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Ready, Fire, Aim Ready, Fire, Aim Presentation Transcript

  • Ready, Fire, Aim#12ntcfireTracy KronzakRobert Weiner
  • Where We’re Going • Us (5 minutes) • You (goals for the session) (10 minutes) • Selection dos and don’ts (35 minutes) • Surviving implementation (20 minutes) • Q&A (20 minutes) Image: Marcelo NavaKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 1
  • Ready, Fire, Aim: Tales of 6 Nonprofits • Nonprofit A bought their database because it’s cloud-based. Image: Georgie SharpKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 2
  • Ready, Fire, Aim: Tales of 6 Nonprofits • Nonprofit B bought their database because it’s NOT cloud- based.Kronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 3
  • Ready, Fire, Aim: Tales of 6 Nonprofits • Nonprofit C bought their database because the (really, really charming) sales person gave them a great deal.Kronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 4
  • Ready, Fire, Aim: Tales of 6 Nonprofits • Nonprofit D bought their database because everyone knows it’s “the best.”Kronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 5
  • Ready, Fire, Aim: Tales of 6 Nonprofits • Nonprofit E bought their database because an international charity (which is 1000 times the size of Nonprofit E) uses it. Image: AutomaniaKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 6
  • Ready, Fire, Aim: Tales of 6 Nonprofits • Nonprofit F bought their database because the board chair read about it in an in-flight magazine. Image: HyougushiKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 7
  • So why is this so F*#@!g Complicated?! Image: Marc BrakelsKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 8
  • It’s Therapy Copyright Charles SchultzKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 9
  • There are lots of moving parts Babbage Difference Engine - Image: Marcin WicharyKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 10
  • What You Want Copyright Paramount PicturesKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 11
  • What You’re Getting Image: http://awwwpuppyawww.comKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 12
  • People: Who’s Got Your Back? Copyright 20th Century FoxKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 13
  • Don’t Go It Alone! Copyright 20th Century FoxKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 14
  • Unexpected Allies Copyright 20th Century FoxKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 15
  • Not Everyone’s Alike Copyright Paramount PicturesKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 16
  • Otherwise… • No buy-in from key management partners • Process abandoned by stakeholders • Poor user adoption • Lots of time wasted • Loss of funding for new database/CRM • Partial implementation • People and processes left behindKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 17
  • The Process: How to Choose?Kronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 18
  • How to Choose? Image: emilio labradorKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 19
  • Document Your Requirements Copyright Warner BrothersKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 20
  • # of records # of copies of db Matching giftsNumber of users # of servers Ticket sales Automation Giving clubs & Soft credits Pledge tracking On-premise Analytics/BI honor rolls vs. Cloud Security levels Conversion Help Lockbox support Relationships Integration Planned Giving Memberships Online Services Events ManagementCustom reports Major Gifts & Volunteer Data hygiene Grant Tracking Prospect Management Advocacy ManagementKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 21
  • You Need to Compare Apples to Apples Vs. Image: Castaway in Scotland Image: Brooks ElliottKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 22
  • Try to Plan Ahead At Least 3 – 5 YearsImage: xcunhax.fotografiaKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 23
  • Future-Proof, But Avoid the Lure of Shiny ObjectsImage: kurairo Kronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 24
  • Otherwise… • Unable to understand key needs • Lured in by unnecessary features while missing necessary ones • Poor prioritization leads to poor selection • A “best salesperson” selection instead of a best database/CRM selection • Selection process derailed • Need to do it again in a year or twoKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 25
  • Surviving the ConversionKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 26
  • What Does Success Look Like?Image: Jeff HesterKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 27
  • How Much Help Will You Need? From the vendor, consultants, staff Image: loop_ohKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 28
  • Plan for Data Migration and Outputs Copyright Warner BrothersKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 29
  • Timelines Need to Be RealisticKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 30
  • Pick Two Image: injuKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 31
  • Project = (Time + Money + People) Less Requires More &/or MoreImages by ToniVC, Images_of_Money, minifig Kronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 32
  • Anticipate “Unknown Unknowns”Image: nellyfus Kronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 33
  • Otherwise… • Cost overruns because timelines are too short • Not enough people to support transition • Project runs out of money and is never finished • Moving target of success means the project is never seen as complete • Project collapses from scope creepKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 34
  • Planning for the (Post-Conversion) Future Copyright Universal Pictures/Amblin EntertainmentKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 35
  • Pulling It All Together • There is no perfect database. Need to understand the tradeoffs. • Discovery, prioritization and buy-in are key • Compare “apples to apples” • Realistic timeline, staffing, and budget • Plan for adoption time • Plan for the future Copyright Newline Cinema/WingnutKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 36
  • Other Considerations “What’s this 360 View I keep hearing about?” Copyright Newline CinemaKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 37
  • Other Considerations “The Cloud”Kronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 38
  • Q&A Copyright Warner BrothersKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 39
  • Resources • Association of Advancement Services Professionals (AASP): • FUNDSVCS listserve: • Idealware: • Information Systems Forum: • NTEN lists & Communities of Practice • Progressive Exchange: • TechSoup’s Technology for Fundraising forum: • Database user groups • Database conferences with nonprofit tracksKronzak/Weiner: Ready, Fire, Aim 40
  • Resources Heller, Keith: Do You Need New Donor Management Software? Murrain, Michelle: The True Costs of Free and Low-Cost Software Weiner, Robert : Finding the Perfect Fundraising Database in an Imperfect World Weiner, Robert: Ten Common Mistakes in Selecting Donor Databases abases.php Wild Apricot: Membership Database Selection (part 1 of 3) ip-database-selection-part-1-_2D00_-Defining-Your-Needs.aspx More resources are posted at and Ready, Fire, Aim 41
  • Evaluate This Session!Each entry is a chance to win an NTEN engraved iPad! or Online using 12ntcfire at