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Final activity report

  1. 1. Table of ContentsA. Executive Summary1. Media Relations Press Releases Pitch Letters Media Lists Press Lists2. Competitor Analysis3. Social Media4. Blog Outreach5. Events6. Promotional Materials7. Future Recommendations8. Measurement and Evaluation9. Appendix
  2. 2. Executive SummaryDear Suzanne and the Parakeet Feet Family,On behalf of Ithaca College’s Public Relations Lab team, we would like to thank you for yourtime and support throughout this past semester. It was truly a pleasure to work with ParakeetFeet and we cannot express how much we appreciated your feedback and encouragement.Over the past semester, our team worked diligently to increase awareness of your business inthe local community and increase traffic into Parakeet Feet. Through special holiday eventsand social media strategy, we believe that we were successful with these goals. The graphicswe created helped to draw further attention to your business. We are very proud to havehelped strengthen Parakeet Feet’s presence in the community. Your team is extremelypersonable -- and your products and services are so unique to Ithaca that it was veryenjoyable to represent your new store.This final report includes all press kit materials, graphics, social media strategy and futurerecommendations that our team prepared for you. We were able to successfully reach yourtarget audience in order to help educate the Ithaca community about your mission. Throughpress releases, pitch letters, graphics, social media strategy and future recommendations, weare confident in the abilities of Parakeet Feet to continue its success in Ithaca by utilizing theresources we have provided you.Our experience in working with your team has been truly valuable to us as we prepare tograduate. We enjoyed working with you and send you best wishes for a thriving andprosperous future.
  3. 3. Completed Activities Media RelationsPress Releases: • New Winter Styles press release (approved) o This release was designed to showcase the new winter shoes that are available at Parakeet Feet. The idea was to create buzz within the Ithaca community about the different types of winter styles available at the store and encourage people to visit Parakeet Feet before the winter weather hits. The release highlighted the owner’s experience and the specialized fitting available at the store. The release also explained the sisters’ passion for improving the health of children in the Ithaca community.Appendix X** o This type of release can be adapted for each season (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall). Every season when Parakeet Feet gets in new styles and different products that have to do with that season, the store can send a release out to the community papers to help promote the new products. o Next Steps: Send releases to local newspapers.
  4. 4. Pitch Letters: • The Ithacan pitch letter (approved) o Pitch letters differ from press releases in that they target a specific media outlet and a specific editor, blogger or producer with a story angle idea. This letter focused on the fact that Suzanne Patterson is a student at Ithaca College who has opened a new and successful business in the Ithaca community. The letter focused on how Suzanne is using the skills she learned at the college to help with her new business. This letter has been sent to the editor of The Ithacan and we are awaiting feedback. o Pitch letters can be adapted to different media outlets by using different angles that have a connection to a specific newspaper, magazine, blog, or radio   or TV program.Appendix XX** o Next Steps: Send pitch letters out to media outlets. Research local newspapers to find sections and journalists who would have an interest in a story about Parakeet Feet and draft pitch letters addressed to these specific reporters.Backgrounder:We wrote a backgrounder on family-friendly activities that Ithaca has to offer. We recommendthat you enhance this document with a suggested brand and style of shoe, sold at ParakeetFeet, for each activity. This tactic is seen as a resource for families looking for things to do inIthaca while serving as a promotion for Parakeet Feet.Appendix XXX**
  5. 5. Proposed Media List Press ListsThe media list is a compilation of print, radio and online media distribution channels that can beused to benefit Parakeet Feet. The list gives contact names and important information thatcan be utilized to generate buzz about Parakeet Feet events and promotions. Relevant pressreleases and pitch letters can be sent to these contacts, as well as advertising to outlets suchas radio stations.On the next page, you will find an updated, detailed media list, which includes backgroundinformation about each media outlet. It is important to pick certain media outlets that willtarget Parakeet Feet’s audience. We used Cision, a public relations software, to assist in thecreation of the media list. We also found media sources by performing online research. InAppendix XXXX**, you will find each media outlet’s contact information.
  6. 6. Ithaca Times:The Ithaca Times has been Ithacas community newspaper for over 32 years. This localnewspaper is an efficient, cost-effective way to reach active and affluent consumers in theIthaca market. Every month 35,000 visitors generate 100,000+ page views searching forthe Ithaca area’s best dining, arts and entertainment options and checking out local news,views and politics. The sales representatives help design effective advertising campaigns thatwill tell Parakeet Feet’s story and get results. We also recommend setting up an interview withan editor for editorial coverage. Press releases should also be sent here.Reader Demographics:AGE: Median age: 42 years old. More than 73% of Times readers are between the ages of25 and 54.EDUCATION: Readers are highly educated: More than 80% have a college degree. Nearly40% have done some post-graduate work.HOME LIFE: More than 50% are married, 31% have children and 62% are homeowners.
  7. 7. Ithaca Child Paper for Parents:Ithaca Child is a newspaper written for parents in the Ithaca community that is released sixtimes a year. Parakeet Feet has already been in Ithaca Child and should continue to doadvertising in it. Press releases should also be distributed here. On the website, there is a‘Recommended Links’ section that Parakeet Feet can be featured on. Mama Goose, one ofParakeet Feet’s competitors, is on it.Radio Station 97.3 WYXL Lite Rock:97.3 WYXL is an advertising medium that “cuts through the clutter” of thousands ofmessages trying to reach consumers everyday. “Emotional, motivating, entertaining, andhabitual. Radio captures today’s consumers with powerful reach and critical frequency.”Radio Reaches: • Over 234 million people every week. • 93% of all consumers each week. • 94% of all consumers with $75k+ incomes • 92% of those with two or more children in household. • 92% of new home buyers. • Adult contemporary • Median age is 37 • 60% female listeners, 40% male listenersStation Strengths: In-office listening, Baby Boomers, professional offices (healthcare, schoolsand universities, legal offices), moms, women 35-64, emerging empty nesters, customerservice reps, upper-income and upper-educated consumers.
  8. 8. Ithaca Family Fun website is a resource with a wide range of fun activities for families todo in Ithaca and the surrounding Tompkins County. It serves as a local information hub forparents and caregivers looking for family friendly fun. It ranges from information about funplaces, classes, storytimes, and special events in the Ithaca area with links and contactinformation. • Parakeet Feet can feature possible holiday events under the “Holiday” category on the website. (Example: Halloween in-store event) • “Freebies, Deals, and Other Tips” category (Mama Goose and Jillian’s Drawers are mentioned) • “Story Time” category (if interested in holding a story time at store) – Mama Goose is mentionedThe Ithacan:“The Ithacan is the student-run publication of Ithaca College. We produce daily online contentalong with a weekly print edition. Our publication, one of the premier newspapers in the country,produces student content for news, arts, entertainment, culture and college sports. We alsoproduce blogs, podcasts, audio slideshows and videos.”-This may be a good place for a story about Suzanne since she has attended Ithaca College.Also, many faculty and staff members who read the Ithacan may have children.The Ithaca Journal:“The Ithaca Journal provides the communities of Ithaca and Tompkins County, NY with localnews and information, sports, education, crime and weather. Deadlines are at noon ET.” Thiscan be targeted for both advertising and editorial.
  9. 9. Finger Lakes Times:“Finger Lakes Times is published daily for the residents of Geneva, N.Y. and surrounding areas.The newspaper covers local and state news, business, sports, lifestyles and entertainment. “Life in the Finger Lakes Magazine:“Created to promote the entire 14 county Finger Lakes, Geneva, NY region to tourists,newcomers who have just settled there, and life-long residents. Focuses on the natural beautyand wildlife, the abundant history and the rich culture as seen through the people of the area.Additionally includes gardening articles, upcoming events, and news about cultural endeavors inthe area.”The Ithaca Community News:“The Ithaca Community News (ICN) is a non-profit news service bringing alternative news andviews from Ithaca, NY to readers all over the world. ICN is also a weekly email newsletter withmore than 8,000 subscribers.”This website includes both ‘News’ and ‘Events’ tabs, where Parakeet can have stories andinformation about upcoming events.Tompkins Weekly:“Tompkins Weekly is designed to offer a look at the issues faced by our elected officials, whileproviding a comprehensive calendar of community events, profiles of community residentsmaking news and other items of local interest. We encourage you to use our paper as acountywide venue for sharing news, information and ideas.”
  10. 10. Competitor AnalysisAfter reviewing the competitive landscape of children’s shoes in the Ithaca area, we’ve foundthat Parakeet Feet has strong advantages over its competitors. Because of Parakeet Feet’scommitment to providing accurate shoe fittings for children, in addition to the selection of newname-brand shoes, Parakeet Feet stands out above the competition. The Parakeet Feet logoreusable bag is another exclusive selling point among its competitors. Where Parakeet Feet cancontinue to grow is with an online store. Many shoe stores are beginning to sell their productsonline in order to expand their reach across the country. Although the local stores weresearched were limited in their social media use to Facebook and Twitter, Parakeet Feet canmaximize its social media use by utilizing YouTube for promotional and educational videosabout what makes Parakeet Feet a specialized shoe store in Ithaca. These videos can beposted on Facebook and Twitter, in addition to the website, which can help create a visualpresentation to attract new consumers.Famous Footwear • Location: Shops at Ithaca Mall • Purpose: sell men’s, women’s, girl’s and boy’s shoes • Features: National chain, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube) • Products/brands: o Adidas, Asics, Bass, Carter’s, Converse, Disney, K-Swiss, New Balance, Nike, OshKosh B’gosh, Ralph Lauren, Puma, Reebok, Rocketdog, Roxy, Saucony, Skechers, Sperry Top-Sider, Steve Madden, Stride Rite and Vans • Website:
  11. 11. Fontana’s • Location: Eddy Street, Collegetown • Purpose: sell men’s, women’s and kid’s shoes with a focus on fit • Features: ability to custom fit shoes to kid’s feet with over 100 years of experience, social media (Facebook, Twitter) • Products/brands: o Acorn, Columbia, New Balance, Sofft, AmeriBag, Converse, Asics, Danner, Jansport , Rainbow, Sperry, Baggalini, Danny K, Keen, Red Wing, Steve Madden, Beautifeel, Dansko, La Canadienne, Reef, Stonefly, Birkenstock, Doc Martens, Lowa, Remonte Dornorf, Superfeet, Blondo, Ecco, Manzella, Rieker, Teva, Blundstone, El Naturalista, Martino, Rocket Dog, Totes, Bostonian, Maxine, Rockport, Timberland, Brooks, Frye, Merrell, San Diego Hat, Ugg, Chaco, Haflinger, Minnetonka, Saucony, Vasque, Clarks, Hard Tail, Miz Mooz, Simple, Vibaram Fivefingers, Naot, Smartwool, Wigwam • Website:’s Drawers • Location: Ithaca Commons • Purpose: sell baby shoes and booties, social media (Facebook, Twitter) • Features: Also has a cloth diaper service and other baby essentials • Products/brands: o Pedipad o Robeez • Website: Goose • Location: 430 West State Street • Purpose: buy, sell and trade gently used children’s clothes, toys, gear and other necessities • Features: coupons and special offers, social media (Facebook, Twitter) • Products/brands: o Used items o New items homemade by local mammas o Robeez baby shoes • Website:
  12. 12. The Shoe Department • Location: Shops at Ithaca Mall • Purpose: to sell athletic shoes, boots, casual and dress shoes for boys, girls, men and women • Features: online store, national chain, social media (Facebook, Twitter) • Products/brands: o AND, Aloha, Animal Planet, Bellini, Capelli, Converse, Columbia, Crocs, Dingo, Duck Head, Dynasty, Hello Kitty, Trinkets • Website: theshoedept.comUpon review of Parakeet Feet’s competitors, we would suggest developing a strategy toexpand to an online store. In addition to increasing sales via Internet, we would also suggestthat Parakeet Feet utilize YouTube as a visual communication tool. By creating and postingvideos to create awareness, Parakeet Feet can save commercial costs by using YouTube as afree promotional service. These videos can be posted on other forms of social media and willalso serve as a strong communication tool for publications and other media outlets. We canalso provide you with ideas on YouTube content. Please let us know if you have any questionsor comments.
  13. 13. Social Media• HootSuite We recommended that Parakeet Feet use HootSuite to manage its social media networks. HootSuite allows businesses and organizations to seamlessly post pictures, tweets and other content to multiple social networks from one secure, Web-based dashboard, saving the user time while ensuring consistency.
  14. 14. • PinterestPinterest is a relatively new, yet quite popular social network that allows users to “pin”pictures of their favorite items onto Web boards they create and organize. We suggested thatParakeet Feet join Pinterest because it would allow the store to display its products in acreative way. • Pictures of Satisfied customers Posting pictures of children in Parakeet Feet purchases is a way to engage with the public on social networks, which brings attention to the business. This is a great, fun way to showcase products and the store. • Promotion & Coverage of Events Promoting and covering events on Facebook and Twitter encourage word-of-mouth of the business. Posts and tweets can easily be shared as a helpful and inexpensive way to broadcast events. Posting follow-up pictures of the event is a good way to bring attention to the social networks and inform people about the outcome of the event.
  15. 15. • Parakeet Feet: Blog OutreachA social media tool that we felt would be a successful platform for Parakeet Feet to dobusiness would be to reach out to mother bloggers in the Finger Lakes Region. Blogging hasbeen a growing movement from all over the world which allows people to share personal stories,photographs, and reviews from the mind of one or several people contributing to it. We believedthat our target market, which included mothers and grandparents, would relate very well tothese “mom blogs,” and Parakeet Feet would be able to promote themselves on them throughadvertisements or write-ups.After extensive research, we found three local “mom blogs” that we believed were the best forParakeet Feet to place themselves:“Keep It Real” is a lifestyle blog written by two mothers and close friends, Alyssa andKristen. Both women share an appreciation for natural living, good design, and healthy habits.Alyssa, a teacher and stay-at-home mother for two young boys, lives in upstate New York.Kristen on the other hand lives in Maine with her husband and baby girl. Although they live farapart, the ladies continue to write their blog together and stay good friends.“Blog She Wrote” is written by Heather, a homeschooling mother of four who lives in centralNew York. She was a former middle and high school biology teacher that turned to her blog forcreative expression and to share her knowledge on children, teaching, arts and crafts, andpersonal life experiences. An avid blogger since 2007 with over 300 followers, Heather iscertainly has a lot of useful information to share with mothers all over the region.
  16. 16. “Maya*Made” is a quirky blog written by mother and artist, Maya Donenfeld. Maya escapedfrom the city 11 years ago and now lives in upstate New York with her two children, cat, andsix chickens. After contributing to several publication as well as writing and publishing her ownbook about homemade DIY projects, Maya continues to share her crafty gift by making andselling eco-friendly housewares and green accessories on her Etsy page and shares it throughher blog. Maya proves that mothers upstate can carry just as much success as a mother livingin Manhattan. She is truly an inspiration to mothers in the surrounding upstate regions.One flaw that we discovered was that some of the blog followers were visiting these sitesfrom different states, including Pennsylvania, California, and even Canada. We found this to bea major issue because if Parakeet Feet were to advertise or promote themselves on theseblogs, some of their followers would not be able to physically go into the store and ultimatelygive them business. Since Parakeet Feet does not have an online store, this would not bebeneficial to their business whatsoever.After discussing this issue with Suzanne Patterson, owner and buyer of Parakeet Feet, wedecided to move in a different direction with the blogs and focus more on radioadvertisements.
  17. 17. EventsHalloween:Date: Wednesday, October, 31, 2012Where: Parakeet Feet StoreSponsors: Emmys Organics Halloween MacaroonsActivities: Face Painting, Best Costume ContestAdvertisements: Flyers, Facebook Graphics, Pamphlets to hand out at pre-schools,elementary schools, Radio spot on 97.3Features/Benefits: Increase traffic; create a relationship between customers and stores.Introduce costume accessories such as tutus. Update and inform customers over social Media.Introduce store to new clients. Build a relationship with new sponsors to use for future events.Time: 4 p.m.-7 p.m.Black Friday:Date: Friday, November 23, 2012Where: Parakeet Feet StoreActivities: “Shoe Surprise”- children will pick up a shoe and find a discount to use onpurchaseAdvertisements: Facebook GraphicsFeatures/Benefits: Increase traffic; create a relationship between customers and stores.Update and inform customers over social Media. Introduce store to new clients. Create a funenvironment and activity for children and parents to increase customer loyalty.Time: 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
  18. 18. Holiday Discounts:Date: Friday, December 7- December 23, 2012Where: Parakeet Feet Store/ OnlineActivities: Weekend DiscountsAdvertisements: Facebook GraphicsFeatures/Benefits: Increase traffic; create a relationship between customers and stores.Update and inform customers over social Media. Introduce store to new clients. Createincentives for customers to come to store and increase word of mouth. Get the customersinteracting with the store and the stores Facebook.Time: All day for 3 weekendsDates: Dec 8, 9 Dec 15, 16 Dec 22, 23Discount: 25% off all athletic 25% off all winter 25% off all sneakers boots accessoriesGraphics Due: Dec 4 Dec 11 Dec 18Future Events:Valentine’s Day:Date: Thursday, February 14, 2013Where: Parakeet Feet StoreActivities: Come in and create Valentine’s Day cards, children write down and hand intobasket what they think love means- to be posted on Facebook (best response wins a giftcard)Advertisements: Facebook graphics, flyers
  19. 19. Features/Benefits: Increase traffic; create a relationship between customers and stores.Update and inform customers over social media. Introduce store to new clients. Createincentives for customers to come to store and increase word of mouth. Get the customersinteracting with the store and the stores Facebook.Time: 4 p.m.-7 p.m.Mother’s Day:Date: Sunday, May 12, 2013Where: Parakeet Feet StoreActivities: Create a card for your mom; children send in why they love their mothers- bestresponse wins a giftcard for mom; share a picture of mother and child on Facebook and enterto win a prize.Sponsors: Emmy’s Organics- healthy snack for mothersAdvertisements: Facebook graphics, flyersFeatures/Benefits: Increase traffic; create a relationship between customers and stores.Update and inform customers over social Media. Introduce store to new clients. Createincentives for customers to come to store and increase word of mouth. Get the customersinteracting with the store and the store’s Facebook.Time: 4 p.m.-7 p.m.Father’s Day:Date: Sunday, June 16, 2013Where: Parakeet Feet Store
  20. 20. Activities: Create a card for your dad; children send in why they love their fathers- bestresponse wins a giftcard for dad; share a picture of father and child on Facebook and enter towin a prize.Sponsors: Emmy’s Organics- healthy snack for mothersAdvertisements: Facebook graphics, flyersFeatures/Benefits: Increase traffic; create a relationship between customers and stores.Update and inform customers over social media. Introduce store to new clients. Createincentives for customers to come to store and increase word of mouth. Get the customersinteracting with the store and the stores Facebook.Time: 4 p.m.-7 p.m.You can find pictures of the Halloween event and screen shots of Parakeet Feet using thegraphics designed by PR Lab on Facebook in Appendix XXXXX**
  21. 21. Promotional MaterialsHalloween Event Graphics
  22. 22. Black Friday Event Graphics
  23. 23. Holiday Discount GraphicsDates: Dec 8,9 Dec 15,16 Dec 22,23Discount: 25% off all athletic 25% off all winter 25% off all sneakers boots accessoriesGraphics Due: Dec 4 Dec 11 Dec 18
  24. 24. Future Recommendations for Parakeet Feet • Media Relations: o Google your business every week for possible new media write-ups o Research different newspapers-be on the lookout for possible stories to pitch or releases to send o Use press list to contact local papers/magazines/radio about upcoming events o Send press releases to contacts on press list • Website: o Update website daily with new products o Take professional photographs of individual products to put up on website o Consider updating the “About Us” section and embellishing with graphics • Products: o Take professional photographs of your products to post onto your website o Consider ordering new merchandise: § Shirts § Hats § Jackets § Gloves § Other new products • Social Media: o Continue to post pictures of events, customers and product lines onto Facebook and onto Twitter o Maintain an online presence and update social networks regularly to engage with your customers o Explore other popular social networks like Pinterest to showcase your brands and products in a creative way
  25. 25. • Marketing Intern: o Be in charge of updating social media profiles o Since Parakeet Feet is located near Cornell and Ithaca College, it would be easy to find a willing student o Inexpensive investment since most students work for minimum wage or for credit• Blog Outreach: o Reach out to mom bloggers at busiest times of the year: December holidays, back-to-school, Thanksgiving, days off of school, summer vacations o Encourage bloggers to do write-ups or reviews every month o Create partnerships with bloggers
  26. 26. Measurement & Evaluation:Events: To measure the effectiveness of events, keep track of the attendance at the eventsand monitor sales revenue.Facebook Likes: Keep track of the number of fans you have on your Facebook page. You can measuresuccess on Facebook by viewing the insights page on your account. The insights page allowsyou to view how many people are talking about your business, and you can view your totalreach, daily and weekly. Facebook insights allow you to see if you are obtaining people, fans ornon-fans that saw your posts in their newsfeed; paid, unique people who saw your post from asponsored product, such as Page Post Ad or Sponsored Stories; viral search, unique peoplewho saw this post from a story published by a friend. You will be able to tell if your Facebookposts are engaging with your users based on the number of likes and views onto your posts,pictures, etc.Twitter Followers: You will be able to measure the success of your Twitter account by keeping track ofthe number of followers you obtain and the number of interactions you have such as favoritetweets and retweets.Website Traffic Track and analyze the number of visitors you get to the website daily and see whatsection of the website they are looking at most frequently. This will help you tailor the rest ofthe website to your viewer’s needs.Bottom line, this public relations plan will help to increase sales revenue.
  27. 27. Appendix X**Press Release Contact: Name of PR Executive Company or Agency Tel: XXX-XXX-XXXX Email: xxxx@xxxx.comFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Winter Styles Available at Parakeet Feet Healthy Kids Start from the Ground UpITHACA, N.Y. – October XX, 2012– Parakeet Feet, a newly opened children’s shoe and accessorystore in Cayuga Heights, introduces its winter stock of boots and warm-weather shoes andaccessories on October XX. This season’s product line includes a variety of boots, socks and otherwarm-weather products. Families can come to the store for custom-fittings during store hours and alsocan set up appointments to have their children fitted for shoes.Parakeet Feet carries premier brands of shoes such as Stride Rite, Sperry, Primigi and many others.The store features numerous brands that are recognized by the American Podiatric MedicalAssociation. They also offer unique accessories for children along with a fun environment for shopping.The employees at Parakeet Feet are specially trained in properly fitting children’s feet to ensure thatthey have suitable shoes.Co-owner Suzanne Patterson, a former buyer for Barney’s in Manhattan, said “I bring my experiencefrom New York City in finding excellent quality products that are not only fashionable but sturdy andwell-made to offering Ithaca the best children’s products on the market.”Cassandra Moynihan, a former Montessori schoolteacher, said, “It is so important to ensure thatchildren have the proper footwear, especially during the winter season here in Ithaca when they spendso much time in colder weather. We decided to open the store after struggling to find properly fittingshoes for their own children. We are focused on the future of the store and the improving the health ofchildren in the Ithaca community.”About Parakeet FeetParakeet Feet is the premier full-service children’s footwear boutique located in Ithaca, New York,selling popular accessories and children’s footwear ranging in shoes sizes, newborn to youth size3. Parakeet Feet has trained associates on staff to properly measure children’s feet, and provideproduct information on different shoe options, including those recognized by the American PodiatricMedical Association. Shoe brands include Stride Rite, Pediped, Primigi, Naturino, Bobux, Primigi,
  28. 28. Jumping Jacks and many more. The store is located in Community Corners at 903 Hanshaw Road, inCayuga Heights, just a few minutes by car from Pyramid Mall. For more information, call 607-319-4261 or log on Like Parakeet Feet on Facebook and follow this store onTwitter. ###
  29. 29. Appendix XX**Pitch LetterTo: Kelsey O’Connor, Editor and Chief, The IthacanFrom: Chelsea RobieSubject: IC grad student puts communication skills to the test and opens a new business in IthacaDate: 11/02/12Dear Kelsey:Suzanne Patterson, M.S. in Communications student, applies the skills she has been learning at IthacaCollege to launch and promote a new children’s shoe and accessory store in Ithaca. Her passion andenthusiasm also have contributed to her being able to develop and live her dream as a creativeentrepreneur – and as an Ithaca native, Suzanne is delighted to set up shop back in her hometown.Suzanne and her sister Cassandra opened the store in August in Community Corners in CayugaHeights, just minutes from the Pyramid Mall. The new store offers a variety of footwear options andaccessories for children with a main focus on measuring children’s feet to ensure that they are properlyfitted for shoes, following the American Podiatric Medical Association. As a parent of two children,Suzanne firmly believes in footwear that fits just right and also has chic design. She brings herexperience as a buyer from Barneys New York’s flagship store in Manhattan to a younger audience.What’s more, Suzanne is working with a team of IMC and CMD students in PR Lab this semester tohelp her new store connect with the Ithaca audience. Last semester in Contemporary Topics: PublicRelations, Suzanne and a team of graduate students developed a strategic PR plan for Emmy’sOrganics, a company also formed by an IC alum, which produces healthy food products. This experiencemakes Suzanne an ideal “client” for PR Lab.The story of Parakeet Feet is an inspiring and interesting one for both students and alumni to read.Students will be able to see how they can transfer skills from the classroom to the real world andalumni will enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit.I can set up a time for you to talk to Suzanne by phone or in person at her store in Cayuga Heights. I’llcall you next week to see if you would be interested in this story. Meanwhile if you have any questions,please contact me at 561-302-3037 or at,Chelsea RobieClass of ’13
  30. 30. Appendix XXX**Backgrounder Contact: Name Email Telephone FAMILY FUN TO BE FOUND IN ITHACA, NYLocated in upstate N.Y., Ithaca is a city that hosts a variety of shops, restaurants, museums,state parks, festivals, waterfalls and much more. With an abundance of culture, Ithaca has amultitude of activities to offer guests of any age, making it just the place for visitors withfamilies looking for things to do.Discovery TrailThe Discovery Trail is a partnership consisting of eight educational organizations in TompkinsCounty that offers something for everyone. Through the Discovery Trail, visitors at any ageare able to learn and appreciate art, history, science, literature and the natural world. TheDiscovery Trail provides families with enjoyable, educational activities and sites.Families interested in the environment should be sure to visit the Cayuga Nature Center, anenvironmental education organization; The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, a bird observationfacility; and the Cornell Plantations, an area located on Cornell University filled with a botanicgarden and arboretum. These Discovery Trail sites provide families with the chance to observeaspects of Ithaca’s environment.Ithaca’s History Center, Johnson Museum of Art and the Museum of the Earth are frequentedby history-buffs. The History Center showcases exhibits devoted to Tompkins County’s localhistory and offers free admission to visitors. The Johnson Museum of Art is located onCornell University’s campus and holds one of the finest collections of art in Upstate N.Y. TheMuseum of the Earth is a major natural history museum that displays world-class fossilcollections and state-of-the-art exhibits through interactive, kid-friendly demonstrations. -more-
  31. 31. Family Fun Page 2 of 3The Sciencenter offers people of all ages a hands-on approach to learning the vast world ofscience by hosting over 250 exhibits. The Sciencenter was voted Ithaca’s Best Place forFamily Fun two years in a row by Ithaca Times, “Best of Ithaca” reader polls.The last stop on the Discovery Trail is found in downtown Ithaca, the Tompkins County PublicLibrary. The library hosts a world of information and programs including story telling and bookdiscussions.Farmer’s MarketThe Ithaca Farmer’s Market is located on Ithaca’s waterfront and features over 150 vendorsfrom the local area. At the Farmer’s Market visitors will experience Ithaca’s culture in locallygrown produce, meats and cheeses, art, furniture and entertainment. Live music, arts, craftsand games, and fresh food are all things to be shared with family members at the IthacaFarmer’s Market.State Parks: Gorges and WaterfallsAccording to the Visitors Bureau, Ithaca is home to 150 waterfalls within ten miles ofdowntown, each with its own gorge, hence the slogan, “Ithaca is Gorges.” The top three mostpopular gorges are Taughannock Falls State Park, Buttermilk Falls State Park and RobertTreman State Park. These state parks are a perfect getaway for families who enjoypicnicking, camping, swimming and hiking nature trails.Taughannock Falls State Park holds the northeast’s largest waterfall at 213 feetaccompanied with hiking trails and car-friendly convenience. Buttermilk Falls State Park has aflourishing gorge trail, that leads from the upper park down to the base waterfalls and swimarea. Robert Treman State Park has vigorous hiking trails that lead to the beautiful scenicwaterfall.Cayuga LakeIthaca is located at the end of the longest Finger Lake, Cayuga Lake, which is a huge touristattraction in Ithaca. Visitors admire the scenic view of the lake from Stewart Park and the -more-
  32. 32. Page 3 of 3Cayuga Waterfront Trail during any season. Cayuga Lake provides families with the option ofrecreational sports such as walking and biking trails surrounding the lake, swimming holes suchas Taughannock Falls State Park, kayaking rentals from Puddledockers, and cruises fromTiohero Tours.Visit Ithaca!For more information on the family-friendly attractions that Ithaca has to offer, check out For updates on events happening in Ithaca, find Visit Ithaca onFacebook. ###
  33. 33. Appendix XXXX**
  34. 34. Appendix XXXXX**Event Pictures, Event Graphics on Social Media
  35. 35. Thank You