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  • Explain: Ganache as Chocolate Glazing!
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  • End! Activity --- Group Quiz
  • pate-a-choux---creme-patisserie

    1. 1. CHOUX PASTE Meaning “cabbage paste” •Unique. From a small drop of choux paste batter can get 3X height. •Choux paste is leaven by steam and bakes into hollow shells that can be filled with filling. •It is baked in a very hot oven in which the heat from the oven coagulates the gluten and protein from the eggs to set structure and make a firm shell.Characteristic:- When the choux pastry is baked it is golden brown outside, but is somewhat wetinside, similar in taste and texture to scrambled eggs.TIPS: Baking in high temperature is important because it help to develop stem!
    2. 2. Choux bun Swan Eclair Paris - Brest Profiterole
    3. 3. Making Pate a Choux or Choux Paste Scale all the Ingredients Bring Liquid to Boil (Fat “shortening/butter”, water)
    4. 4. Add all the Dry Ingredients (sifted) and Stir it fast(The hot water mixture + the starch = starts to gelatinized needs to stir fast) “Paste Like consistency”
    5. 5. Put the batter into the mixture using paddle attachment.Beat at low speed to let out the steam and coolsdown, then add the eggs One at a time until it reaches to its dropping consistencyPipe it according to its deisred shapes. Baked at the oven until golden Brown and should be dry out
    6. 6. Baked it!
    7. 7. Pastry Cream/ Crème Patisserie -Consist of Milk, sugar, egg yolks, and flour or other starch, flavoring with vanilla. -Pastry Cream is similar to custard but it is easier to make because it is less likely - To curdle as the starch helps to stabilize the eggs when boiling.Also without the boiling stage the starch will not cook completely so it will have a starchy taste. Ingredients: Eggs Cornflour/Wheat Flour Milk Sugar Butter
    8. 8. Step by Step Guide in Making Crème Patisserie 1. Bring half of the sugar, Milk and Butter to a Full Boil. 1. While waiting for the milk to boil, on the separate bowl mix the eggyolks, Cornflour/any starch, and the half of the sugar, flavorings.
    9. 9. 3. Temper half of the Milk mixture to the Yolks mixture.Then, Bring all the ingredients except the butter to the pot and stir until it thickens.
    10. 10. 4. When it reach to its consistency.. OFF THE HEAT… add the butter and stir continuously until it blended.5. Place it on the flat tray to cool down and wrap cling flim touching the surface to prevent dry skin to form. Pastry Cream Needs to be chilled rapidly after finished. The Shelf life will only be last for 2 -3 days as it contains all dairy product.
    11. 11. Quiz No: 1Group #Section:Date:I Choose the Best Answer:1. This flat bread topped with olive oil, spices and other products an early prototype of modern pizza.(a) Foccacia (b) Pizza (c) Grissini (d) whole wheat2. This is one major ingredients of breads, which primary function is Food for the yeast?(a) Salt (b) Sugar (c) Flour (d) Water3. Soft Wheat Flour is also known as ________________(a) Bread Flour (b) Rye Flour (c) Cake Flour (d) Cornstarch
    12. 12. 4. What is the Next Step after Fermentation?(a) Make-up (b) Proofing (c) Scaling (d) Degassing/Punching5. What is the Next Step after Fermentation?(a) Make-up (b) Proofing (c) Scaling (d) Degassing/Punching6. In Baker’s Percentage Flour is always ____________?(a) 100% (b) 87& (c) 50% (d) 35%7. This method is used in Bread Making which all ingredients are mixed at one time and has one fermentation period?(c) No time dough(b) Straight dough method (c) Sponge and Dough Method8. What is the basic unit for weight or weighing a solid ingredients?(c) Grams and Kilograms (b) Liter (c) meter (d) temperature
    13. 13. 9. Bread Flour has the Protein content of, how many percent?• 8% to 10% (b) 12% to 15 % (c) 4 – 6 % (d) 2 -4 %10. Function of salt in bread making?• control the rate of fermentation (b) allows yeast to grow by itself(c ) Help alleviate to make the gluten more stronger (d) all of the aboveII. Enumerate the 8 Steps in Bread Making – 10 ptsIII . Differentiate Lean dough and Rich Dough (provide example of each) –10 ptsIV . List at least 3 guidelines in sanitation practice inside the kitchen. - 5pts