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WRIT312 Fall 2011
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WRIT312 Fall 2011



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  • Go to Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography. Show them that Gale Virtual Reference Library contains multiple books, but we want to focus our search to just the one relevant to us.Search Primatology. Choose Dian FosseyThis is a book in e-format. It does show you where the pages are. You can see a pdf version of the pages.Check the bibliography for additional information! Note there are items written by her AND about her.There is a Source Citation – double check it!
  • Show name search for Biography in contextPage is full of various sources of information. The main body of text is the biographical information.Additional information from various sources can be found. Some of the information is in the database. Others you will have to look up seperatly.Sometimes there will be less information than this.
  • Example search – From Course Gate way click USMAI CatalogSearch Charles Babbage and/or Rachel Carson as an authorOnce an item is found you can click the author name to see other items by that same personMust click through to availability to see the Request button
  • Example Search –Search for Stephen HawkingNote the Physics set is most likely and the time frame worksNote the database says there are 149 records, but when you click to see them you only get 43, this is because we don’t subscribe to everythingThis will also allow you to see what way the author is publishing his/her name so you can take this and search in other databasesClick Full Text button or yellow Find It buttonIf we do not have the article request it through Interlibrary LoanArticles that another USMAI library has usually only take a few days to get to you, articles no one has can take a week or longer
  • Example Search –S.W. HawkingPDF link to full text or click the yellow Find It button


  • 1. Comics Studio with Ellen Forney
    Thursday October 13th, 2011
    Cook Library 507 – Towson room
    Cartoonist Ellen Forney, the mind behind the comics and artwork in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, will teach participants how to develop their own comic art, including text and illustration. Attendance is limited to 25 students; please contact Patricia MacDonald, Cook Library, pmacdonald@towson.edu to register.
  • 2. Comics: The Extraordinary Power of Words and Pictures
    Thursday October 13th, 2011
    University Union - Potomac Lounge
    Comics are enjoying a new respect as a compelling literary medium. Join Ellen Forney, creator of the art in this year’s One Maryland One Book selection, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, as she enthuses about their quirky appeal in a presentation about both her solo projects and her work with the novel.
  • 3. Laksamee Putnam
    Research & Instruction Librarian
    WRIT 312:Finding information using Cook Library Resources
  • 4. First…
    Laksamee Putnam
    Cook Library Reference:
    Phone: 410.704.3746.
    Albert S. Cook facebook profile!
  • 5. Take away…
    Introduction to library resources
    Finding biography information
    Finding scientific publications
    Requesting items
    Get started!
  • 6. Library Homepage
    Main website
    Off campus login
    Journal List
    Citing Sources
    Need help/Ask a Librarian
    Course Gateway
    Research -> Course Gateways -> Select a Course (WRIT 312)
  • 7. Biography information
    Check the Course Gateway
    Don’t know who?
    Browse some of the books
    Already have someone in mind?
    Start looking them up!
  • 8. Biography Information
    Browse through ‘Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography’
    You are inside Gale Virtual Reference Library
    Think of subjects which interest you
    Examples: Primatology
  • 9. Biography Information
    Search through: Biography in Context
    This is a database pooling biographical information from multiple sources
    Search for a specific person
    Example: Dian Fossey
  • 10. Scientific Publications
    Search the USMAI catalog
    You are searching Towson AND all the Maryland library systems we are connected to
    You are searching for books written by your person
    Search for the Author
    Last Name, First Name or Initial
    Babbage, Charles
    If the item is not at Towson, request it
  • 11. Scientific Publications
    Search Web of Science – Author Finder
    Warning: there is a limit to simultaneous users
    You are searching for articles written by your person
    Easier for more recent scientists
    Click Author Finder
    Last Name, First Initial
    Hawking S
    Click the most likely Author Set
  • 12. Scientific Publications
    Search in ScienceDirect
    Use the author name you found from Author Finder
    S.W. Hawking
    Search in the “Specific Author” category
  • 13. Worksheet!
    Answer the various questions as you:
    Do the guided search
    Find a scholarly publication byyour scientist
    Ask if you have questions!
  • 14. Questions?
    Feel free to contact me:
    Laksamee Putnam
    Twitter: @LibrarianLaks
    Or any reference librarian:
    Visit Cook Library Reference Desk
    IM – tucookchat