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  • 1. Part Q Andreea CristeaFeedback from Target Audience Vanessa Justino • Question 1: most of the answer were yes, because it is interesting, also using an idea about a model. • Question 2: 7/7 said the location is suitable, because it emphasizes the fact that she is a model.. • Question 3: 6/7 said slow music is the most suitable music to go with a drama, because it build dramatic emotions. • 1/7 said slow music, but different songs, so it can be changed as the action goes. • Question 4: 5/7 said close up shots makes a good drama, because it shows all the characters emotions and face expression. • 2/7 said the sounds, the way is acted, the shots and the way it is filmed. • Question 5: 7/7 said yes (idea of bulimia and model) because it is a good idea for a drama. • Question 6: 7/7 said the script is good, because it does not include too much talking, therefore it makes the opening sequence more interesting. • Question 7: 7/7 said yes ( it builds enigma at the end) because the last shot it is very mysterious, also using the bridge. • Question 8: 3/7 said to create more enigma there should be a sound at the background that would make the audience want to watch it more and more • 4/7 said to create more enigma there should be a very slow pace, and when the movie ends, there should still continue with a shot so it can build suspense. • Question 9: 4/7 said everything will work well • 3/7 said the shots will work well • Question 10: 7/7 said yes, because it is interesting.
  • 2. This question shows that everyone liked how we are tryingThis is the amount of question to create enigma at the end of ouranswered out of 7 by Target opening sequence by ending withAudience her seat on the edge of bridge This is the amount of question asked by Target Audience
  • 3. Andreea CristeaInterviews Part Q Questionnaire Picture Catalin Nastasia
  • 4. Andreea CristeaInterviews Part Q Video Rebecca Dan
  • 5. Andreea CristeaInterviews Part Q1 2 53 4
  • 6. Vanessa Justino Target Audience Part QAge: We are targeting an audience aged 15 – 30. This is because young audience will not understand very well the cause of Bulimia & AnorexiaNervosa. It would be disturbed by the themes running thought-out and be offended by appearance of the body. Also because the eating disorder 90 % Happens with Female happens between this ages. Also can be target at Males
  • 7. Vanessa Justino Film Distribution Companies Part R Because they work with most dramatic movies, and its well known because they been existed for a long time.Area served : WorldwideIs consistently ranked as one of the top-grossing moviestudios No Strings Transformers: Shes Out of Paranormal Attached evenge of the My League Activity Fallen Won a Marketing Award for ‘Best Film Marketing Thriller, Drama, Comedy, Animation, BUT best in Comedy and Drama Whats Your Love and Big Mommas: Date Night Number? Other Drugs
  • 8. What Film Distribution we would Vanessa Justino Part Ruse and Why– British Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. (SPE) is the television and film production/distribution unit of Japanese multinational technology and media conglomerate Sony. The Sony the many of the UK’s small and independent film distributors. UKs largest independent home entertainment distributor Revenu 7.3 billion (FY2010) We will use Sony Pictures because it doesn’t e have a large Income. As we are creating a small Operati scale film its makes more sense to work with a ng 300 million (FY2010) smaller company that knows the market that we income could go in future. Also because it will be distributed in Britain so working with a British company will be easier.
  • 9. BBFC Standards Part S Vanessa JustinoBBFC Standards Meaning What will it include in our Opening sequence How are we meeting the BBFC StandardsDiscrimination Not endorse discrimination language or behaviour N/A Everything we will include inDrugs Taking may be shown but not promote or Nothing encourage drug misuse our openingHorror Strong threat and menace are permitted Nothing sequence is line unless sadistic or sexualised with theImitable Behaviour E.g.: Hanging, suicide and self harming A Little will be used of Imitable Behaviour – when she makes her self feel expectations of should not dwell on detail which could copied. sick in the toilet by putting two fingers down her throat. BBFC 15 rate When model is on the edge of the bridge standardsLanguage May frequent use of strong language E.g.: Will not Include any strong language FUCKNudity May be allowed in a sexual context but It will include a bit when she is comparing her body with magazine models in without strong details. front of the mirror (Only nickers and bra)Sexual activity May be portrayed without strong detail, May Model is in front of the mirror (Only nicker and bra) be strong verbal references to sexual behaviour, but strongest references are unlikely to be acceptableNo theme Is prohibited, provided the treatment is Nothing appropriate for 15 years oldsViolence May be strong but should not deal on the A Little will be used when she puts two fingers down her throat. infliction of pain or injury
  • 10. MusicDRAMATIC ON EMOTION AS IT DOESNT SOUND SAD OR HAPPY IT IS OVERLOADED WITH EMOTION AND BECOMES DRAMATIC From 1min 56 sec - 3:22 secs 1min 56 sec begins slow speed, the tone is quit and soft - For when she is walking on the street with shopping bags and have the first flash back 2 min 24 sec piano tone goes deeper and faster - when she is crying and showing that she is really upset also when the second flashback happens ( The actor will be binging and making her self vomit) and the third (Looking at herself in the mirror thinking she is fat) 3:07 sec it goes quit and like is about to end with one key tone piano pressed. - When she is at the bridge (Putney Bridge) and she is about to jump off.. From 0: 33 sec - 1:39 secs 0: 33 sec it starts slow but with high key tone (piano) - when she is walking up set with her shopping bags 0: 44 sec more then one key from piano is added to create a louder sound - First flashback happens and when she starts is crying 0: 59 sec Drums are added which builds that suspense, dramatic sound with high P____ from violin - second flash back and third flash back 1 min 39 sec one key tone piano pressed. like something is ending (dyeing) - When she is at the bridge (Putney Bridge) and she is about to jump off..
  • 11. Style of Titling & Credits Part T A walk to remember – FROM A DRAMA MOVIE •Very simple/clear •Classic •Capital letters •Organised •Suitable for a drama opening sequence, because it does not stand out much. P.S. I LOVE YOU •Very clear, •Organised •Childish •Shows romance BRIDE WARS •Very clear, •Different sizes of text •Not using capital letters