The Inside Scoop on eReaders & eBooks


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Presentation, providing an overview of the variety of eReaders and eBooks resources, given for the monthly Tips and Tricks meeting at the Ewing Computer Learning Center.

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The Inside Scoop on eReaders & eBooks

  1. 1. The Inside Scoop on eReaders & eBooksEwing Computer Learning CenterTips and Tricks2012 October 2Anna Van Scoyocavanscoy@mcl.org Image Courtesy of jblyberg: Evolution of Readers
  2. 2. Agenda• POP QUIZ!• Choosing an eReader o 5 Questions (not a pop quiz) o Consumer Resources• Free eBooks o Lending libraries o Website resources o Person-to-Person sharing• Q&A
  3. 3. Pop QuizTo get our brains a-working....
  4. 4. True or False? You need a special eReading device(e.g., an iPad, a NOOK, etc.) to upload and read eBooks
  5. 5. FALSE!
  6. 6. CC Image Courtesy of minhtu: ‘1 001 eBooks are seldom comfortable to read
  7. 7. True or False? All eBooks arepublished, using a special, universal format (i.e., .epub).
  8. 8. FALSE!
  9. 9. Image Source:
  10. 10. True or False?Just as you can loan a friend a print version of a book,it is just as easy to loan eBooks to friends also.
  11. 11. FALSE!
  12. 12. Digital Rights Management (DRM)CC Image Courtesy of maistora: ‘Closed for business
  13. 13. True or False? Your local library may include eBooksfor patrons to check out.
  14. 14. TRUE!
  15. 15. True or False? You can get free eBooks fromresources other than your local library.
  16. 16. TRUE!
  17. 17. True or False?All eBook devices are the same.
  18. 18. FALSE!
  19. 19. CC Image Courtesy of libraryman: ‘eBook Readers Galore
  20. 20. Choosing an eReader 5 Questions to Ask YourselfBased on "How to Buy and Ebook Reader" via @,2817,2357102,00.asp
  21. 21. Question 1:Dedicated eReader or Tablet? i.e., Do you want to more than just read on your device?
  22. 22. To Read....or To Read and More? • Do you just want to read books? • How about magazines and newspapers? • What about browsing the Web? • Want to add multimedia to the mix -- music, audiobooks, or video? • Are you a Netflix junkie? • Do you need o Flash support? o E-mail and messaging? o Gaming?Source: "Kindle vs. Nook vs. iPad: Which e-book reader should you buy?" via CNET @
  23. 23. Question 2:What Screen Size and Type?They come in all shapes and sizes. Well, all sizes....
  24. 24. CC Image Courtesy of edwc: ‘eReader Comparison
  25. 25. CC Image Courtesy of edwc: ‘eBooks and Screens
  26. 26. Source:
  27. 27. CC Image Courtesy of edwc: A reader for every occaison
  28. 28. Display: eInk vs. LCD (backlit, color touch)eInk (looks a lot like paper)• The Pros o Easy on the eyes for the power reader o Optimal for outside reading; no glare o Lit eInk options (additional $$)  Paperwhite  GlowLight• The Cons o Basic models require a light for night reading o Lagging/blinking page turns
  29. 29. Display: eInk vs. LCD (backlit, color touch)LCD (e.g., backlit, color)• The Pros o Optimal night reading o Bright, colorful displays o Maximizes online experience• The Cons o Glossy displays may cause reflections o Washes out in sunlight
  30. 30. CC Image Courtesy of Librarian By Day: Pandigital 6 inch black & white, Pandigital 7 inch color, Kindle 3
  31. 31. Question 3: What Kind of WirelessConnection Do You Need? (Phew...Question 2 was a doozie!!!)
  32. 32. Wi-Fi vs. 3G/4G• Wi-Fi o Standard in a majority of all eReader models o Wireless signal required  To download eBooks (once downloaded, no Wi-Fi needed)  To access Internet• 3G/4G o Pay a premium via  higher up-front price OR  monthly bill o Ubiquitous wireless access via cellular wireless network
  33. 33. Question 4:What About eBook Apps? Yes, theres an app for that.....
  34. 34. App Ecosystem• Variety of devices support free eBook apps (e.g., Kindle, NOOK, etc.) o Tablets (iPad, Android, Nexus, etc.) o SmartPhones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.) o Computers (Windows, Mac)• Supports "Multidevice Reading" o e.g., Kindle Book  Kindle Touch  iPhone o e.g., NOOK Book  NOOK Tablet  Android Phone o e.g., Kobo Book  Kobo Reader  Blackberry
  35. 35. Question 5:How Much Do You Want to Spend? Its all about the money...
  36. 36. CC Image Courtesy of 401(K) 2012: Money‘
  37. 37. Choosing an eReader Consumer Resources
  38. 38. A Variety of Resources• Periodicals o Consumer Reports o PC World• Websites o PCMag  o CNET  o ZDNET 
  39. 39. CC Image Courtesy of mikemol: Firefly reads
  40. 40. Free eBooksVia your friendly neighborhood library...
  41. 41. Library eBooks viaeLibraryNJ• Formats o .ePUB (Sony Reader, NOOK, Kobo Reader, etc.) o .azw (Kindle) o PDF• Mobile Apps o Android o Blackberry o iPhone/iPad o Windows Phone 7
  42. 42. Library eBooks viaeLibraryNJ• Fiction -- a sampling o Historical o Juvenile o Literature o Mystery & Suspense o Romance o Science Fiction & Fantasy
  43. 43. Library eBooks viaeLibraryNJ• Non-Fiction -- a sampling o Biography & Autobiography o Business & Careers o Current Events & Politics o History o Juvenile o Religion & Spirituality
  44. 44. Library eBooks viaeLibraryNJ• 5 titles checked out at one time• 7, 10, or 14-day checkout• No overdue fines o Titles automatically returned• Wait list for titles o 72 hours to check out
  45. 45. Free eBooksThe World Wide Web
  46. 46. Web Resources• Project Gutenberg o• Many Books o• Book Yards o• International Childrens Digital Library o
  47. 47. Web Resources• Obooko o• Reader Store o• Google o  Google Books  Google Play
  48. 48. Free eBooks Person-to-Person
  49. 49. Person-to-Person• Kindle o Kindle Owners Lending Library --> o LendInk --> o BookFriendMe --> o eBookFling -->• NOOK o eBookFling --> o LendInk --> o BookFriendMe -->
  50. 50. Q&ACC Image Courtesy of youthforum: A new energy for Europe by European Youth Forum