Sebastian survey presentation 13 th march 2013


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  • Staff entitled to 4 weeks annual leave
  • Sebastian survey presentation 13 th march 2013

    1. 1. Strategic Decisions to make your business more effective and productive
    2. 2. • Ask yourself this question......Who are my key clients and service providers? • Do you see yourself being in partnership with these people? • What is the definition of partnership?
    3. 3. PARTNERSHIPS • Joint Ventures: Surveying /Technical Firms • Developers • Clients • Councils • Land Victoria • Water Authorities
    4. 4. PARTNERSHIPS • Equipment Sales and Technical Support • Recruitment Agencies • Accounting Firm • Banking Institution • Employees
    5. 5. Specialist services in the following areas: • Permanent Recruitment • Contract Recruitment • Payroll Services • HR Solutions
    6. 6. CASE STUDY Tapping into the hidden job seeker
    7. 7. • Cover Permanent Staff Leave : • Annual Leave, Personal Leave (10 days),Long Service Leave, Maternity Leave and Parental Leave “Able to provide quality contractors, quickly and at short notice.” • Project Specific Needs “Projects continue to be delivered with the support of agency when required.” • Provide Specialist Services “Armstrong have provided key staff who have added key capability for growth.”
    8. 8. • Work Cover • Insurances (professional indemnity & public liability) • Payroll tax • Tailored pay frequency to suit your employees and business • Our staff our experts in payroll • We keep abreast of changes to government legislations surrounding payrolling issues. E.g. Superannuation (9.25% 1st July 2013, to 12% July 2019), payroll tax. • We develop partnerships with our clients that allows them to grow and expand • Cost effective • It allows you to concentrate on your core business
    9. 9. CASE STUDY Outsourcing to the experts
    10. 10. Armstrong’s HR Solutions can help your business with key aspects of managing your people for maximum performance. Our areas of expertise are outlined below. Performance Management Development & Retention Transition & Succession Planning Exit Recruitment & Selection Advertising Interviewing Short listing Psychometric Assessment Reference Checking Police Checks Performance Reviews Feedback Loops Salary Reviews Psychometric Assessments for development Exit Interviews Analysis Salary benchmarking One on one discussions Engagement Initiatives Employee Surveys Conflict Management Career Development Succession Planning Promotion Interviews The Employee Life Cycle
    11. 11. CASE STUDY Updating HR policies
    12. 12. • Outsourcing recruitment allows you to focus on your core business • You can spend more time developing maintaining your existing staff • Recruitment agencies have access to a large pool of candidates who may not know about your company or considered working for you • Using a recruitment agency is more cost effective than undertaking your own recruitment • Recruitment agencies have up to date information and can offer advice on salaries and market trends • “It is not always a matter of square peg for a square hole”
    13. 13. Phone: 03 9822 7988 Sebastian’s Email : Website: