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  1. 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Klein Schanzlin and Becker (or KSB) Group is one of the leading producers of pumps, valves and related systems. KSB has expand themselves that they are know all over the world and mostly everywhere, where there is a new company or building the products of ksb there its has a history of 130 years in business sector. KSB is one affiliated group in many countries. The company’s international operation makes the organization as manageable dimensions for short pathways. They are large enough to offer the whole spectrum of operations and all the interesting activities one expects of a global player. They are there in every sector of production engineering, design and development, sales and marketing, services, materials management or in all the areas of business administration. The aims to find out whether KSB is managing its resources for competitive advantages by company’s key business structure and operations, products as well as provides summary of its strategies. The strategic method of making process within the company through porter’s method. SWOT Analysis of the company provides Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, Threats as well as provides a good framework for reviewing strategy, position and direction of a company or business proposition. The concern about ksb global strategies is to maintain its growth. It also includes their transformed business model through innovation that is producing sustainable competitive advantage. Innovation and research Development are the major emphasis on the improvement of automation of pumps and valves with the reduction of human efforts and life cycle cost.
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION………………………………………………........................4 STRATEGY ANALYSIS…................................................................................6 RESOURCES AND CAPABILITIES…………………………........................10 THE NATURE AND SOURCES OF COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE……...13 INNOVATION AND CHANGE……………………………………………....14 EVIDENCE OF NEW STRATEGIES FOR GROWTH………………………14 ACTS OF SUCCESS…………………………………………………………..15 CONCLUSION………………………………………………………………...16 REFRENCE LIST……………………………………………………………...17 APPENDICES……………………………………………………………….....18
  3. 3. 4 INTRODUCTION KSB has been serving the community since 1887 which is founded in Germany and expanded almost all over the world in 130 years. Company main objective was innovation and development in the field of pumps and valves.KSB Production amenities in 19 countries, marketing companies and service centres in more than 100 countries. The ksb Group is on furnish all over the world with approximately 14000 employees globally. With Market capitalization of € 707.6 million sales of companies, offices, agencies and more than 30 manufacturing sites. 2000 highly trained specialists from around 120 service centres offer our customers global inspection, maintenance and repair of KSB products and even competitor makes. KSB PUMPS COMPANY profiles provided detailed financial data and key credit information. KSB Pumps Company predominantly operates in the Engineering Services sector. The Company is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of industrial pumps, valves, castings and related parts. According to KSB Pakistan is an affiliate company of the world famous German KSB Group, which was founded in 1871. The KSB Group is among the leading companies in the field of pumps and valves with subsidiaries and affiliated companies all over the world. The KSB name stands for the highest standards of product and service quality. KSB Pakistan was established July 1959 in Lahore. The production facilities at Hassanabdal were completed in 1964 and a full fledged foundry was commissioned in the same premises in 1980. Now the company employees over 500 people and have Sales Office at Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Multan. The company also operates through a dealership network throughout the country. KSB Pakistan became a public limited company in 1979 providing a broader base for local participation. The company’s shares are traded on both the Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges. The Company received the Merit Trophy for exports of the
  4. 4. 5 Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry and top company award for exemplary payment to the shareholders by Karachi Stock Exchange. Another award for corporate excellence and good Management practice as bestowed on the company by the management Association of Pakistan. During the last thirty years the company has rapidly expanded its production range to include a large variety of pumps to serve various sectors of the economy. The new pumps for local production have been selected to particularly meet the requi8rements of sugar, paper and other process and chemical industries apart from meet the requirements of drinking water supply, sewage disposal and surface drainage schemes. The latest additions have been pumps of large capacity which are specifically meant for irrigation and drainage applications. Pumps are produced in various metallurgical executions including cast iron, Ni-resist cast iron, bronze and stainless steel. The range submersible motors ranging from 3HP to over 100HP. KSB Pakistan has been the major supplier to the vitally important control and reclamation projects (SCARP) installed by WAPDA. In the agricultural section, KSB’s name is synonymous with productivity and reliability. The latest technology and know how has been made available to KSB Pakistan’s customers. KSB Pumps are produced strictly in accordance with the design and specifications of KSB AG in order to maintain standards of the highest quality. Comprehensive inspection and test bed facilities are available at Works Hassanabdal to ensure compliance with these quality standards. The production facilities are also being regularly modernized and extended to cope with the challenges of new product technology. The foundry is capable of producing sophisticated automotive components apart from pump and valves casting and is leading supplier of tractor castings in the country.
  5. 5. 6 STRATEGY ANALYSIS: For several years, the share pump-related services have taken in the value creation chain has been on the increase. The term is used to describe the road from the raw material to the consumer plus the value added at every station. In KSB Pakistan the Structure in the designing of implementing and evaluating strategies is based on the specific process of the organization’s mission, Vision and objectives, developing policies and plans. A balance scorecard is often used to evaluate the overall performance of the business and its progress towards objectives. POTER’S FIVE MODEL: Poter’s five forces have been analysed to develop KSB successful marketing strategies. By focusing and analysing the structure of and dynamics between the Five forces – Competitor, Potential new entrants, Customer, Supplier and Substitute. KSB is working on to find the opportunities for improving upon its marketing strategies. These forces are identified as follows. 1- Competitor: 1. Price 2. Flexibility 3 . Quality Service 4. Differentiation 5. Time. These five identify the real competitor of the business. KSB has faced competitions’ from Kirloskar Bros. both companies have achieved their reason of competitive advantage as well as quality in terms of product services and innovation. 7
  6. 6. 2- Potential New Entrants: To be provided world class human resource with highly motivated and empowerment to the new Entrants, which includes Local Training, Training Abroad, Service Award, Leaves, Medical Insurance, Travelling benefits, salary employment benefits, personal loans. In 1970 Dawood engineering introduces new technology in the pumps and valves business. In after that a joint venture between the cheenab engineering and dawood revealed new entity in the business of manufacturing goods. 3- Consumer: Product is to be provided to consumers on economical cost prevailing in the market. All facilities such as installation, commissioning, periodically repairs & maintenance are to be provided by the Suppliers. Suppliers as and demanded by them on Priority basis. KSB Operates in the field of Industry and agriculture sector and industry sector is related with the industry of spare parts which includes companies such as Toyota and Honda. but as far as agriculture sector is concerned the actual consumer is the agricultural land consumer. 4- Supplier: As large organization KSB deals with lot of suppliers who are providing goods and services to KSB as well as to its customers. There is a supply chain Model 8
  7. 7. Consumer KSB Supplier of component group and systems Supplier of components systems suppliers of c part Supplier of un-machined semi finished and standardized parts 5- Substitute: The sector is in state of rapid growth and technological development, and there fore new competitors are coming to the sector even though the sector is dominated by KSB As far as other companies are in they are playing good role in the market. 1. Products to be supplies on low case 2. High-performance design or high quality consistent quality. 3. Rapid delivery (on-time delivery) 4. Flexibility = Variety/Volume. 5. Superior customer service. 6. Convenience. SWOT ANALYSIS- KSB: In SWOT analysis you identify Strengths, weaknesses, market opportunities for your company and threats to your business. The way to use the analysis is develop marketing strategies that will minimize the affect of weaknesses on the business. While maximizing the strengths. By that will help in matching your strengths against the market opportunities. 9 1. Strengths
  8. 8. a. Job Knowledge b. Productivity c. Job perfection d. Professional ability e. Sense of responsibility f. Initiative. g. Supervisory/Managerial skills Weakness: All weaknesses to be pointed by the immediate Supervisors/Foreman/Engineer/Managers of their subordinates so that corrective measures (such as training of the relevant job, discipline, co-operation, attitude & behaviour) are to be adopted for improvement of quality of products. Opportunities: • Industrial Engineering. Spare parts and other components. • Maintenance. After sales services. • Distribution. Sales offices chain around the country. • Operations. Making joint venture with firms. R&D program. • Public Relations. Showing the true picture and attracting new buyers. 10 • Purchasing.
  9. 9. Increasing its physical and technological capabilities. Threats: 1. Economic conditions. The current economical condition of the country. 2. Legal environment. The laws conflicts in the business for the legal framework. 3. Technology. The technological changes in terms of innovation. 4. Competition. More threats from the competitors with low pricing strategy. 5. Markets. Business condition and the market condition. Resources and capabilities: 1. Labour productivity In KSB Productivity can be defined as how efficiently and effectively we use our resources at lowest possible cost. Labour plays a very important role and consider as a basic unit for the productivity of any organization. There are many factors that influence on the labour productivity and it is very difficult to measure. There are many factors that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of any organization but labour is consider as one of an important element. Labour efficiency depends upon their skills and knowledge towards their job. If their attitude towards job is positive and they are internally satisfied with their job they will do their 11
  10. 10. work honestly and they will be loyal with their jobs and their attitude at the work place will be better than those who are not internally satisfied with their jobs. So there should be right people at right place. Experience makes the labour skills high, the high experience in field leads to high performance at workplace. More experience and high skilled employees play a very important role in the productivity of any organization. Attitude also consider a lot... if any employee has high skills but has poor attitude, his performance and output will be low and this will produce a negative effect on the overall performance of any organization. So there should be always positive attitude towards work for better performance. Training also counts a lot. If employees have not accurate knowledge about their work then the organization's productivity can be low. If the employees do not know how to use the new technology or new machinery and they have no knowledge to handle the new technology and they are not trained how to use this, then this can produce a negative effect on the efficiency of the organization and the organization can not compete in the market. Motivation is also another factor in the productivity of KSB organization. if employees are motivated by their manager their performance level is limited level. Managers keep their employees' motivation level high they can motivate them by fulfilling their basic needs, their safety need, he can motivate them by increase their salary by giving them bonus on their work. they should reward their employees and treat them equally and eliminate the discrimination among them. He should show sympathy with their personal problems, promote their work level and should increase their wages etc. So these are the factors to enhance the efficiency of the labours and decrease the efficiency of the labours. By eliminate the negative factors and increase the positive factors KSB increase overall its performance. 12
  11. 11. 2. Machine Productivity: In the past KSB System for purchasing and delivering used the comet software but analysing the in future that wont work they move to more advance level software called sap. Machine productivity, in today's working environment, is something we all must strive for. Software systems aim to improve efficiency through advanced monitoring of machinery and removing the reliance on additional personnel who would normally be required to do perform that monitoring. 3. Capital productivity: A way of measuring a company's efficiency by comparing working capital with sales or turnover. It is calculated by first subtracting current liabilities from current assets. 4. Energy productivity: Like labour or capital productivity, energy productivity measures the output and quality of goods and services generated with a given set of inputs. The ratio of value added to energy inputs, which is the inverse of energy intensity of GDP, measured as a ratio of energy inputs to GDP. Energy productivity is a useful tool with which to analyse the public-policy aims of demand abatement and energy efficiency because it encapsulates both. By looking in terms merely of shrinking demand, there is a danger of denying opportunities to consumers particularly those in developing economies that are an increasingly dominant force in global energy demand growth. Rather than seeking to reduce end- user demand and thus the level of comfort, convenience, and economic welfare demanded by consumers there should be a focus on using the benefits of energy most productively. The concept of energy productivity provides an overarching framework for understanding the evolving relationship between energy demand and economic growth. 13
  12. 12. Energy-productivity improvements can come either from reducing the energy inputs required to produce the same level of energy services or from increasing the quantity or quality of economic output. Nature and sources of competitive advantage: Nature and sources 1. Standardization: 2. Use of Internet 3. Computer viruses 4. Searching for lost or misplaced items 5. Scrap rates 6. New workers 7. Cuts in health benefits Competetive advantage • The emergence of competitive advantage External sources of change Changing customer demand Changing prices Technological change • Sustaining competitive advantage Identification Incentives for imitation Diagnosis Resource acquisition 14 • Competitive advantage in different market settings
  13. 13. Market type Source of imperfection of competition Opportunity for competitive advantage • Types of competitive advantage: cost and differentiation Cost advantage (similar product at lower cost) Differentiation (price premium from a unique product) Innovation / Change: There are plenty of innovation and changes around the world, but the most important change is going on the Australia. With water consume and recycling the water and in industrial sector high pressure pumps showcasing in exhibition in Brisbane 2010.gobally Ksb innovating a product to convert the thermal heat in to energy and use it to increased the operating reliability of optimised high suitable handling mineral and synethic. Maintaining innovation is critical and especially in tough times and getting it right is as must. In 2009 KSB introduce a new pump called “ZORRO” that was a new innovative change. That was introduced with the current study of the customer needs. The company define its change on following factors. 1. Develop productivity measure 2. Determine critical )bottleneck) operations 3. Develop methods for productivity improvements. 4. Establish reasonable goals 5. Get management support 6. Measure and publicize improvement 7. Don’t confuse productivity with efficiency. Evidence of new strategies for growth:-
  14. 14. 1. All CNC Machines imported and installed 2. Modern technology is being utilized 3. Workforce/Management people are being deputed on deputed locally/abroad for training. 4. Most of facilities beyond the Labour Laws are being extended to workforce. 15 5. Best environmental atmospheres have been provided at their workplace to facilities the workers and enhance their productivity Acts of Success: 1. Empowerment: Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social or economic strength of individuals and communities. It often involves the empowered developing confidence in own capacities. 2. Communication: Communication is a process of transferring information from one entity to another. 3. Transparency: Transparent procedures include open meetings, financial disclosure statements, the freedom of information legislation, budgetary review, audits, etc. 4. Synergy:
  15. 15. Synergy is where different entities cooperate advantageously for a final outcome. If used in a business application it means that teamwork will produce an overall better result than if each person was working toward the same goal individually. 16 Conclusion:- KSB is one of the old companies in the world with the major business enterprise. KSB has a responsibility to our shareholders, employees, customers and the nation to continually improve the performance of the company and its business. Doing the works with responsible way will lead the prosperity in the industries and communities in which it participate, there are plenty of bigger challenges to be face yet, the way the company is growing to innovation of technology will provide the cutting-edge technology with less cost in internally and investment. The competitive improvement mentioned earlier gives Ksb confidence that if it’s prepared to take the lead in the new world. It can be seen that various strategies are used by ksb in order to gain advantages over its competitors. In a competitive market a company must identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to strengthen the company and achieve its objectives and target different market. With technological changes comes innovation and innovation can be good or bad for a company and in the case of KSB innovation was perceived through vigilance.
  16. 16. 17 References:- KSB Pumps Pakistan 2010, KSB Pakistan History, Viewed 8 March 2010, http://www.ksbpak.com/history.htm Wikimapia 2010, KSB Pumps Company, Viewed 9 March 2010, http://wikimapia.org/11552119/KSB-PUMPS-COMPANY-Rawlpindi KSB 2010, a World of Difference, Viewed 8 March 2010, http://www.ksb.com/ksb/web/COM/en/company/konzern/1__ueber__uns/1a__ KSB__in__Kuerze/ksb__ins__kuerze__en__index__art.html Companies and Markets, KSB pumps company- Company Financial and Credit information, Viewed 10 March 2010, http://www.companiesandmarkets.com/Summary-Company-Financials/ksb- pumps-company-126216.aspx Anam Rauf n.d., Labour Productivity factors, Viewed 13 March 2010, http://ezinearticles.com/?Labour-Productivity-Factors&id=3799836 McKinsey & Company 2010, What is energy productivity?, Viewed 18 March 2010, http://www.mckinsey.com/mgi/publications/global_energy_demand/Energy_Producti vity.asp
  17. 17. 18 Appendix 1
  18. 18. Financial Quality History Mission Values Management Reports Policy KSB Pakistan KSB Pakistan is an affiliate Company of the world famous German KSB Group, which was founded in 1871. The KSB Group is among the leading companies in the field of pumps and valves with subsidiaries and affiliated companies all over the world. The KSB name stands for the highest standards of product and service quality. KSB Pakistan was established in July 1959 in Lahore. The production facilities at Hassanabdal were completed in 1964 and a full-fledged foundry was commissioned in the same premises in 1980. Now the Company employs over 400 people and has Sales Offices at Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Multan. The Company is ISO 9001 certified by M/s. SGS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. The Company also operates through a dealership network throughout the country. The Company operates a full-fledged Service Department comprising of qualified and experienced personnel capable of undertaking turnkey installation jobs and O&M Contracts. KSB Pakistan became a public limited Company in 1979 providing a broader base for local participation. The Company’s shares are traded on both the Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges. The Company received the Merit Trophy for exports of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry and top Company award for exemplary payment to the shareholders by Karachi Stock Exchange. Another award for Corporate Excellence and Good Management Practices was bestowed on the Company by the Management Association of Pakistan. During the last three decades, the Company has rapidly expanded its production range
  19. 19. Appendix 2
  20. 20. Industrial Building Waste Water Water Energy GA Drawings Technical Literature KVP Vertical type, single stage, non-clogging impeller pumps suitable for sewage and effluent disposal from industries, chemical, paper, sugar and food stuff industries. Available for both wet and dry pit installation. Specifications DN Q H TEMP SPEED 65-350 up to 2700 m/hr up to 85 m up to 105 ºC up to 1450 rpm Download Product Intro. Download O&M Manual. Download Drawings. Download Curves. KWP Single stage, non-clogging, horizontal centrifugal pumps used in process design, suitable for mediums that contain suspended solids and viscous substances, finds its applications in building, food, paper, sugar, sewage and effluent industries. Specifications DN Q H TEMP SPEED up to -30 ºC 65-300 up to 1900 m/hr up to 120 m up to 2900 rpm to 250 ºC Download Product Intro. Download O&M Manual.
  21. 21. Appendix 3
  22. 22. LISTOFPROJECTS KSB Projects department is involved in new installations, rehabilitation, operation & maintenance of water and waste water transfer and treatment systems. The Projects department designs and implements customized, package systems and installations in close co-operation with our customers all over Pakistan. As a dependable partner with decades of experience, KSB Projects has the know-how to offer customers, innovative systems for all water transfer applications. KSB focuses on three types of projects namely: Turnkey construction Rehabilitation & refurbishment Operation and maintenance KSB Projects provides the following Services to the valued customers: Complete engineering and design Project development and optimization Hydraulic and mechanics Construction including all civil, mechanical & electrical works KSB Projects,
  23. 23. Appendix 4: International • Home • Corporate › Go
  24. 24. • Share KSB Group: Consolidated Quick Access • Financial Balance Sheet Find the information you need quickly and easily. Calendar • Product • Financial 2008 2007 € € Catalogue % % Reports million million • Web-Shop o An Assets • Product nu Non-current configurato assets al Fixed assets 417.6 29.3 340.7 27.1 r Re Deferred tax 13.7 1.0 12.4 1.0 assets • Downloads po 431.3 30.3 353.1 28.1 Current • Trade Fairs rts assets Inventories 282.1 19.8 238.3 18.9 Gr Receivables • Consultants ou and other 540.4 38.1 485.2 38.6 Platform current assets p Cash and • Job current o An 167.6 11.8 181.4 14.4 Opportuniti financial nu instruments es 990.1 69.7 904.9 71.9 al • CAD files Balance Re sheet total 1,421.4 100.0 1,258.0 100.0 po Equity and rts Liabilities Ak Equity (incl. tie minority 605.8 42.6 505.9 40.2 interest) ng Non-current es liabilities Deferred tax ell liabilities 28.1 2.0 13.3 1.1 Provisions 269.6 18.9 259.0 20.6 sc Liabilities 23.5 1.7 29.6 2.3 321.2 22.6 301.9 24.0 ha Current ft Liabilities Provisions 200.1 14.1 180.3 14.3 o Int Liabilities 294.3 20.7 269.9 21.5 494.4 34.8 450.2 35.8 eri Balance 1,421.4 100.0 1,258.0 100.0 m sheet total Re Click here to download the KSB Group's Consolidated Balance Sheet: po