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Media pitch presentation

  1. 1. A2 Media Project Pitch<br />Anna Sheppard<br />
  2. 2. A promotion package for the release of an album, to include;- A music promo video- A cover for its release as part of a digipak (cd/dvd package)- A magazine advertisement for the digipak (cd/dvd package).I chose this task because I could bring different skills into the production that I have learnt from last year and using my Mac at home. I have previously experienced using the film editing software as well as being familiar with photoshop software due to last years coursework where I made the print for magazines.<br />
  3. 3. Project Outline<br /><ul><li>I have found a track suitable for the project which is not protected by copyright laws. This particular track falls into an indie genre of music.
  4. 4. The target audience would be fans of indie music, aging from young teens to some adults. However my audience may widen due to the advertising strategies such as the video and magazine advertisement;this would expose audiences in daily situations to the music and video.
  5. 5. I plan use Leicester as my location. This will create an urban feel towards the video and highlighting student based areas to link with my band and for my audience to relate to.</li></li></ul><li>Aims<br />- Aim of video - is to produce a unique music video that targets a gap in the market of music videos, however as all the band members are students it makes sense to create a video that appears to be of a lower budget production which other students and teens can relate to. Equally an animation would be more appropriate from teen/student audiences as they may appreciate the humor more. My current thoughts as to how I would create this animation is to perhaps take pictures of settings and props that would feature in the video and create a drawing from it converting it into an animation drawn free hand, however the exception of this would be that I would take photographs of the band and use them as 2d characters throughout so that viewers can see the band members.  <br />
  6. 6. Aims<br />- Aim of c.d cover - is to represent the track featured in the music video which would be the debut track. Therefore a basic design covering the case would be effective and accomplish all that the video does. This may be a clip taken from the video or similar to make the link and continue the theme. Currently I am considering making this as a collage of imagesrelatingto the video and photographs. I believe this will look different to other c.d’s and help to make it stand out. <br />
  7. 7. Aims<br />- Aim of magazine advertisement - is to capture the attention of the audience belonging to the specific magazine I chose. I think NME would be suitable as it features new bands and more often than not features music from the indie scene therefore appropriate for the target audience of the band. I will design the advertisement very similar to the album cover so that there is a clear link. <br />
  8. 8. Following Theories<br /><ul><li>Hypodermic needle theory – as the track would be played on radio stations and music videos featured among other artists the public would passively be listening to the track and effortlessly be being exposed to music of all genres introducing the track to other audiences.
  9. 9. Two-step flow – once someone has heard the music passively via the radio or video on the tv/internet it will become a subject of conversation to those who would be interested in it and opinions of the song will be passed on by word of mouth.
  10. 10. Uses and gratifications – the lyrics of the song may appeal to certain audiences that can relate to them as well as people who find them inspirational. For these reasons it give bands the opportunity to give the public what they want to here in the bands unique way. </li></li></ul><li>Institution <br /><ul><li>The institution I would place my project in would be the low budget record companies. This is because I want to present the band as a raw talent founded by a local company therefore creating the link to the edgy theme throughout my project.
  11. 11. Unlike the major record companies such as Sony MBG, Warner, Universal music group and EMI this means the record company I chose would not own a 5% of the world market for the sale of the record and music video
  12. 12. Most often low budget companies are started and run by major label artist as well as owned by them; for example The Beatles set up Apple Records. However between 1950 and 1960 when this began the major records drowned out all the lower budget companies business.
  13. 13. Spin offs of these low budget labels are referred to as vanity labels, the aim of these companies is to discover and promote new talent.
  14. 14. Many low budget companies in the UK signed distribution deals with major labels to reduce the risk of them failing, however independent labels became popular in the 1980’s when the UK indie chart was introduced. (The term ‘indie’ at that time meant a diverse range from punk to reggae).
  15. 15. If I were to chose a low budget record company to base my work on it would be ‘fat cat records’. This company signs bands ranging from forms of electronica to post rock and indie as well as minimal techno genres. </li></li></ul><li>Fat Cat Records<br />Fat Cat Records is an independent label based in Brighton. It has signed bands from a range of music genres from forms of electronica, post rock, minimal techno, piano compositions and punk-pop. It is most recognised for its discovery of artists such as SigurRos, animal collective and the Twilight sad. In theory I would use this label as my record contract as their background of genres could include my selected band. However its most appealing point is that it is a low budget label bases in England which makes it more realistic.<br />The top right is a poster created for the band &apos;Drowsy&apos; who belong to Fat Cat Records.<br />The bottom right is another poster of a band under Fat Cat Records, the artists are Hilmar OrnHilmarsson and SigurRos.<br />
  16. 16. C.d Cover Research<br /><ul><li>The theme throughout all of these albums is bold colour and many layers involved.
  17. 17. I feel this sort of design would be appropriate for my album advertisement as the design of the video would be made in a similar process.
  18. 18. The image on the far right is an album by White Denim, this has been produced simply by a cut and paste method.
  19. 19. It appears that album covers are more effective with minimal colours involved and less detail.
  20. 20. I would take this into consideration and allow for this effect to take place however I would ensure the technical aspects were included such as effective layering and so on.</li></li></ul><li>Magazine Advert Research<br />-Similar to the c.d cover I would use the same method of design, perhaps even taking a clip from within the video would apply. <br />-Though looking at these example that I have found of adverts they range vastly, although the information included covers all the same areas on each, such as release dates and any venues where the artist is next to perform. <br />-These examples also range from busy to very basic layouts, such as the Madonna advert/poster, though this effect seems to be equally effective if not more than others as it immediately draws yours attention to the artists name and nothing else.<br />
  21. 21. Music Video Research<br />Red Hot Chili Peppers – California cation:<br />This video shows great example of computer animation where the band members have been transformed into an animated character. The resemblance of this video is of a computer game; the convention of computer animation isn&apos;t often used with music videos therefore a gap in the industry. Although an advantage of animation is that it widens audiences as younger fans find it easier to follow and can relate it to cartoons.<br />The Coral - In The Morning:<br />I have chosen this video due to the abstract editing involved where many shots of the video have been photographed and on top of that acetate has been applied allowing colour to be drawn over the top creating an animated/abstract effect. I like this because it is different to most conventional music videos, the effect of the colouring manipulates the mood and maintains the audiences attention with the fast pace transitions of shots and colouring.<br />
  22. 22. Kate Nash - Nicest Thing (Animation):<br />I have included this video in my research as I found that the animation would be and effective way of capturing the audience as it is original and we could explore different effects during the process.<br />The Kooks - Oh La:<br />This video represents the style and genre of the band the kooks. I like the black and white film as this contribute to the setting and date featured within the music video while also reflecting the kooks personal style and persona, in addition props have been used to create this effect, such as the microphones when playing a set.<br />
  23. 23. Storyboard<br />The people come together and it set my heart a light <br />The sun brings me and eastern glow <br />think ill stay here for the night<br />I&apos;m not the same as you I know <br />But I’m yours today<br />My eyes confuse my mind every time I see her face <br />Sometimes I wish that I were blind I might find my special place<br />Rest my head upon your fag and help it when you’re near <br />Don’t want to close my eyes or this might disappear <br /> <br />You might see me as I walk alone<br />But if you find me I’m not coming home<br />Coz I sold my soul to rock and roll<br /> <br />The circles growing bigger and we’ll all get in for free<br />Coz money doesn’t matter in the place I wanna to be<br />Rest my head upon your fag and help it when you’re near <br />Don’t want to close my eyes or this might disappear <br />You might see me as I walk alone<br />But if you find me I’m not coming home<br />Coz I sold …<br />Coz I sold …<br />Coz I sold my soul to rock and roll<br />I can’t quite recall my dream but I think I know what it means<br />the devil cried for me I made him repent<br />He says the scales of fait doesn’t swing too good for me<br />Condemned my fait to hell<br />You might see me as I walk alone<br />But if you find me I’m not coming home<br />Coz I sold …<br />Coz I sold …<br />Coz I sold my soul to rock and roll<br />To rock and roll …<br />To rock and roll …<br />
  24. 24. Mock-ups<br />-These are two examples that display my initial thoughts as to how my video and print pieces would come together.<br />-The image on the far right displays a ripped out background of a brick pathway and a model taken from a catwalk; this particular formation is to show my thoughts on how I could create the effect of moving imagines and how the proportions would have to differ to make this look realistic and effective as if the woman were walking forward. <br />-The image is an experiment of sampling different materials to create additional colouring through light. The ink sketch of a building is actually a tracing as I thought this process would ensure all the proportions were accurate and I could manipulate camera angles through taking the photographs myself. Finally this test piece also highlights my idea of combining illustration/animation with photograph images of people. <br />