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For graduate students

For graduate students



New from Destination Outdoors

New from Destination Outdoors



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    For graduate students For graduate students Presentation Transcript

    • “ Best Foot Forward” Graduate Development Program on Life Skills (6 days – 3 programs for 2 days each across two years)
    • Outside-Inside Overview
      • Do You Ask Yourself These Questions?
      • How can we ensure a holistic approach to the overall personality development of students?
      • How can we offer a course where students learn about life’s important skills like communication, leadership, self regard, teamwork…..?
      • How can we guide students to put their best foot forward in making right career choices?
      • Do you hear your students asking you…..?
      • How do I learn to use my skills to move from ordinary to extra-ordinary?
      • How do I get to know that there is more in me than I already know?
      • The theoretical part of the course is fantastic. How can I be sure that I will be able to apply it in the real world?
    • Why …..Life Skills?
      • Life Skills is a combination of knowledge and abilities to perform to the best of ones potential, personality and strengths in favourable or adverse situations now or later in life.
      • Life Skills also known as psycho-social skills –cannot be taught as subjects. They are not the same as academic or technical learning and require a hands on or experiential methodology of instruction.
      • When modelled and promoted as part of learning they bring value to the individual and the institute .
      • These skills have to do with the way we behave –towards other people, towards ourselves, towards the challenges and problems of life.
      • They include skills in communicating, in making decisions and solving problems, in negotiating and asserting ourselves, positive attitude, in thinking critically and creatively and understanding our feelings.
      • These gear the learner, by simulating and helping experience reality in many situations, toward making real-life applications of knowledge, skills and attitudes.
    • Graduate Development Program - An Overview
      • Integrated three levels program for developing Life Skills and Managerial Competencies
      • The program has been designed keeping in mind that the approach to bringing in a change in an individuals life requires sustained interventions at regular intervals. When the same competency is reiterated in the form of successive experiential learning workshops, the individual shows signs of inculcating habits over a period of time. The efficacy of the program is based on a tracking mechanism built in not only to develop skills but also identify and correct gaps in managerial capabilities. Hence the program is broken up as follows:
      • Level 1 : First Intervention spanning all major managerial competencies (Ideal at the first semester level) Duration : 2 Days
      • Level 2 : Second intervention which refreshes the competencies besides administering diagnostic tools to identify strengths and weaknesses of individuals (Ideal after 8 months) Duration : 2 days
      • Level 3 : Interventions on specific competencies identified as gaps on focus groups only (Ideal before placements) Duration : 2 Days
    • Our Learning Methodology (Level 1 – First Program)
      • Experiential Learning
      • The methodology used is ‘Experiential Learning’. To achieve programme objectives, the workshop will be very intense, with “ Shared experiences”(high-energy simulations, group dynamics exercises, high rope, theatre, dance, navigation exercises and role – plays). The workshop, as all experiential workshops, will follow a loose agenda, with ‘ intensive process work’ at the end of each exercise.
      • The simulations and exercises may be changed, altered and given a particular ‘skew’ at the discretion of the facilitator /s to drive home some of the learnings.
      • A "shared experience" that involves working together on tasks which are unfamiliar and which require a high degree of interdependence quickly builds life skills besides trust and rapport across the group. To rely on others in ways which are not customary for individuals in a normal working environment generates mutual respect and support often far beyond anything previously experienced by colleagues in the workplace. The shared experience will serve to induce life skills by guiding students to put their dreams into action!! These could be personal or professional goals.
      • Process For the Above Component:
      • Experience--------Reflect---------Unlearning--------Apply---Experience
      • (Action) (Review) (Learning) (Plan)
      • 3rd stage facilitates the cumulative learning of the group & 4th stage correlates the participants co-created learnings to the work process & links up to the workplace.
    • Our Learning Methodology –(Continued) Level 2 – Second Program
      • 1. Experiential Learning
      • The methodology used is ‘Experiential Learning’. There will be a refresher on the first program and similar interpretations of soft skills based on hands on application and experiences within the institute in the past 6-8 months.
      • Process For the Above Component:
      • Experience--------Reflect---------Unlearning--------Apply----Experience
      • (Action) (Review) (Learning) (Plan)
      • 3rd stage facilitates the cumulative learning of the group & 4th stage correlates the participants co-created learnings to the work process & links up to the workplace.
      • 2. Diagnostic Tools
      • MIRO – Mask Interpersonal Relationship Orientation
      • STEP 1: Identify individual Insights using an art based simulation “Mask”
      • STEP 2: Feedback on individual insights by team (using observation during workshop and at institute)
      • STEP 3: Impact of personal insights discovered on people who interface with individual
      • STEP 4: Individual Action Plan by team consensus
      • Outcome: Self assessment and impact of these insights on people working around these people. This also allows students an in-depth analysis of their personality and gives direction for overall development of the same besides identifying strengths and weaknesses.
    • Our Learning Methodology –(Continued) Level 3 – Third Program
      • Interventions for specific identified competencies – Focus Groups only
      • Chalk & Talk Method
      • Role Play
      • Discussion Methods
      • Case Studies
      • Simulations
      • Film Clippings
      • Drawing Action plans
    • Programme Core Deliverables for Level 1 & Level 2 workshops
      • Evolving as a professional  (attitude, behavior, role)
      • Effective business communication skills
      • Managing self - individual ability to adapt to the changing business scenario, flexible mindsets in a dynamic business environment and realizing of self potential (gains in self control)
      • Self awareness besides social & emotional adjustment.
      • Identification of major drivers in an individuals life.
      • Time management, planning and execution skills
      • Respect and empathy for others.
      • Goal orientation/ alignment to the larger vision or objectives of the organization.(collaboration)
      • Interpersonal and intrapersonal Skills
      • Planning and organizing skills.
      • Customer orientation – internal and external customers
      • Problem solving & strategic decision making.
      • Realising self potential.(self actualisation & regard)
      • Competency Mapping
      • Having Fun!!
      • Linking all the above to MIRO measurables on how much interaction a person wants in the areas of socializing, leadership and responsibilities, and more intimate personal relations.
      Life Skills Accountability Creativity Motivation Communication Respect Trust Respect Leadership Teamwork Commitment
    • Programme Deliverables – Level 3 Workshop
      • Focus Group Competency workshop
    • Programme Microworlds
      • Destination Outdoors forte is designing and creating 'microworlds' for would be managers to 'play and learn'.
      • Microworlds or learning labs, compress time and space, so that it becomes possible to experiment and to learn when the consequences of our decisions & actions can be easily examined, reviewed and improved . Mistakes and errors made in microworlds are learning experiences. Microworlds are places for 'relevant play' and costs of failed experiments are non-existent.
      • The microworlds comprise of many different exercises or simulations that can provide a memorable "shared experience" for your team. This programme will also utilise a “CSR” exercise(apart from other simulations) for facilitation of managerial & life skills.
      A variety of Simulations are used. Some of the them are highlighted on the following pages. Customization according to your institute’s specific needs is a specialization with us.
    • Some Of Our Simulations (with expected learnings)
      • Blue Peter Team formation, entrepreneurial skills & creativity-team presentations with flags and team identities.
      • Blind Innovation Leadership Styles 1 & 2, trust, focus on teamwork, ownership, communication, transparency in teams. Activity involves construction of “kites” blind folded & as directed by leader which then have to be flown!
      • Wayward Flock Leadership style 2 & 3, listening., planning & execution, communication, respect & empathy within teams, Working in an ambiguous environment & managing the same. Activity involves participative planning to cross a mine field & other obstructions being blindfolded & dumb with the help of the leaders direction & command.
      • Lost On The Moon Ownership of entire team for decision making. Conflict management, Creative problem solving. Activity involves disaster management on the moons surface for survival.
    • Microworlds or Simulations (with expected learnings)
      • Bombs Away Accountability, effective decision making & brainstorming & problem solving processes. Also effective communication tools for associates. Conflict management with effective tools. Activity involves construction of ant-grenade missile which should not explode. Resources provided ensuring the team raw egg should not break after launch.
      • Afloat Outbound simulation- creative problem solving, busting assumptions, lateral thinking. Afloat involves construction of raft & traverse across swimming pool/water body.
      • Cheese Hunt(based on Who moved my cheese?) (A night navigation simulation) Being competitive in a dynamic environment, communication, professionalism, teamwork, trust, handling ambiguity, effective decision making, conflict management –application of earlier tools, leadership.
      • Mask A group & self assessment tool for developing individual & group action plans. Simulation administered in an art format with group brainstorms
    • Microworlds or Simulations (with expected learnings)
      • Rappelling/Abseiling Process focus, breaking self 'espoused' limits, self actualisation, self regard, positive visualization. It involves coming down cliff/building, water tank from 60 to 120 ft.
      • River Crossing Risk taking, trust, teamwork, planning & execution, process integrity, accepting challenges, leadership. Traversing from one point to another with a rope & pulley system.
      • Aircrash Handling high pressure situations & motivating sub ordinates, strategic planning, integrity, 2 way communication, creative thinking, teamwork, customer orientation & collaboration as a theme-search & rescue mission traversing the surrounding countryside of about 5/6 sq km involving woods and water, building etc with resources such as two way radio, maps and compasses.
      • Rock On Goal orientation, managing ambiguous situations, motivation, realisation of self potential, managing a creative environment. Activity involves learning dance steps(jazz or ballet) & then performing musical roleplay based on product/process evaluation
    • Microworlds or Simulations (with expected learnings)
      • Bread & Butter : (CSR Simulation)
      • Teams have to traverse a lazy village (people like to get work done rather than work themselves) and leverage from the existing environment of lazy people and create a business entity of themselves & earn money. There are different types of daily chores like milking cows, working in fields, collecting water, cooking meals etc which all fetch different values in payment. For example, working in the field for 3 hours could be valued at Rs 300/- while washing dishes could be Rs 70/- only. The available type & no. of chores/jobs & their values are highlighted to the team on a map of the village which is going to be handed over to them during the planning period. The teams would have plan & strategize and maybe even study the environment to achieve their objective which is: earn maximum amount of money as a business team.Strategy, environment , MIS (map resources) & idea generation would help them achieve their objective. Teams will then get planning time before being taken to the village.
      • Sharing of resources within sub-teams. resource management/ utilization
      • Execution with passion (heart)
      • Flexible strategy on receiving data of better strategy executed by competition.
      • Motivate team due to different energy levels/mindsets.
      • Bust assumptions on ground rules .(study environment)
      • Positive attitude (display exuberance)
      • Seeking clarification on goals & rules (goal orientation)
      • Setting standards/ values (Quality work apart from deliverables)
      • Role allocation & delegation. based on competencies
      • Contingency plans (back up strategy with ideation generating multiple ideas)
      • Learn from competition (quick on yr feet)-(do not ignore their strategy)
      • Time management
      • Communication with clients. (Customer satisfaction & relationship building)
      • Proactive behavior
      • Changing mindsets in a dynamic business situation
      • Interim review.
      • Respect & empathy (towards community/people)
    • Mask Interpersonal Relationship Orientation Process
      • STEP 1: Identify individual Insights
      • STEP 2: Feedback on individual insights by team (using observation during workshop and at workplace)
      • STEP 3: Impact of personal insights discovered on people who socially interface with individuals
      • STEP 4: Individual Action Plan by team consensus
      • STEP 5: Time lines on way forward (individual action plan) to be agreed with individual
      • Note: This exercise is administered only during level 2 intervention.
    • Safety & Standards
      • Our “ Teams Philosophy ” for participants includes “ to keep a vigilant eye on participants as they engage in the initiative, spot when necessary, watch for and prevent any misuse of equipment or people during the actual exercise, become a “psychological safety net” for participants as they process and encounter the challenges of completing the initiative—give them our full attention at all times and focus on the process of the group vs. the task at hand.”
      • People
      • Our outdoor staff is certified and trained professionally in the field of “high rope or perceived high risk” simulations.
      • Process
      • Our programmes ensure 100% safety because of a 3 line safety & multiple knot process followed for high rope simulations. The process for every other water based or navigational simulations is well designed and ensures complete safety of the participants and allows them to step out of their comfort zones in a non-threatening manner!!
      • Equipment
      • DO only uses UIAA (United International Alpine Association) tested equipment which again ensures 100% safety with also quality audits!!
      • Ashish Kaul- Vision Guardian & Senior Facilitator
            • An MBA (Marketing) from Symbiosis, Pune. Over 21 years of experience in diverse fields of manufacture, business excellence, quality control and sales & marketing in the FMCG industry besides training & development. Gave up his corporate life to follow his passion for outdoors and facilitation of learning. 7 yrs experience in facilitation of experiential training and development. Gold awardee of DEAS (Duke of Edinburgh Scheme) for adventure, community service and outdoor learning systems. Adventure Mountaineering Course from H.M.I., Darjeeling.
            • Bomi Kavina – Sr. Facilitator
            • Banker by profession with 40 years experience!!! 20 years with Central bank with 7 years as Branch manager & 5 years as head training & development. Subsequently, at Standard Chartered Bank -10 years as Training & Development Head & finally at BNP Paribas as Head, Training & Development for 10 years. A total of 25 years as head of a learning vertical at banks!! Currently, 4 years of consultancy in the area of management & behavioural sciences. Extremely fond of music, traveling and understanding people.
      • Payam Shoghi- Sr Facilitator
            • A mechanical engineer by qualification, he got into the education field right at the start. Expert in the art of participative learning , co-operative learning and experiential learning structures, and soft-skills . Highly articulate, confident and persuasive team-builder, able to motivate and communicate to promote expected performance achievement. Skilled in supporting and enabling team effort to produce long-term sustainable development and productivity. Widely traveled in over 20 countries worldwide in connection with trainings, seminars and other similar professional activities. Facilitated over 450 training workshops, and delivered over 300 presentations and lectures for groups associated with the corporate sector and a number of international educational institutions over the past 14 years.
      Meet The Facilitators @ Destination Outdoors
    • Meet The Facilitators @ Destination Outdoors
      • Jaideep Singh Grewal- Sr Facilitator
            • Graduate in commerce & a post graduation in Economics from Punjab University. An operations head turned trainer with 23 years of management experience in FMCG. Worked for 19 years with Tata Tea Ltd in diverse fields of manufacture , business excellence, performance management, people skills enhancement & quality control. Has worked with HRWLC a Tata NGO actively funding community, environment and organizational development in the local communities of Western Ghats.Last assignment - General Manager with Sutlej Agriculture Pvt Ltd, an organization involved in a captive vegetable farming project with the Bharti (Airtel) group, the largest of its kind in India. Enjoys playing golf, squash & other racket games. An avid angler, bird watcher and outdoor enthusiast, which takes him to varied locations full of rich flora & fauna.
      • Deepak Sharma - Facilitator
            • A post graduate in human resource management with 19 years of experience in as diverse fields as education, corporate, hospitality and development sector. He has been associated with multi-national bodies like CEDPA, USAID and Winrock International. His passion for outdoor training brought him to associate with Destination Outdoors. He has also been a sportsman and has played basketball up to National Level. He had a brief stint with theatre as well, where he has worked with many eminent theatre/film personalities. Deepak is a competent communicator from Toastmaster’s International and loves to read, meet new people, off-road driving and dancing. Before associating with DO, he was serving in the development Sector as Senior Program Support Officer - Winrock International India, a not-for-profit organization working in three thematic areas, Energy & Environment, Natural Resource Management and Climate Change.He is a self-taught person and firmly believes that every human being is a “work in progress”
    • Meet The Facilitators @ Destination Outdoors
      • Vandana Parikh – Co-Facilitator
            • Gave up pursuing molecular biology for a fascination of balance sheets. Is currently based out of Kuwait and spearheads our Middle East & North Africa operations. Has 12 years of experience working with multi national corporates in the area of customer care, sales, marketing and financial advisory. Has been associated with organisations such as Hutch, Blue Dart, CII and Ernst & Young. Enjoys sports, music and outdoors as much as balance-sheets.
      • Smita Gupta – Co-facilitator and Counsellor
            • She is a PG from Delhi School of Social Work and has been involved in “non-formal education” in the JJ Colonies of Delhi and with families of children with cereberal palsy. She is a trained “counsellor” and has been dealing with inter-personal and behavioural problems with all age groups, doing individuals, couples and family therapy. She has conducted many training programs on self-development, leadership, team-building, responsible life style, sexuality etc. working mainly with middle and senior school students across schools in India. Her passion for nature and outbound learning let her to associate with Destination Outdoors. Her last assignment was with Indian Hotels Ltd./ Taj Group as General Manager. Smita loves reading, travelling, world cinema and theatre with a passion or music.
      • Evelyn D’cruz – Co-facilitator
            • Our youngest team member, bursting with energy. A choreographer, storyteller & creative head, she has worked with Shiamak Dawar for six years. Her motto is “ live life king size” Evlyn has been in the entertainment industry, a theatre artist besides her dancing skills, she has also been a DJ besides having an experience in the telecom industry for 3 years!!
    • Meet The Facilitators @ Destination Outdoors
      • Sanjiv Munjal – Co-Facilitator
      • Graduate from Delhi University in Political Science (Hons.) with a diversified experience of 27 years in industries like export, hospitality and public relations. Has also been a self employed entrepreneur for the last 13 years and is involved in NRI project financing and business alliances with corporates for sales & marketing. Sanjiv is a qualified Wellness & Weight Management Consultant and has conducted several corporate, family and individual 'Wellness Workshops' besides being a visiting consultant to renowned doctors of Delhi NCR, Health Clubs and Gyms. Other core strength areas include personal counselling and mentoring.  A very passionate & positive person, full of energy and is fond of singing, travelling & photography.
      • Anamika C – Co-Facilitator
      • Anamika has done her graduation in mathematics, post graduation in computer technology and management studies at IIM, Bangalore. Her corporate life of 17 years includes various consulting assignments at TCS, KPMG and Deloitte consulting. She is visiting faculty at eminent business schools in Mumbai. Anamika is an avid reader and collector of books. She believes that 'A home without books is a body without soul.' She has dabbled in theatre production and has had the privilege of working with Pearl and Alyque Padamsee, and Lilette Dubey. She is currently pursuing a certification program in fitness and sports nutrition.
    • Meet The Outdoors Team @ Destination Outdoors
      • Nandu Chavan- Chief Outdoor Facilitator
            • Basic & Advance Course from NIM, Uttarkashi. Alpine search & rescue course, High Rope Course, UK. Member of the Indian & Singapore Mountaineering federation. Nandu has 18 years of outdoor experience and is also the head of Mountain Sports Academy, Mumbai. He overlooks the outdoor team at Destination Outdoors. A quite and process driven mountaineer and is extremely fond of music!!
      • Kamal Rautela- Chief Adventure Coordinator
            • Chief Logistics & Safety Officer apart from being a core team member of Destination Outdoors. A highly qualified mountaineer, with a basic & advance course from NIM, Uttarkashi. He has a creative side to him, loves to paint, avid bird watcher, also a musician being one of the best guitarists in the field.
      • Suraj S Bhoriyal- Logistics & Safety Officer
            • Basic & advance level of mountaineering from NIM, Uttarkashi. A trained instructor with 4 yrs of experience in the outdoors. A quiet one but very process driven in administering simulations which process learning.
      • Sumit Sah- Sr Adventure Co.ordinator
            • Basic level of mountaineering from NIM with 7 years experience. The quite one and extremely process driven.