Not getting enough sleep


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Not getting enough sleep

  1. 1. NOT GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP100 SOLUTIONS FOR DEPRESSION CAUSED INSOMNIA Stanford University Crash Course on Creativity Fall 2012 Professor Tina Seelig- Team Stradust
  2. 2. Many have experienced or willat some point of their life , lackof rest and sleep because ofdepression. We have beendiscussing ways to tackle thismajor problem of insomnia. Wewill try to present solutionsthrough creative ways. Thesesolutions tackle different aspectsof depression and insomnia andcan be addressed to differenttypes of people. Hopefully, theywill help people suffering fromdepression regain a healthyemotional and mental balanceand get a much deservedpeaceful sleep.A brainstorming led to this mindmap of solutions.
  3. 3. EMOTIONAL SOLUTIONS…Interact, laugh, remember, write, get inspired, feel, learn…
  5. 5. Spiritual/ Emotional SolutionsListen, sense, get hypnotized…
  6. 6. PHYSICAL SOLUTIONS…Exercise, express yourself, interact physically…
  7. 7. PHYSICAL SOLUTIONS..Change your nutrition, drink herbs, do crafts…
  8. 8. PHYSICAL, get in touch with nature, improve your sleeping conditions, indulgeyourself…
  9. 9. REVISING 100 SOLUTIONS TO INSOMNIA DUE TO DEPRESSIONEmotional day 19. pray if you dont have sleep1. Visit a profesional EMF 2. give back 20. imagine your life in some apnea therapist 3. teach a child how to read years in your ideal lifestyle 14. make plans for tomorrow2. write a journal 4. adopt a pet 21. recognize your mistakes 15. remember your childhood3. make time for your children 5. care for someone else who and regret, then sleep 16. Go see a concert, preferably isnt feeling good 22. self hypnosis by your favorite musician4. call your lover 6. visit a spiritual center 17. Count sheep5. feel baby memories and the 7. find your spiritual path Mental 18. Shift of focus (for ex. Get warmness of your mothers 8. use affirmations 1. think of your day and find all involved into charity activity hug 9. smile, fake it, try to smile all even slightest positive to regain meaning in life)6. Talk to a good friend day long moments you had 19. Play a game on your7. sleep at a friend´s house 10. change your vibration 2. see a specialist computer 11. focus on I can change my 3. Make a new friend, in real 20. learn a new language8. Watch a really funny movie situation life or online 21. Learn how to use a free 12. listen to CDs to get to 4. Read a good book online program9. Avoid negative pesimistic unconscious competence 5. If you love your job, work people who just make you 13. Do Viapassana meditation more, taking up new feel worse before sleeping - feeling the responsibilities and10. Use the EMF= EMOTIONAL sensations on every part of embracing yourself after MENTAL FREEDOM your body until you fall sleep such an acomplishment technique 14. Write 3 things youre 6. Go see an art exhibition and11. Learn the EMF technique grateful about in your life get inspired by it before sleeping 7. Go see a play in a theatre,12. view photos of things you 15. daydream you dont need a company love 16. stay in a yoga ashram in to do so13. treat your pet with india/thailand 8. count backwards from 100 warmness and affection 17. visit an orthodox monastery to 1, skiping two numbers (wash it, feed etc) in Agion Oros and follow 9. read - even one page a day14. listen to sounds of waves their disciplined life (sleep 10. Go to a change therapist15. listen to sounds of rain early, weak up at 4p.m.) 11. Create a ritual where you16. listen to sounds of birds 18. go for a stroll in ugly sleep each night at the neighborhoods and then same hourSpiritual come back home and 12. Go to a sleep clinic1. Do meditation through the appreciate your warm bed 13. Check with a sleep therapist
  10. 10. REVISING 100 SOLUTIONS TO INSOMNIA DUE TO DEPRESSIONPhysical anchoring related problem exhaust yourself and sleep1. Pay a visit to the Zoo - 21. Go out in the nature once a easier monkeys and elephants day 38. Have a friend perform a may bring a smile to your 22. Use earplugs massage on you face 23. Get a Zeo and test the 39. Caddle someone in order to2. Quit job you hate quality of your sleep sleep3. and set off to a long journey 24. Take a melatonin 40. sing4. visit a new place supplement 41. Express yourself through a5. Visit a place you love 25. drink chamomile or relevant craft (make candles or6. move to live to another herb beverage cupcakes) country 26. go dance your ass out, 42. Paint7. Dont drink coffee several dance intensively all night 43. Learn to play an instrument hours before bedtime 27. camp in the countryside or 44. play your favorite song8. Dont drink tea several at a beach and sleep down 45. kundalini yoga hours before bedtime the stars 46. take valerianas9. dont go to sleep with an 28. hear the water fluffing near 47. Do zumba empty stomach the sea 48. Dance all night like you10. Change your diet slightly 29. buy a new relaxing matress never danced before11. Eat a delightful meal for your bed12. dont eat a LOT or anything 30. self treatment with heavy before going to homeopathetic remedies sleep, you will get (remedy suggested by a heartburn/indigestion specialist)13. Buy a new pair of shoes 31. exercise14. trying sawing 32. jogg15. try neating 33. Sleep in a very quiet dark16. strech place17. play with children 34. Verify there is no light in the18. take a souna, hot or wet room steam 35. Have a warm bath, wear19. Take a cold bath (proved to you pijamas, drink a glass of facilititate sleep) wine20. Change the place where 36. Have sex you sleep in case this is 37. Work hard all day to
  11. 11. Sleep tight!!!