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  • 1. GREEN DRINKS SUZHOU 苏州 绿色畅饮活动 #3 February 8th, 2011
  • 2. OUR SPONSORS Your Company 您的公司名称
  • 3. OUR SPONSORS Your Company 您的公司名称
  • 4. OUR SPONSORS Your Company 您的公司名称
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  • 6.
    • Green Drinks are Open to Everyone!
    • Green Drinks are Non-profit!
    • Green Drinks are Free Form!
      • - no set adgenda - no set theme
    • Green Drinks are Regular!
      • Green Drinks Suzhou takes place on the
      • SECOND WEDNESDAY of each month
    The Green Drinks Way...
  • 7. We are a dynamic, energetic, and devoted group of people who are passionate about the environment and who believe that together we can make a positive impact. Green Drinks Suzhou is a monthly event. If you would like to be on our mailing list and get newsletter updates for the latest events, please sign up at www.greendrinkschina.org 我们是一群充满活力,精力充沛,致力于环保事业的且充满着热情的人,我们相信,我们可以改善环境。 我们每月都会开展以“绿色畅谈 --- 苏州 ”为主题的活动,如果你想成为我们的会员,并且想得到近期活动的实时动态咨询的话,请在我们的网站注册,我们的网址是: www.greendrinkschina.org ABOUT US 关于我们
  • 8. We currently have Green Drinks China events running in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Kunming, Chongqing and Chengdu. We are looking to expanding in as many cities as possible. So come be a part of our community and start one in your city. For more information visit www.greendrinkschina.org 近期,绿色畅饮活动的活动已经在 上海、北京、杭州、 深圳 、 广州 、成都、重庆 和昆明展开。 我们希望在更多的城市开展我们的活动,我们诚邀您的加入,把“绿色畅想”带到您的城市。 欲知详情,请登入: www.greendrinkschina.org OUR PARTNER EVENTS 我们的合作伙伴
  • 9. Suzhou Green Drinks next month, March 14th 2012 Please contact Anna or Alina if you would like to get involved: 姜娜 [email_address] 安娜 [email_address] WHAT NEXT? 未来的计划
  • 10. We are now moving from being just a monthly networking & sustainability event to being a resource for all the green news & information, events and networking in China. www.greendrinkschina.org 我们会建立一个中文网站,发布每月绿色畅想在中国活动的新闻和消息。 WHAT NEXT? 未来的计划
  • 11. Green Drinks China needs your help 中国 绿 色 畅饮 需要您帮助如下
    • Graphic Designers / Web Designers for our new website 中文网站绘图编辑
    • Volunteers for Business Analyst positions 商业分析师的志愿者
    • Chinese & English speakers for marketing of our events, managing our social media platforms, etc 活动市场代表(中英文交流,负责社会媒体发布)
    • Volunteers to help out at our events 协助设立的志愿者
    • Future speakers 主题演讲人
    We urge you to join us 欢迎加入我们 ! WE NEED YOU 我们需要您的加入
  • 12. JOB POSTING 职位招聘 Interested in Posting?...Send us your jobs!
  • 13. Thank You 谢 谢
  • 14. Tonight's presentation is courtesy of The May Farm! www.themayfarm.net 谢 谢