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Gender roles(1)

Gender roles(1)






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    Gender roles(1) Gender roles(1) Presentation Transcript

    • Agenda
      • Announcement
        • Moodle will be out of service tonight at 10
      • Study guide Race and Ethnic Variations
        • Clarify acculturation figure
      • Changing Gender Roles
      • Go home early! (and read)
    • What does acculturation mean at the individual level? Integrated/Bicultural (Stew) Separated/Segregated (“Barrio”) Marginalized (Invisible) Assimilated (Melting Pot) Majority Minority
    • What does acculturation mean at the individual level? Integrated/Bicultural (Stew) Separated/Segregated (“Barrio”) Marginalized (Invisible) Assimilated (Melting Pot) Majority Minority
    • Study Guide for Week 6
    • Changing gender roles
    • Issues and Changes in U.S. Families
      • Meanings of marriage and family
      • Family functions
      • Same sex marriage and parenthood
      • Marital and gender role differentiation
    • Gender-Role Differentiation
      • Families impact gender identity
        • Appropriateness
        • “ Naturalness”
      • Influenced by Technology
    • Ambiguity about gender
      • Marital and Parenting
        • Roles
        • Goals
        • Behaviors
    • Conflict about gender
      • Differential
        • Rewards
        • Levels of power
        • Privileges
    • Influence of Mass Media
      • The Mass Media Includes:
        • Newspapers
        • Magazines
        • Television
        • Radio
        • Films
        • Computers
        • The Internet
      • The mass media creates stereotypes by depicting groups as not only different, but unequal.
    • Traditional gender roles (Separate Spheres)
      • Male
      • Female
    • Androgyny!
    • Pressures for androgyny
      • Changes in non-traditional attitudes and behaviors
        • Non-familial roles available to women
        • Egalitarian emphasis
        • Changing beliefs
        • Changing patterns of socialization
        • Education
    • Destined for equality
      • Changes occurred …
        • Shift of power to modern economic and political organizations
        • Powerful men
          • Educators opened their doors to women
        • Unanticipated effects
          • E.g. Voting
    • Gender inequalities in Careers in Higher Education
    • What factors challenge the discourse of destined for equality? Political careers Laws about divorce Have these challenges been resolved?
    • Changes in military
      • Have the changes in military needs shifted gender inequality?
    • Meaning of Inequality
      • Status has improved
      • Far from complete equality
    • What do men and women want?
      • Ideals
        • Research on Armenian young adults
          • Believe times are changing for women’s sexuality/ Want to marry a virgin
          • Want a wife with an education and career/ Want their wife to stay at home if possible
      • Barriers
        • Work and Family divide
      • Fallback arrangement
    • Given the ambiguity in family responsibilities, reflect on what your beliefs are…
    • Extra Credit (2 points)
      • Develop 2 multiple choice questions (1 point each) with 4 possible options on the ROLE OF GENDER
      • Highlight the correct answer
      • Due by next Tuesday (midnight) on moodle
    • Go home and read! Outlines