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Hilario, anne   20 year Personal Strategic Plan
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Hilario, anne 20 year Personal Strategic Plan


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  • 1. Explorer et d’apprendre 20 Year Learnings, Experiences, and Growth Anne Hilario
  • 2. Voyages…. Vision / Mission Functions Life Explorations Treasure Map
  • 3. My purpose is to make my parents proud, and to be a good example to my brothers. To live my life to the fullest by continuously exploring and improving my gift of skills (technical) and talents and Share it to the people and help them improve and better themselves in way that will inspire them to pay it forward. Vision - Mision
  • 4. Functions 1. Catholic 2. Most Grateful daughter 3. Strict and Loving big sister 4. Most Efficient employee 5. Helpful friend 6. Caring Girlfriend
  • 5. Strict and Loving sister Most Grateful daughter
  • 6. Thoughtful friend Caring Girlfriend
  • 7. 1. Quotations 2. Hill Song (Here I am to Worship) 3. Astrology Book Free for All
  • 8. Quotations
  • 9. Sun Tzu Quotes These quotes are my favorite “pick me up” lines since I was in highschool. I have applied these quotes everytime I feel negative or when I feel down. I can say that I have lived with these quotes and will continue to apply it everyday of my life.
  • 10. Hill Song (Here I am to Worship) Light of the world You stepped down into darkness Opened my eyes, let me see Beauty that made this heart adore You Hope of a life spent with You Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down Here I am to say that You're my God You're altogether lovely, altogether worthy Altogether wonderful to me King of all days oh, so highly exalted Glorious in Heaven above Humbly You came to the earth You created All for love's sake became poor Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down Here I am to say that You're my God You're altogether lovely, altogether worthy Altogether wonderful to me I'll never know how much it cost To see my sin upon that cross I'll never know how much it cost To see my sin upon that cross Lyrics from <a href=""> </a>  This Song has inspired me since I was in my first year college. It reminds me of God’s sacrifices that no other human could do for all of mankind . It helps me look at the challenges of life lighter and makes me realize that I am saved from my sins and the sins of my ancestors. Therefore, to always be thankful that I get to live and enjoy my life.
  • 11. Astrology I find these books interesting although I am not really the type that will apply the advices from these books. Though it has helped me widen my knowledge in observing people’s personality by familiarizing myself to the general traits mentioned in most of these books as “common traits” based from a person’s birth sign. I became more aware of how to manage each person’s personality and I believe this has helped me improve my people’s skills.
  • 12. Realizations Now…  25 yrs old  Single  Employee  Project Coordinator  Dependent, Living w/ Parents  Commuter  Living by the day  Weekly Budgets In 20 Years….  45 yrs old and kicking a healthy habit of working out!  Happily Married with 3 Lovely Kids  Business Owner  Project Consultant  House Owner and provincial properties  Driving my own car  Yearly Travel and Business expansion Plans  Yearly Budgets
  • 13. Anne, Ardent flames for continuous learning and achievements. I’ve been exploring since I graduated college and until now, I still feel that I need more knowledge and experiences to be where I want to be. Exploring my work environment and contributing to process improvements has always been pleasurable for me. I enjoyed asking, examining and challenging every person that I closely work with to identify what needs to be improved, explored, and learned. I considered myself as someone who is still confused and experimental since I had 3 jobs within 2 years. This assignment has been helpful in making me realize that I’m not getting any younger and having a plan years ahead is just not an option but a must for every individual..
  • 14. Thank You!