The Amazing... Moodle!By Anna Krassa – GAClearn Administratorimoot 2013
100languages9,000 +employees300officesA few words about Gulf Agency Company...40countries
60+ countriesreached few words about GAC Corporate Academy15+ certifiedfacilitators200+offices ...
GCA courses are about...●Foundation Courses●Business English Courses●Business Operations Courses●Commercial Courses●Profes...
Social constructivism...
The 2011 challengeMoodle 1.9Moodle 1.9 Moodle 2.0Moodle 2.0
GCA in 2011 had...300+ courses 4000+ users
Thus in 2012...
So... whats the Amazing?
So... whats the Amazing?
So... whats the Amazing?
Moodle is Amazing!
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The Αmazing... Μoodle!


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The GAC Corporate Academy (GCA) was created in 2007 to become the corporate learning organisation of the GAC Group. Gulf Agency Company (GAC) provides services on Shipping, Logistics, Marine and related services. GCA target group is multilingual and multinational. GAC staff from all around the world with different time zones, different national, learning and work backgrounds are invited to participate in GCA courses. That is why GCA has been established as an Online Academy of distance education, utilising the asynchronous learning and of course, Moodle!

The first Moodle version that GCA used was the 1.7 and was gradually moving to 1.9. On Jan 2011 GCA confronted the challenge of migration to Moodle 2.0. That was a big challenge for all Moodlers, let alone for an organisation who had a portfolio with 265 plus courses and iterations.

How did GCA respond to the challenge? How Moodle 2 affected Instructional Designers, Facilitators and end users? Which are the benefits and which are the new challenges that occured?

This will be a presentation of Moodle in the corporate world. A solid proof of how Amazing Moodle is!

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  • Hello I am Anna Krassa and I started my collaboration with GAC as HRD Moodle Partner collaborator, back on 2007 and my first role in GCA was the role of a facilitator. Due to my Moodle expertise my role changed to Moodle Admin on 2011 and on 2012 I became a member of the Academy's team. Here I am going to present you a case study from the corporate world: The GAC Corporate Academy.
  • And since we are talking for GAC Corporate Academy, let's take a look first to who is Gulf Agency Company. GAC is a worldwide service provider dedicated to delivering integrated services to the Shipping, Logistics, Marine and related markets through an international network. GAC consists of more than 9,000 professionals who speak more than 100 languages and are spread in more than 300 offices in 40 countries.
  • On 2007 the Company decided that the best way to train its people is using asynchronous e-learning courses and that the best tool to use is Moodle. Six years later GCA is has 6 full time staff 15+ external facilitators Around 100 courses launched per year 90% of courses conducted through eLearning “ The central transmission station of the GAC Spirit”
  • GCA courses are divided in the following categories: Foundation Courses Business English Courses Business Operations Courses Commercial Courses Professional Development and Leadership Courses Finance, Quality and Innovation Courses Their content is being made by the GCA conentent development team in conjuction with Subject Matter Experts. Courses are build online by me -the site administrator and are provided as facilitated courses. Most of them due 8 weeks and just a couple 4 weeks.
  • From the begining, it had been decided that the pedagogical approach of GCA courses would be the social constructivism, in its simpler approach. Thus the Moodle courses were constituded by Resources (labels, files, pages) and Forums. So simple and so effective!
  • Two years and five moodle 2 versions later, I am not sure how many of you remember the implications we all faced then. Let me remind you that when Moodle 2.0 released many major changes had been introduced, remember navigation block, settings block and a whole new file system, completely different.
  • In 2011 GCA had already a portfolio of 300 courses and 4000 users and a commitment towards the users that past courses will be always accessible. At the same time, we considered this major upgrade as a good opportunity for a good clean up of our site, and major maintainance work. Yet at that time we hadn't the ability to backup 1.9 courses and restore them in 2.X system.
  • So since the challenge was big, we avoid any pre-mature moves. In other words? We decided to stay in 1.9 during 2011, planning and preparing the migration to 2.0. Finally on December 2011 we decided to maintain the old 1.9 version as it was, and setup a new Moodle 2.0 site. In order not to disconfort our users we connected the two sites using Mnet. And gradually we migrade only the necessary courses.
  • Overcoming the technical hiccups -with Puikinui's support- within two months from the begining of the implementation, we were ready to launch our courses. Facilitators and participants had been asked to start working in a whole new system with different Navigation, docking facilities, file uploader... and so on. The only helping stuff we provided them were some basic tutorials on how to navigate, how to check grades, how to dock). Guess what... we had 0 complains.
  • Not impressed? Well, ok. We just took the old courses, maintaining the same look and feel in the new system. Perhaps not having 0 complains wasn't that big deal... Gradually though we started using some more moodle tools and feautres, despite the well known resources and forums for general use. Like... lessons, assignments (uploading files, providing online text, provide nothing), rubrics and marking guides conditionals progress tick boxes Q and A forums Again with 0 complains. Several questions, but 0 problems.
  • Still not impressed? This year we introduced even more moodle tools like database and glossary and just recently we did one more step further and used Workshop and Wiki. Again new tools have been used smoothly and effective. I must admit that it was surprising for me to see people using and contributing to the Wiki, that easily. In workshop we faced some implications, mostly with late comers, yet this one worked very good too.
  • So what's the Amazing? In Moodle Community we are used to see teachers combining all three roles of : Content Developer, Course Developer and Facilitator. And when we say “teachers” we usually assume that they are more or less experienced Moodlers. In GCA there are just 2 Moodlers. From the 6 full time stuff and the 15 facilitators and the 20+ SME, there are only two people who “speak Moodle”: Business Manager and Admin. Yet GCA is in position to run around 100 courses and support about 2000 participants. Now how this could be feasible, if Moodle wasn't just... Amazing!
  • The Αmazing... Μoodle!

    1. 1. The Amazing... Moodle!By Anna Krassa – GAClearn Administratorimoot 2013
    2. 2. 100languages9,000 +employees300officesA few words about Gulf Agency Company...40countries
    3. 3. 60+ countriesreached few words about GAC Corporate Academy15+ certifiedfacilitators200+offices served90% elearning100 courses per year6 full time stuff
    4. 4. GCA courses are about...●Foundation Courses●Business English Courses●Business Operations Courses●Commercial Courses●Professional Development and Leadership Courses●Finance, Quality and Innovation Courses
    5. 5. Social constructivism...
    6. 6. The 2011 challengeMoodle 1.9Moodle 1.9 Moodle 2.0Moodle 2.0
    7. 7. GCA in 2011 had...300+ courses 4000+ users
    8. 8. Thus in 2012...
    9. 9. So... whats the Amazing?
    10. 10. So... whats the Amazing?
    11. 11. So... whats the Amazing?
    12. 12. Moodle is Amazing!