthcarepreferences,utilization,financialpositionandrisktolerance,andrecommends a customized benefits solution. The platformincludes educational tools to help employees understand their options.In addition, The Willis Advantage proactively engages employees tobecome better health care consumers by combining the exchangeplatform with our innovative health management programs.HUMAN CAPITAL PRACTICETHEWILLISADVANTAGEPrivate exchange platform + human capital CONSULTING expertiseIncreased costpredictability(defined benefit vs.defined contribution)Incentives drivemembers to takegreater responsibilityfor their healthEnhanced carrier termsand conditionsExpanded employeecoverage options anddecision supportRobust technologyplatform with adminis-trative support andcarrier connectivityConsultation on healthcare reform and generalcompliance issuesA personalized memberexperience with moreplan optionsA clear path to betterhealth with lower costfor healthy behaviorsDynamic, interactiveemployee benefits onlinemarketplaceRobust decision supporttoolsBenefits and wellnesseducation that’s tailoredto individual needsOnline and “live”customer serviceBenefits for youBenefits forYour EmployeesThe Willis Advantage
  2. 2. Willis • 5/13THE Willis Advantage Private Exchange CONTINUUMEmployee benefit plans have come a long way in the past fewyears. We’ve gone from traditional health plans, in which theemployer pays a percentage of the costs, to defined contributionarrangements, in which the employer pays a flat dollar amount,to a wide variety of exchanges, limited networks and otherinnovative solutions.The Willis Advantage offers a broad spectrum of options, and willhelp you determine which type of plan is right for you, from atraditional defined benefit plan, to our basic exchange platform, toour Health Outcomes Exchange, with a range of options in between.Willis Human Capital Practice consultants partner with you todevelop a multi-year private exchange strategy that meets yourorganization’s goals and benefits objectives.Our exchange takes the defined contribution concept one stepfurther by offering dynamic decision-support technology soemployees can shop online for their benefits and get a personalizedrecommendation based on their input. The Willis Advantageexchange platform provides a dynamic, easy-to-use online shoppingexperience so employees can build their own comprehensivebenefits portfolio – at a price within your budget.The Health Outcomes Exchange marries the insurance marketplaceconcept with our unique integrated health management programsthat focus on improving the health of your employees.The insurance exchange environment is evolving quickly. Weplace our clients’ interests first so you can always be confident thatyour Willis consultants are prepared to assist you in evaluatingall viable exchange options, public or private. Willis consultants’compensation is not dependent on whether you select the WillisAdvantage platform or another exchange. We place our clients’interests first.HUMAN CAPITAL consultingEXPERTISEYour Willis Advantage consultingteam is experienced in negotiating,implementing and managing yourbenefit programs. In addition today-to-day support, we provide a varietyof human capital tools and resourcesto complement our brokerage andconsulting services.As a Willis client, you receive thefollowing array of consulting services:n Employee communicationn Compensationn Legal and compliancen Clinical health and wellnessn Reporting and analyticsn Global employee benefitsand HRCONTACT us for aCustomized SolutionThe Willis Advantage exchange is anexcellent solution for organizationsthat want to offer employees a robustplatform of benefit choices with lessadministrative burden and more costpredictability. Let Willis guide youthrough the universe of benefit andexchange options to find the solutionthat’s right for you.Contact your local Willis ClientAdvocate® to learn more. And, visit ourwebsite.HEALTH OUTCOMESEXCHANGEEmployer pays a flatdollar amount soemployees can shoponline to get a personalizedbenefits portfolio;contributions and cost areintegrated with a healthmanagement strategyDEFINEDCONTRIBUTIONEXCHANGEEmployer pays a flatdollar amount soemployees can shoponline to get apersonalized benefitsportfolioDEFINEDCONTRIBUTIONEmployer pays a flatdollar amount andemployees can selecttheir benefitsTraditionalEmployer pays apercentage of the costfor employee benefitsPrivate Exchange Consulting ContinuumSolutions designed for an evolving environment