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Practicum presentation

  1. 1. Architectural Pasts in yourPalm:A Mobile App Vision for Showcasing BrooklynMuseums Institutional History and ArchitecturalImage CollectionsLIS 698: PracticumAnna Rybakov Brooklyn Museum: exterior. 1909.
  2. 2. Visual Chronology grand staircase entrance 18971st section: West wing 1907-1908 ground level entrance w/ glass canopy 1937 ground level entry 2004
  3. 3. Processing in the Archives inventory: boxes of 2 photo collections formats: prints, film & glass negatives, transparencies, slides, oversize subject: interiors general, gallery space, dept offices & workspace, events, construction, illustrative materials above: compact shelving in the archive
  4. 4. Processing in the Archives tasks: rehouse, relabel, identify, preserve research tools: annual reports, quarterlies, press releases, LUNA, BM libraries & archives online, NYARC catalog, finding above: annual reports aids, BM history booksfrom left to right:original envelope, newly typed four-flap, 5x7 neg
  5. 5. GoalsPROJECT-preserve & fully understandcollection scope-prepare for digitization (Spring 13)-upload images & metadata intomuseum database to be shared onwebsite &/or institutionally, and onthe Brooklyn Visual Heritage above: selection of boxing in variouscollaborative website stages of processingPERSONAL-learn best processing & digitizationpractices where does this collection fit in? what makes it valuable?
  6. 6. Evolution of research project Main question: How do we bring these assorted interior images into a broader, not solely visual context? Primary solution: mobile apps BUT -what makes a good app? -how can we test success? -what platform do we design on? -what device do we design for? -benefits? limitations?
  7. 7. Mobile app Technologies Trends: AR, geo-locative, gamification, QR codes Cons: -AR indoors --accuracy --setup -connectivity -limited info -navigation -QR for crowds --intrusion of space Museum of Londons StreetMuseum AR app Image source: Flickr
  8. 8. Mobile app considerations What type of app suits my needs best? Smartphone vs. tabletTablet Pros:-larger screen-more robust info-connectivity-navigation-data visualization-preserve mobility Use-optimized portrait & landscape views. Biblion mobile app. Image source: Potion Design
  9. 9. Tablet vs. SmartphoneTablet quick facts-poised to reach saturation-Apple dominates=1primary platform-average age 34-even gender split-tablet usage spikes duringnon-work hours-tablets used more forentertainment/gaming &media
  10. 10. Evolution of research project Museum function has changed. exhibitive experiential transformative User needs & expectations have changed. -sophisticated -curious -instant gratification -unparalleled access Response should change. -offer comprehensive singular content w/ human element PROPOSAL: Brooklyn Museums Archmuse app
  11. 11. Archmuse-OverviewWhat is it?A comprehensive multimedia experience linking library& archives materials specific to Brooklyn Museumsarchitectural history & puts them into evidence-basedhistoric context Content Images, press releases, letters, excerpts from annual reports/quarterlies, newspaper articles, audio & video, architectural plans, personal accounts, scholarly essays, tours A large permanent exhibition in digital space open 24/7, wherever you are, no wifi needed
  12. 12. Archmuse-Concept from building sketch to opening exhibition & everything in between
  13. 13. Archmuse-InspirationDigital InspirationNYPLs comprehensive iPad publications-open access to legendarycollection-non-linear navigation &discovery in infoscape-range of themes: variedfocus-exploration-immersive-educational-accessible
  14. 14. Archmuse-InspirationDigital Inspiration:Flipboard-clean displays --image to text ratio-magazine style format-intuitive navigation --de-prioritized menu-seamless aggregator ofmixed format/content
  15. 15. Archmuse-VisualizationWhat might Archmuse look like? curated theme stacks shelf visualization w/ color coded content types Image source: iTunes App Store
  16. 16. Archmuse-FeaturesiPad app + website-dynamic, multimedia content-bookmarking-outside links & resources-optimized views based on content-virtual guided tour-on site tour-social features-categorized, navigable but slightlynebulous displays...artificially recreatethe "researching in archives" above: mock up iPad app featuringexperience Brooklyn Museum floor plan, c.1897-more traditional, static website toallow discovery
  17. 17. Archmuse-Sitemap HOME discrete drop down limited nav menu begin with short exteriors timelapse animation TOURS STACKS concept-themed thumbnail clouds: Origins, Cornerstone, Museum of Everything, Modernization, Extension, Master Plan, Museum as Progenitor HEADLINES 3D virtual on-site each theme has its own subsections containing multimedia related to topic: Origins: timeline, Brooklyn Apprentices Library, founding documents, images, discrete toolbar programming, members list, bios, etc.
  18. 18. Archmuse-Goals-permanent digital"exhibition" unique to BM-repackaging many existingresources-deeper understanding ofbuilding & museums past-aggregate disparatesources into 1 infoscape-promote museumsmission & itslibrary/archives-partnership: scholars,researchers, institutions