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twenty4 is a Melbourne and Sydney based independent digital agency leading clients through the age of all things digital.

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Twenty4 Digital Agency Melbourne And Sydney

  1. 1. Sydneya. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australiap. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. Live.In a digital world. Offline we have offices in both Melbourneand Sydney.We Share.Information and ideas with the people we work with.We Form.Partnerships. We get to know every business, their marketplaceand their customers.We Think.About trends, platforms and innovation.We Do.Digital Strategy, Creative, and Technology. We look after WebDevelopment, eCommerce, SEO, Social Media, and mobile.We Move.Across retail, corporate, government, entertainment and not-for-profit brands and industries.Digital Agency Melbourne and Sydney
  2. 2. Sydneya. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australiap. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. and Objectives / Market Research /Competitor Analysis / Digital StrategyA new website process starts byunderstanding the business, goals,consumers, brand strategy, user researchand how we best incorporate this into adigital strategy. Consideration will also begiven to how this new development willaffect or streamline internal process’ withinthe organisation.Information Architecture& UXWireframes / User ExperienceDiscovery stage has allowed us to startconsidering the best possible experiencefor a user. It has formed the basis for thesite structure, layout and how the user willinteract and navigate through the endproduct. This website needs to be asintuitive as possible and allow for uniquescenarios of people’s needs, computerknowledge, browsing environments and habits. This step is often overlooked or undervalued, but isparamount in setting the tone for overall success.Digital Agency Melbourne and Sydney
  3. 3. Sydneya. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australiap. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. / Prototyping / Graphic DesignWith a clear blueprint plan, we can get tothe part that everybody loves – the visualprocess of look and feel. The knowledgefrom the Discovery / InformationArchitecture and User Experience planningstage is used to conceptualise the designand user interface. Prototyping andgraphic design are the key tangibleaspects of this stage.DevelopmentHTML / CSS / Javascript / PHP / CMS /Browser CompatibilityThis stage of the project is where we thedesign is brought into a web browser aninteractive, clickable version of the websiteis created. This is the most time intensiveaspect and involves coding, developmentand back-end CMS, EDM and Socialintegration.The focus of this stage is the develop theworking website, integration with backend systems, while considering user interaction and crossbrowser functionality. twenty4specialise in standards-based development as well as in theimplementation with a number of CMS systems, that will bring the most out of the site withdynamic content and interaction.Digital Agency Melbourne and Sydney
  4. 4. Sydneya. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australiap. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055f. +61 3 9011 9718 e., Testing & GoLiveFace to Face / Training Videos / GoalsChecklistTraining is performed as face to facetraining that is tailored to the websiteadministrator and specific CMS setup. Thewebsite training session is recorded forfuture reference. A follow up is done toensure the website administrator iscomfortable with updating all aspects ofthe website.Metric AnalysisROI / Google Analytics / CustomerConversion / Goals & Funnels / CustomDashboardOnce the digital presence has beenlaunched to the world, it’s essential to futuresuccess to review the performance andengagement. A good digital presence canonly achieve greatness after launch whenwe can see how people are using the site. Italso allows us to make informed decisionstogether about future enhancements. We look at entry points, popular content and otherstrategies to make sure that both you and users are getting the best web experience possible.Digital Agency Melbourne and Sydney
  5. 5. Sydneya. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australiap. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. SupportPhone / Email / Project ManagementSystemThe time after the website is live is asimportant as the build up period. Theinternet does not stay still. We like to revisitthe project online to see what we havelearnt as well as introducing newtechnology or ideas that might help growthe website and online presence. Thetwenty4 team manage feedback efficientlythrough our web based project management system ensuring prompt response times, as well astransparency to all stakeholders.Digital Agency Melbourne and Sydney
  6. 6. Sydneya. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australiap. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. your way to the topWelcome to the Internet, Facebook. After(finally) rolling out hashtag support last week,the conversation has begun as to whether thereal-time search benefits of hashtags willtranslate to Facebook.Facebook VP of global marketing, CarolynEverson states “Hashtags are an importantlanguage on the internet, and we found thatpeople were using them quite extensively onFacebook and they weren’t able to aggregatethose conversations into anything that madesense. So you can imagine the use cases downthe road as people continue to use hashtags —around content they’re interested in, aroundtravel, around all sorts of topics — that therewill be a lot of interesting opportunities. Butthere’s no monetization plan right now for it.This is a consumer product, and one that we’llcontinue to iterate on.”No plans to monetize? We beg to differ.Data from Nielsen’s latest research shows thatnearly half of smartphone owners and tabletowners (46 percent and 43 percent,respectively) said they use their devices assecond screens while watching TV every day.And nearly half of that activity on tablets isdirectly related to the shows they’re watching(one-third for smartphone users). Twitter’smajor pitch to advertisers to tack hashtags andcatchphrases onto the end of their commercialshas been a significant revenue raiser. A viewercan do a quick search for the hashtag to trackconversation about the ad, and connect withother folks also talking about it. Same with TVmarketers: Identify a hashtag with your showand viewers can talk about the action in realtime.Considering Twitter currently dominates thereal time conversation market, we’d say there’sone hell of a monetary reason for Facebook tobe jumping on the hashtag train. Twitterencourages advertisers to put promoted tweetsfor their products in with specific hashtagsearches. So, if you’re chilling at home watchingfooty on a sunday night, and search the hashtag#afl, that’s prime real-estate for brands withsimilar target demographics to slot in apromoted tweet.That’s a lot of potential ad dollars being lost byFacebook to Twitter. Considering a recentstatement from Facebook suggested thatbetween 88 million and 100 million users areactive on Facebook during prime-time televisionhours, it seems allowing them to use hashtagsmay be a pretty smart way to increase ad sales.Currently, Facebook’s hashtags are a) onlyrolled out to a small percentage of users for thetime being and b) not on mobile yet, only theWeb. But we’re predicting a roll out to mobilein the near future.A few of us in the studio have played withhashtags on our personal Faceys, interestingresults so far – I wonder how far they’ll go onthe twenty4 Facebook page – we’re going togive a whirl this week #twenty4
  7. 7. Sydneya. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australiap. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. Advertising. Just try it.How closely do you track your onlineadvertising dollars?Recently we’ve been looking at the best waysfor businesses to spend their money on digitaladvertising, whether it is through SEO, GoogleAd words, or Facebook advertising andsponsored posts.It’s definitely something worth considering, asmore and more people are investing in theseresources every day – but are we just investing,or are we seeing return? If so, are we evenlooking at the returns?How many of you have used Facebookadvertising but hardly ever check the stats?These reports are valuable tools that caninfluence the way you do business and how youallocate your resources. Let’s look quickly andclosely at our options.Google Ad words – Put your business and yourmessage right in front of your customers. Soyou mow lawns? What results do people getwhen they Google search ‘grass’ apart fromyour website URL and phone number?Some hot tips:Personalise your ad via city and country.Set a daily budget and change it – along withyour copy – when you want.Only pay when customer’s click on your ad. Youcan, for instance, set a daily budget of fivedollars and a maximum cost of ten cents foreach click on your ad.See what users did after they clicked on your advia the reporting tools available to you. You cansee if users stayed on your page or leavestraight away? If they viewed multiple pages?Ifthey proceeded to checkout? With detailedreports you can see what is and isn’t working,and if you should be changing your approach inany way.Then enjoy the resultsSo what about Facebook? You can receivereports, too. Which is great! You’ll see howmany impressions your ad received, and watchyour likes increase from 14 to 300 – with themost basic of budgets. Spend $10 or spend$1000 – it’s up to you and a great way to learnas you go. You can also target who your ads goout to – sex, age, location, and even similarpages or hobbies that users may like. All of asudden your brand is appearing in people’sNews Feeds that you would never have hadaccess to before.Of course, there are other ways to get yourmessage out for free (Instagram – which doesnot yet have competition restrictions oradvertising options) – but this can take moreinvestment in time, which a lot of people don’thave.Advertising online is changing every day, andit’s great to embrace the change. Set monthlybudgets that you can afford – $50 one month,$100 the next – and see the difference that itmakes. It doesn’t hurt to try.
  8. 8. Sydneya. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australiap. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. Apps – a run for yourmoneyEvery year millions of people across the globevow to start a new health and fitness regime.Most people know the basics to a healthylifestyle – we were taught all about it from ayoung age. Eat right, exercise more and never-ever, shall we smoke. Despite this, people arestill looking for something to give that extramotivation needed to get out of bed on a coldwinter’s morning, pull on the trainers, and hitthe pavement. Enter the health and fitness appindustry.At present, the iTunes store boasts over 7,000health and fitness apps alone. By 2017, thereare expected to be over 1 billion users, and it’spredicted that the industry will be worth amassive $400 million. Sounds great fordevelopers, right? Well, before you go intodevelopment lock down let’s take a look at justhow useful these apps really are.Nike+ is one of the most successful fitness appstoday, with over 5 million users. Ever bought apair of Nike Free Runs? Well, you would havefound a chip implanted right into the sole ofyour shoes, making every step you taketrackable. No need to track your run, wear apedometer, trace out the miles of your circuit –Nike+ does it all for you.However, research has found that the majorityof users ran 30 minutes in their first run, andthen never used it again – sounds a lot like ourgym membership. So why are these apps sopopular? Because unlike the cost of our gymmembership, which could feed a small villagefor a year, the outlay for apps is minimal andyou can use them as many (or a guilt free few)times as you like. It won’t necessarily make youmore motivated, but if you want to monitoryour progress or have a trainer built into yourphone, this is proof that there are cost-effectivechoices.We’re sure you’re wondering what makes somemore popular than others. Functionality andusefulness are a given, but Nike’s brandrecognition definitely aided their apps initialsuccess. But for those who don’t have milliondollar advertising budgets, research shows appsthat enable users to create a goal and trackprogress are the most used, followed by appsthat create online competition betweenstrangers.