Treatment for Eczema
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Treatment for Eczema






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    Treatment for Eczema Treatment for Eczema Presentation Transcript

    • Treatment For EczemaHTTP://ECZEMATREAT MENT101.COM
    • Treatment For Eczema Eczema is an inconvenient skin condition that affects a fair amount of the population. A lot of treatment options are available and their effects vary from patient to patient. Some would be comfortable with the doctors prescription.
    • Treatment For Eczema Others would complement the doctors medication with natural alternatives. Even a lot of eczema sufferers would rather use the natural remedies. Its a free world and every eczema sufferer can use any therapy as he or she sees fit.
    • Treatment For Eczema Eczema is characterized by dry skin and it is common knowledge that applying moisturizers helps in this condition. One must also avoid the factors that trigger eczema. After that, treatment entails different measures to control the conditions.
    • Treatment For Eczema Flare-ups, that are also characteristic of eczema, are normally treated with topical corticosteroids. Such medication reduces inflammation and is relatively safe when used properly. Mild corticosteroids are normally used for children on the face and flexures like behind the knees and the crease of the elbow.
    • Treatment For Eczema More potent corticosteroids are for adults with lichenified or discoid eczema. Such steroids can be used for eczema on the limbs, torso, and scalp.
    • Treatment For Eczema Another symptom of eczema is lichenification; This is the thickening of the skin, and the exaggeration of normal skin markings. Lichenification gives the skin a bark-like and leathery appearance.
    • Treatment For Eczema To treat lichenification, bandages with coal tar, zinc, ichthammol are used. However, this treatment must be supervised by a medical doctor.
    • Treatment For Eczema For infected areas, the doctor might prescribe moisturizing bath additives and moisturizers. As for itching, short courses of antihistamines are occasionally prescribed. This is to help the reduction of severe itching during acute flare-ups.
    • Treatment For Eczema Eczema sufferers who are unresponsive to treatment, may have to undergo drastic measures. A course of corticosteroids may be taken orally to bring the inflammation under control.
    • Treatment For Eczema There are also natural alternatives for the treatment of eczema. These include gamolenic acide (extract of evening primrose). Another natural alternative is the use of herbal Chinese medicines.
    • Treatment For Eczema However, Chinese herbal remedies must only be used under the supervision of a specialist. Eczema is a nasty but manageable condition but the remedies are abundant. There are some therapies you can do by yourself, but it is best to consult with your physician before embarking on treatment of your eczema.
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