Getting rid of blackheads


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The answer to the problem of getting rid of blackheads seems fairly straightforward and it is likely that most people at some point in their lives have had trouble with these pesky varmints, unfortunately eliminating blackheads in the first place is only half the battle, this article looks at how to take care of your skin to prevent them from returning.

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Getting rid of blackheads

  1. 1. Getting Rid Of BlackheadsThe answer to the problem of getting rid of blackheads, seems fairly straightforward and it is likelythat most people, at some point in their lives have had trouble with these pesky varmints,unfortunately eliminating blackheads in the first place is only half the battle, the other half is tryingto keep them from coming back.In order to understand a bit more about this it may be best to have a look first at the causes ofblackheads, this is a condition related to acne.Blackheads occur on the skin as a result of the pores becoming blocked up, they can actually occuranywhere on the body, but they generally affect the facial region on most people.Getting Rid Of BlackheadsThe pore openings on the surface of the skin become blocked with dead skin cells, not dirt as somepeople think, it may look like dirt, but the black color is caused by the compound melanin found inskin, which turns this color when the skin cell dies off, it therefore follows that getting rid ofblackheads must begin with keeping the skin defoliated.Once the pore surface becomes clogged in this way, natural oil in the body called sebum, which issecreted from sebaceous glands found at the base of hair follicles cannot escape through the poreand thus it forms a build-up, it then thickens and turns a creamy white color.Over active sebaceous glands, which are the prime cause of acne, are generally thought to happen asa result of a hormone imbalance in the body, and it affects both males and females from earlypuberty until middle age, this is usually worse for teenage girls and women, as they generally sufferthe greatest amount of hormonal change, through their menstrual cycle, pregnancy and earlymenopause.Obviously there is little that can be done with any over the counter remedies for correctingimbalances in hormones, although it can be done with certain drugs in exceptional circumstancesbut these type of medications for getting rid of blackheads does not fall into this category.Getting Rid Of Blackheads – General Advice And TipsIt should be obvious by now that your need to keep your face clean and clear of any dead skin cellsas mentioned above, it should be noted though that continually washing your face will have noeffect on your blackhead problem and will probably do more harm than good and may well dry outyour skin to much, so avoid doing this.It is also not recommended that you squeeze blackheads at every given opportunity trying to ridyourself of them, if done incorrectly or too harshly you could easily damage your skin, if you feelyou must do this then follow the procedure outlined below to minimize the risk to your skin.You may have also read about how your diet may effect your condition, and whilst it is certainlyrecommended that you have a healthy, well balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables,there is no scientific evidence to suggest it has any effect on the sebaceous glands in the body,nevertheless it is a wise precaution to cut unnecessary fat, junk food, salt, sugar and heavilyprocessed foods from your diet, it may do nothing to help in getting rid of blackheads but it willmost certainly be beneficial to you health especially later in life.As you are probably aware there are hundreds of different products on the market for treatingblackheads, some work quite well, others will help and some are completely useless, it goes withoutsaying you will not find any of the latter recommended on these pages.There are no miracle cures, some products work better than others for different people so it may
  2. 2. largely be a case of trial and error to see what works for you.Follow These Tips For Getting Rid Of Blackheads Quickly • Maintain a healthy lifestyle; This means a healthy well-balanced, vitamin rich diet, with regular exercise and adequate sleep, avoid junk foods. • Keep the body well hydrated, this is very important to maintaining healthy skin, it is generally recommended to drink at least six to eight glasses of plain water every day. • Wash your face two to three times a day using a mild soap that is formulated for acne sufferers, do not use harsh, perfumed soaps. • Use a skin defoliant, or some form of light facial scrub to remove dead skin cells. • Avoid touching your face with your hands, especially if they are not clean. • Avoid heavy cosmetics, always use water-based products and remove all traces before going to bed, never used oil-based make-up. • Apply a non-greasy moisturizer to the face after washing. • Regular facial saunas will help open the pores on the face and assist blackhead removal, wash the face after using this treatment and the flush the face with cold water to close the pores back up. • Keep the face out of hot sun, if you have to use a UV cream make sure it is water based. • Cleansing products containing Benzoyl Peroxide may be beneficial as they are recommended to acne sufferers, make sure they are low concentrate, below 2.5%Remember that any over the counter treatments for blackheads that you use must be applied andused as instructed for as long as recommended, failure to stick to a regular cleansing routine willalmost certainly give disappointing results, so you need to be dogged in your approach and preparedto strictly follow any suggested regimen for getting rid of blackheads in the long term.For more great advice on acne and general skincare go to