Top 20 [Hall of Fame] iPhone & iPad Games in The Market


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Listing the top 20 most popular iPhone & iPad games in the market, this list of free & paid games are most acclaimed games at iTunes.

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Top 20 [Hall of Fame] iPhone & iPad Games in The Market

  1. By, Anna Harris Web Content Writer TOP 20TOP 20 (hALL oF fAME)(hALL oF fAME) iPhone & iPad GamesiPhone & iPad Games in The Marketin The Market
  2. Contents at Glance 1. Real Racing HD1. Real Racing HD 2. Bridge Constructor2. Bridge Constructor 3. Candy Crush Saga3. Candy Crush Saga 4. Angry Birds4. Angry Birds 5. Puzzlejuice5. Puzzlejuice 6. Bubble6. Bubble 7. Injustice:Gods Among Us7. Injustice:Gods Among Us 8. Temple Run 28. Temple Run 2 9. Fruit Ninja9. Fruit Ninja 10. Asphalt 7:Heat10. Asphalt 7:Heat
  3. Contents at Glance 11. Slingshot Racing11. Slingshot Racing 12. Frontline Commando:D-Day12. Frontline Commando:D-Day 13. Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders13. Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders 14. Trigger Fist14. Trigger Fist 15. Star Wars: Knights of the old republics15. Star Wars: Knights of the old republics 16. Need for Speed: Most Wanted16. Need for Speed: Most Wanted 17. Clash of Clans17. Clash of Clans 18. Plants vs. Zombies HD18. Plants vs. Zombies HD 19. Contra: Evolution19. Contra: Evolution 20. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City20. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  4. 1. Real Racing HD  With over 50 cars from makers like Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini, Buggati and more...  Real Racing 3 (HD) has set new standards for racing games.
  5. 2. Bridge Constructor  Over 11 million downloads worldwide.  No. 1 game for iPhone & iPad in 30+ countries.  24 brand new levels along with SlopingMania add-on.
  6. 3. Candy Crush Saga  More Than 300 Addictive Levels.  An adventurous puzzle game within a world full of candies.  Unlock various items like boosters and charms on completing levels.
  7. 4. Angry Birds  Destroy the Defenses of greedy piggies using the angry birds power.  Now boost-up the power of your bird and also enhance their abilities.
  8. 5. Puzzlejuice  Puzzlejuice is an ultimate game for all puzzle fans.  Funky music, compelling designs & colorful lovable blocks falling down.  Puzzlejuice gives you a complete blend of puzzle & entertainment.
  9. 6. Bubble  Fun loving bubble bursting game for toddlers.  Bubble bursting sound is too good & sounds very true.  Small kids & toddlers simply love this game.
  10. 7. Injustice:Gods Among Us  It is free to play card game by Warner Bros.  Featuring your favorite comic icons like Batman, Superman, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Wonder Women and lot more.
  11. 8. Temple Run 2  Temple Run 2 has recorded over 170 million downloads till date.  Featureing new graphics, new obstacles, more achievements & powerups.
  12. 9. Fruit Ninja HD  Worldwide smash hit game for iPhone, now also available for iPad.  It works great on the bigger screen of iPad with HD graphics  This game has become a sensation within a small period of time
  13. 10. Asphalt 7: Heat  Asphalt 7 is currently the best racing game for mobile phones with stunning looks and features.  More than15 real racing tracks including new tracks like Hawaii, Paris, London and so on.  Cars from prestigious manufacturers like Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini & more...
  14. 11. Slingshot Racing  Slingshot racing is exclusively developed for iOS devices  Create your own mini tournaments as you like it.  Play it with friends & family with 4 way multiplayer on Game Center.
  15. 12. Frontline Commando:D-Day  Stunning sound & visual effects  An ultimate 3rd person shooter experience.  Incredible array of classic weapons from world war II.
  16. 13. Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders  It's a air combat game based on world war II  An ultimate 3rd person shooter experience.  Unmatched visuals like bump mapping, scattering atmosphere, clouds with realistic lightening, radial blur and more...
  17. 14. Trigger Fist  Trigger Fist actually delivers what a gamer expects.  Listed among the best 3rd shooter game in App Store and also acknowledged as “Editors choice award”.
  18. 15. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republics  Based on the epic movie “Star Wars”.  Customizable characters including Twi'leks, Droids & Wookiees.  Vivid starships to travel within eight different worlds.
  19. 16. Need for Speed: Most Wanted  Evading an enormous police force while clashing with other racers.  Due to its geared-up graphics, it's required to have 1.8 GB free space in your device.
  20. 17. Clash of Clans  It's an epic combat game based on strategy.  Filled with fun & strategies, this is among the top games listed in iTunes.
  21. 18. Plants vs. Zombies  Winner of 30+ game of the year awards.  Protect your plants from getting invaded by fun loving Zombies.  50 Adventurous levels.
  22. 19. Contra: Evolution  It's the first official Contra game for iOS devices.  New exciting levels & characters including full tutorial.  Collect new weapons from in-game weapon shop.
  23. 20. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City  High resolution graphics, beautiful character models and lighting effects.  iCloud game support for saving your game.  Countless hours of Game Play.
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