IDHP Fall 2012 Healy Class 1


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IDHP Fall 2012 Healy Class 1

  1. 1. IDHP 110Laksamee Putnamlputnam@towson.eduResearch & Instruction LibrarianSlides:
  2. 2. First… Laksamee Putnam Cook Library Reference:  410.704.2462.  IM/email Phone: 410.704.3746. Twitter: @CookLibraryofTU Albert S. Cook facebook profile! Slides:
  3. 3. Agenda Part 1 - Discussion Background reading/Internet searching Keywords Evaluating Resources Part 2 - Discussion Finding Books Finding Articles Research time
  4. 4. Wikipedia Woes and Google Gaffs  What are the pros and cons of so much information being online?  What do you do to be sure you’re finding more than “information junk food”?Appelbaum, Y. (2012). How the professor who  How do you evaluatefooled Wikipedia got caught by Reddit. The the information you findAtlantic. May 15. while researching?  Why is it important to support your argumentPrater, E. (2011) Beware online filter bubbles.TED: Ideas worth spreading. with valid sources?
  5. 5. The Research Process Interpreting the Selecting a Assignment Topic Reading Identifying & Background ListingRefining a Information Vocabulary Topic Using Online Databases & Indexes Evaluating Citing Sources Gathering Sources Sources Drafting Paper or Presentation
  6. 6. Web “Pre-Searching” Why start your search online?  Find background information  Help solidify research topic  Find new terminology to use as keywords  Find links and/or citations to other sources
  7. 7. Improve Google Autism and vaccines Body image and girls Advanced Google  CookLibrary’s searching Guide to the Web  Power searching Duck Duck Go?
  8. 8. Keywords are critical! Sample topic:  Which age is childhood obesity in the United States the highest? First, break the question down into keywords:  Which age is childhood obesity in the United States the highest?
  9. 9. More on keywords… Expand your list to include synonyms then add to it once you have done some background reading.  Which age is childhood obesity in the United States the highest?age obesity United Stateschildhood overweight USAyouth BMI U.S.A.
  10. 10. Combine your keywords Boolean “search connectors” AND OR NOTFor example:obesity AND children Combining >1 topicBMI OR body mass index Combining synonymous terms
  11. 11. Additional Search Tips Use truncation!  Phrase Searching…  Use quotations to keep a keyword Educat* finds phrase intact (words  Educate will be searched in the specific order)  Education  Educating  Examples:  Educator  “advanced practice nurses”  Etc…  “long term care”
  12. 12. Evaluate what you find Goto one of the websites below and analyze it       
  13. 13. Check for CRAPCurrencyReliabilityAuthorityPurpose/Point of View
  14. 14. Check for CRAP  Currency  How recent is the information?  Can you locate a date when the resource was written/created/updated?  Based on your topic, is this current enough?  Why might the date matter for your topic?Guidelines for CRAP provided by the Jean and Alexander HeardLibrary
  15. 15. Check for CRAP  Reliability  What kind of information is included in the resource?  Does the author provide citations & references for quotations & data  Where am I accessing this information?Guidelines for CRAP provided by the Jean and Alexander HeardLibrary
  16. 16. Check for CRAP  Authority  Can you determine who the author/creator is?  What are their credentials (education, affiliation, experience, etc.)?  Who is the publisher or sponsor of the work/site?  Is this publisher/sponsor reputableGuidelines for CRAP provided by the Jean and Alexander HeardLibrary
  17. 17. Check for CRAP  Purpose/Point of View  Is the content primarily opinion?  Is the information balanced or biased?  What is the purpose of the information? Is it to inform, teach, sell, entertain or persuadeGuidelines for CRAP provided by the Jean and Alexander HeardLibrary
  18. 18. Begin your own research Fill out this worksheet  Next :  Part 2 - Discussion  Use your keywords to find books/articles
  19. 19. Real research is complicated  Can you think of any other examples of a “magical database” with all the answers?  Where do you find books/articles for your classes here at Towson University?  How many places doSlackerz web comic. 2007. you look? Library Instructional Videos. Scholarly vs  Why are scholarlyPopular. articles important for your assignment?
  20. 20. Review Keywords AND OR NOT Check for CRAP  Currency  Reliability  Authority  Purpose/POV
  21. 21. Finding Books Plenty of relevant information in print Use broad keywords Multiple places to search  Cook OneSearch  Library Catalog  USMAI Libraries
  22. 22. Finding Books
  23. 23. Finding Books
  24. 24. Finding Articles Scholarly – Peer Reviewed Usespecific keywords Utilized advanced search features Card Catalogue. [Photographer]. Retrieved from Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest.
  25. 25. Finding Articles
  26. 26. Finding Articles Content providers you should use:  CINAHL Plus with Full-text  Medline  Health Source Nursing/Academic  Health Reference Center Academic  ERIC  Education Abstracts  Social Science Citation Index  Social Science Abstracts  PsycINFO
  27. 27. Finding Articles Features to remember  Yellow Findit button  Citation creations  Email yourself Also as you are searching  Take a look at the article citations  Make note of additional keywords
  28. 28. Research time! Go find books and articles on your topic Fill in this worksheet:   Email yourself anything you want to remember Next library session:  Read article and watch video – prepare with discussion questions  Plagiarism and APA citation style
  29. 29. Questions? Feel free to contact me:  Laksamee Putnam   410.704.3746.  Twitter: @CookLibraryofTU Or any reference librarian:  Visit Cook Library Reference Desk  410.704.2462.  IM – tucookchat