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Social Networking: Separating the Facts from the Fiction
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Social Networking: Separating the Facts from the Fiction


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Social Networking Q&A Facts…Fiction…FAQs Who are we? • Anna Van Scoyoc MCL Reference Librarian • Gabrielle M. Casieri MCL Youth Services Librarian • Donna Esposito CHS Media Specialist
  • 2. What’s the point? Clarify some common misconceptions about social networking. Start a dialogue about safe and responsible social networking. Fact or Fiction? When you delete a picture from your MySpace or Facebook page, no one else will ever have access to it again.
  • 3. Fact or Fiction? Employers and college admissions officers look at an applicant's social networking info when making decisions about jobs, college admissions, and scholarships. Fact or Fiction? Setting your profile to private prevents anyone but your friends from seeing pictures you post online.
  • 4. Fact or Fiction? Setting your social networking profile access to private allows you to safely post your cell phone # since only people that already know you will be able to see it. Fact or Fiction? Facebook guarantees that the site is "entirely free of illegal, offensive, pornographic, or otherwise inappropriate material."
  • 5. Fact or Fiction? Facebook's privacy settings guarantee "that User Content you post on the site will be not be viewed by unauthorized persons." Fact or Fiction? When you untag yourself in a Facebook photo, you are permanently untagged.
  • 6. Fact or Fiction? Both MySpace and Facebook allow you to preapprove tags that friends want to place on photos of you. Fact or Fiction? Quiz and survey applications cannot glean personal information from "private" profiles.
  • 7. Fact or Fiction? If you accidentally put something on your page that's too personal or private, you can delete it. Fact or Fiction? If someone is being creepy toward you on a social networking site, the best thing you can do is take down that page, create a new one, and hope they don't find you.
  • 8. Presidential Advice “Be careful what you post on Facebook. Whatever you do, it will be pulled up again later somewhere in your life."