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Answer key tut 3

  1. 1. Academic WritingAnswer key tutorial 3
  2. 2. According to some people, doing a degree inarts and humanities is the same as committingsuicide: students of these subjects are thoughtto have no chance of finding any suitableemployment.Reference answer key
  3. 3. The Industrial Revolution brought along socialabuses and represented a spiritual void. TheVictorian Age reacted to this void with areassessment of British culture: institutionssuch as the BBC, the publishing companyPenguin and several projects stimulatingmusic, theatre and dance were founded.Reference answer key
  4. 4. Gnosticism was a movement which strove foresoteric knowledge. This knowledge wasrelated to the divine nature of the human souland was secret. The gnostic path to thisesoteric consciousness was a kind ofpilgrimage: the pilgrims/gnostics travelled intheir souls, searching for divinity.Reference answer key
  5. 5. The career prospects of the young child arealready influenced, positively or negatively, ata very early stage, depending on the child’sparents’ income.Reference answer key
  6. 6. Every country has to deal with theimmigration problem in its own way.Reference answer key
  7. 7. Greenpeace is not only concerned with thepollution that is caused by new developmentssuch as genetic engineering, but also with thebalance in nature. It is of the utmostimportance to maintain this balance, becauseit forms the basis of all life in this world.Reference answer key
  8. 8. The impact of some of the articles and reportsby journalists in newspapers or on television ismuch greater than the impact of what is saidby the average citizen.Reference answer key
  9. 9. To call for changes in society cannot be of anyimmediate help to individual patients. Whatthey need is the assurance that they can livewithout having to be afraid of their emotionsand without their obsessive addiction to food.Reference answer key
  10. 10. People who have a part of their bodies piercedshould beware of drugs, stress, lack of sleepand unwholesome food, because these factorscan have a bad influence on the healingprocess.Reference answer key
  11. 11. When companies bring in part-timers, it is notalways a voluntary choice. They often have to.Reference answer key
  12. 12. As a result of Turkey’s growing touristindustry, relations between citizens changed.However, a much more important reason forthe change in relations is that many Turks nowhave western partners. This was caused by theneed to establish contacts with Europeans,especially today when it is more difficult toobtain a work permit for a European country.Clause construction answer key
  13. 13. Many people believe that the pill causesbreast, liver, or cervical cancer. According tosome researchers, these forms of cancer arecaused by the hormone progesterone.However, other researchers claim that thishormone might actually combat existingtumours.Clause construction answer key
  14. 14. Regular agriculture is a monocultureagriculture, where the farmers becomespecialized in the product they grow or keep.This monoculture causes exhaustion of thesoil; the ground is not fertile enough to growthe same product on it every year.Clause construction answer key
  15. 15. A new system of social services emerged withsocial workers trained to cope with theproblems of the youngsters, the unemployed,the sick, and others less well off.Clause construction answer key
  16. 16. When people express their thoughts by meansof language, they use certain expressionswithout really thinking about it. Theseexpressions often reflect traditional thinkingpatterns and convey social relationships. It isespecially women who suffer from this.Using these types of expressions seems to bemore frequent with female language users.Clause construction answer key
  17. 17. In the 1780s this number had fallen to around80. Yet, more or less the same thing had takenplace during the 1740s, when an earliergeneration had been replaced. In 1747 thenumber of available proponents had fallen to98.Clause construction answer key
  18. 18. Usually locate the action of the sentence in theverb.Usually let the agent appear as the subject ofthat verb if the reader needs to know up frontwho is doing the action.Do not separate a subject from its verb or verbfrom its complement.Recommendations from Gopen