Best moisturizers for acne skin


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This article is dedicated to acne moisturizers in an attempt to bring some order to the hundreds of different products available for the acne sufferer.
The following products are not randomly chosen, the consumer feedback for each of these products has been researched, therefore only those products that had the most positive feedback will appear.

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Best moisturizers for acne skin

  1. 1. Best Moisturizers For Acne SkinIntroduction To The Top Ten Acne MoisturizersHere is a rundown on some of the best Moisturizers for acne skin in an attempt to bring some orderto the hundreds of different products available for the acne sufferer.The following products are not randomly chosen, the consumer feedback for each of these productshas been researched and therefore only those products that had the most positive feedback willappear.Of course, it is not possible to generalize as everyone is different and so is their skin type.As well as a persons tolerance of certain ingredients contained in acne moisturizers , some products,while being perfectly fine for most may not have made it to this list as they may have caused moreirritation overall to users.This is my prime consideration and is probably yours too, nobody wants to use a product that ismore likely to cause them discomfort, therefore by removing those from the list that haveconsistently caused problems for users the field is narrowed quite considerably to make it easier foryou to make your own choice of acne moisturizers.Complex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face CreamComplex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face Cream made by Schering-Plough Healthcare, is anexcellent light moisturizing cream that is eminently suitable for acne sufferers.First and foremost it is non-comedogenic, this means it will not clog the pores on your skin andworsen your acne condition.It is a very thin, lightly formulated product so it will be of the most use to people in warmerclimates and of particular use in the summertime, in colder areas or during the winter you may needto switch to something that offers a little more protection to drying.This is an unperfumed product and therefore has little or no smell, it will also help to soothe yourskin particularly if you have been using an acne treatment like Benzoyl peroxide.On most people it will dry to a dull finish and will not leave skin looking to shiny.This product has been around a long time and is well liked by many, because of it’s lightness.Complex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face Cream has also been formulated as a lotion, this isavailable in 8 oz bottlesComplex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face Cream – SummaryThe Good • Quality product from a trusted company • Non-comedogenic • Unperfumed
  2. 2. • Light non-greasy formula • Soothes the skin • Reduces dryness caused by other treatments • Reasonably pricedThe Not So Good • Little or no sun protection factor (SPF) • Not suitable for cold weather protection • Comes in small 2.5 oz tubes • May require several applicationsCerave Moisturizing LotionCerave Moisturizing Lotion is certainly one of the best moisturizing lotions for acne, it is thinlyformulated, non-greasy and may be used all over the body, which makes it especially suitable forback and chest acne.Users have said Cerave leaves their skin feeling great after use, smooth and velvety, glowing but notshiny, it is also unperfumed, so there is no residual smell.It is easy to apply via the pump dispenser which is a genorous 12 fluid ounce size.The makers claim that one application will effectively hydrate the skin all day long, this may wellbe true under ideal circumstances but it will most certainly depend on ambient conditions, at anyrate this is a clinically proven skin hydration product, so it will do what it says on the label.At around $17 a bottle it may seem expensive, but bear in mind this is a large 12 fluid ounce bottle,so it will last a long time and therefore over time works out relatively lower in cost compared toother products.Cerave Moisturizing Lotion – SummaryThe Good • Non-Greasy • Moisturizes well and protects from dryness • Leaves skin feeling smooth • Reasonably priced • Thin and easy to apply • Unperfumed • Available in pump dispenser • Good for use under makeup • One of the best acne moisturizersThe Not So Good • Some of the ingredients in Cerave moisturizer may cause irritation, so it will not suit everyone
  3. 3. Neutrogena Moisture Oil Free Formula MoisturizerNeutrogena Moisture Oil Free Formula Moisturizer, is definitely one of the best products aroundfrom an established company, comes in two versions both with UV protection and without, go forwithout unless you really need it.This product is particularly good if you have oily skin and after application produces a matte-effectto the skins surface, this may not last throughout the day with oily skin however.There is no smell to this product and it hydrates the skin well, one point may be to not use too muchat once as it may take a while to absorb.Neutrogena Moisture Oil Free Formula moisturizer is recommended by some dermatologists as it isnon- comedogenic.Not the cheapest around but comes in several sizes, this one is definitely worth a try especially ifyour skin is oily.Neutrogena Moisture Oil Free Formula Moisturizer – SummaryThe Good • Effective skin hydration • Non-comedogenic • Hypoallergenic • Unperfumed • Recommended by dematologists • Non-greasy formula • Controls oil and dulls shiny skin • Will not cause acne breakouts • SPF formula availableThe Not So Good • Not the cheapestClean & Clear Oil-Free Dual Action MoisturizerClean and Clear Oil-Free Dual Action Moisturizer is a non-greasy medicated formula with a slightsmell, it moisturizes the skin well and is relatively inexpensive.This product is probably less than suitable for people with sensitive skin as it can cause quite astinging or burning sensation when applied, some users reported a worsening of their acne afterapplication, so once again this seems to be a product that will not be good for all skin types,that saidit is especially good for oily skin and will leave a pleasant matte sheen to it.Contains salycic acid a tried acne remedy, this may account for the burning sensations felt by someusers if their skin is not accustomed to its use.
  4. 4. Clean and Clear Oil-Free Dual Action Moisturizer – SummaryThe Good • Non-greasy • Medicated formula • Pleasant smell • Moisturizes well • Reasonable costThe Not So Good • Can worsen acne in some cases • Can cause burning and irritation • No sun factor protectionDML Daily Facial MoisturizerDML Daily Facial Moisturizer is one of those products that goes largely undected maybe becauseof its unassuming packaging, but this is a super product that is often recommended byDermatologists.It is light and creamy with good absorbtion, it is non comodegenic and non irritating in most cases.It is not greasy or sticky and is very easy to apply, leaves skin soft with a nice sheen.In addition DML Daily Facial Moisturizer has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 25 making it idealfor people who need to be outdoors, it is unperfumed and hypoallergenic.If you have had problems with other moisturizers it will be worth giving DML Daily FacialMoisturizer a try.It forms an excellent base for the application of cosmetics, and is also available as a lotion. Comesin a 1.5 ounce plastic tube.DML Daily Facial Moisturizer – SummaryThe Good • Non-Greasy • Moisturizes well and protects from dryness • Leaves skin feeling smooth • Non-comedogenic • Hypoallergenic • Water Resistant
  5. 5. • Unperfumed • Good for use under makeup • One of the best acne moisturizers • Recommended by Dermatologists • UV Protection (SPF 25)The Not So Good • A little pricyCetaphil Moisturizing CreamCetaphil Moisturizing Cream is another tried and trusted product by many people and has beenaround for some time, it is available as a cream or a lotion and the large 16 ounce containers giveyou quite a lot for your money, there are smaller portable sizes available too.It is non-comedogenic and unperfumed, this is a very good at moisturizing the skin but the cream israther thich and can take quite a while to apply, it is also slightly greasy to apply as it is so thick,may also leave the skin a little shiny, despite these drawbacks Cetaphil Moisturizer is an excellentproduct and is pehaps better off used as a night cream, it would not make a very good foundationbase for cosmetics, offers very good value though.Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream – SummaryThe Good • Excellent hydrating properties • Non-comedogenic • Good value for money • Unperfumed • Very good for dry, flaking skin • Soothing to the skin • Leaves skin feeling smooth • Available as a lotionThe Not So Good • Thick, takes a while to apply • appears a little greasy • No SFP
  6. 6. Proactiv Solution Oil Free Moisture SPF 15Proactiv Solution Oil Free Moisture SPF 15 is another really good product, but it is quite expensive,as its name suggests it is a non-oily and non-greasy formulation that is absorbed easily into the skinif your skin is dry.It is non comedogenic and should not cause any irritation, apart from the price irs main drawbackseems to be it smells a lot like sun creamProactiv Solution Oil Free Moisture – SummaryThe Good • Excellent hydrating properties • Non-comedogenic • very good for dry, flaking skin • Soothing to the skin • Leaves skin feeling smoothThe Not So Good • Quite expensive • Not quite so good for oily skin • Fragrance like suncreamMurad Anti-Aging MoisturizerMurad anti-aging moisturizer is another excellent product but is once again at the high end of thepricing scale.The list of ingredients for this product is huge mainly because it claims to do other things besidemoisturizing, it can help to hide marks and blemishes and helps control oil production in the skin, asits name suggests it also contains anti-aging ingredients that help tone and hydrate the face makingthe skin appear younger looking, it also has a good sun protection factor.For a product that does everything this is probably the best but quality does not come cheap.Murad anti-aging moisturizer – SummaryThe Good
  7. 7. • Excellent hydrating properties • Non-comedogenic • UV protection • Controls skin oil production • Leaves skin feeling smooth • Developed by Dermatologists • Helps fight acne • Helps minimize blemishesThe Not So Good • Very Expensive • Comes in small tubesEucerin Clear Skin Formula Daily Control & Care MoistureCremeEucerin Clear Skin Formula Daily Control & Care Moisture Creme is another excellent productfrom an old established company and one that is often recommended by dermatologists, no doubtdue to its known formulation.As well as being a good moisturizer Eucerin also helps to unblock pores that making it that mucheasier to keep skin problems like acne at bay.Eucerin is non-comedogenic and is non-irritating to bad skin conditions, it is a non-greasy formulaand is easily absorbed into the skin.Eucerin Clear Skin Formula Moisturizer Creme – SummaryThe Good • Helps keep pores clear • Oil-free moisturization. • Non-comedogenic • Non-acnegenic • Does not cause irritation • Reasonably pricedThe Not So Good • Perhaps a little thick better for nightcare • Better as an acne treatment than moisturizer_______________________________________________________________________
  8. 8. Ponds Dry Skin CreamPond’s Dry Skin Cream may not be suitable for you if you have oily skin, but they also make adifferent formulation of this product for that skin type.Having said that this is an excellent cream for other types of skin, it may take a while to absorb andit may feel a little greasy, but at around $8 for a ten ounce jar Ponds cream is hard to fault, it doeshave a fragrance that you may or may not like but it is not overpowering, it is very gentle ansoothing to the skin and leaves it feeling beautifully soft.It is non-comedogenic so it will not clog up facial pores and of course it may be used all over thebody. Probably best used as night cream where it offers exceptional value for money.Ponds Dry Skin Cream – SummaryThe Good • Non-comedogenic • Good hydration properties • Excellent value for moneyThe Not So Good • Takes a while to absorb • Not the best for oily skin • Slight smell