How to Learn Spanish


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How to Learn Spanish

  1. 1. How to Learn Spanish? From SpanishTutorJobs, one of the most respected and reliable language instructor. “Finally! The most Effective way to Learn Spanish – You just need you spend your little time” We use a simple method discovered by SpanishtutorJobs, anyone can learn How to Speak Spanish Quickly and Easy.
  2. 2. About us SpanishtutorJobs is a service for students learning Spanish. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive Online Spanish Course on the internet. We have Spanish Courses, Online Tutors, Interactive Spanish Games, a Language School directory and more. We have a wealth of information here in numerous general and niche courses, as well as a plethora of difference pages. For more info kindly visit us at:
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  4. 4. Would you like to learn how to speak Spanish that could fool a native speaker? Want the words to freely flow from your tongue instead of sounding like a slowed down, broken record because you’re constantly grasping for the correct grammar in your head? Enough! The “traditional” way of teaching Spanish doesn’t work for the most people – especially if you’re not in grade or college anymore. Even if you’re tried to learn a language before and failed, now you can learn “real-world” Spanish quickly and easily. We are a language tutor and after years of using methods that just don’t cut it, We have finally developed a course, Synergy Spanish, that really works for the rest of us. And here’s a best part all you need to do is learn 138 words – more about this later. It will work for you if: • You’ve never spoken a word of Spanish • After endless courses and months or even years of study, you still can’t sting a Spanish sentence together without a struggle. • Your need to learn a language quickly. • You are over 40 and “Learning isn’t as easy as it is used to be”. • You don’t want to spend countless hours worrying about grammar or sentence structure. • Spanish has been difficult for you in the past. • You don’t have a lot of time to devote to lessons. Now You Can Get By in Spanish With Just 138 Words It’s crazy. So many people who want to speak Spanish end up not being able to speak at all. Yet, we have used my knowledge of languages to develop a simple formula that virtually assures your success
  5. 5. Once you’ve tried this approach you’ll wonder, “why haven’t we been shown this before?” When you know the formula, it is a piece of cake to make thousands of Spanish phrases from that small lists of just 138 words. The secret lies in the simple method of combining Spanish words. A method that is very straight forward. In fact, with just a little effort you can master the entire system in as little as 25 days… It Doesn’t Matter How Old You Are, Or What Experience You Have had With Spanish, Now Communicating In Spanish IS Possible For Everyone • Speak Spanish that will impress even a native – even if you feel like you’ve had a “mental block” with learning Spanish before. • Avoid the traps that stop most people from finally speaking Spanish. • Feel comfortable in real – world Spanish conversations – in as little as one month – much less time and effort than other courses. • Learn how to connect with locals if you live in a Spanish – Speaking country or a Latino community in the US. • Converse with your Spanish – Speaking coworkers and neighbors. • Travel to exotic Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain, and experience the real flavor of the local culture. • Teach the children or grandchildren to speak Spanish. Learn Just a Handful of Words and Enhance Your Travel Experience You know ,travel is so much more enriching when you have enough confidence in your Spanish to get away from the tourist traps. Instead of some plastic, made – for – the – masses, fake experience , you can soak up the vitality of Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain, as you interact and move freely among the locals.
  6. 6. Native Spanish speakers really appreciate your efforts to speak to them in their language. When people realize that you are not a typical ugly foreigner expecting “them” to speak English, you will be amazed how warmly you are treated. If you work with Spanish speakers, or live in a Spanish country, then this course is even more important for you than it is for travelers. It has open many doors for many people to connect with native Spanish speakers. It has even been responsible for at least one marriage.
  7. 7. Why is This Course is So Different? Most courses teach you grammar and chunks. You learn adverbs and qualifiers today, the subjunctive tomorrow, the progressive the day after that. Most of the time you are just confused. You never make free – flowing sentences, and if you do manage to speak at all, it feels unnatural and stilted. Not only in this antiquated method of teaching grueling for the students, but it’s horrible for the teachers as well. You’d amazed how many teachers hate grammar based method. Yet, they have to teach it, because it is a part of curriculum. What’s worse? Grammar based methods almost never work. If it did work, millions of people would speak Spanish as a second language. Yet, very few people are able to use their classroom Spanish to communicate. In fact, if you have tried to learn Spanish already and failed, it’s not your fault. The fault lies in the ineffective methods that you have been exposed to. You see, studies show that these grammar – based methods of teaching language fail 95% of the time. Notice, we didn’t say, “95% of people fail to learn Spanish”. You didn’t fail, the method failed.
  8. 8. You may be wondering , “but we already know a lot more about that 138 Spanish words and we can’t communicate para nada (at all) ”. Again, it’s not your fault. The fault lies the methods you have been taught. Spanish words are usually taught in lists. The lists are based on a theme. This is a really easy and fast way to build a Spanish course. But it is next to useless for communicating. If we created our courses this way, it would take a few days instead of the best part of a year to make a course. I guess those courses make a sense for the publisher’s business, however, as a way for you to connect with the people in Spanish… Forget about it! Let me explain why it doesn’t work and what you can do about it. Here’s what usually happens with words lists. First day you learn words related to a theme e.g animals. So you learn the Spanish words for goat, pig, dog, donkey, horse, saddle, bridle, tiger, lion, zoo etc. Next day’s theme is furniture: bed, sofa, table, chair, armchair, cupboard, toy box, etc. if you learn 10 words a day then after three days 10+10+10 = 30 words. Now you know 30 words. That’s better than 3 days ago, but can you go out and communicate with Spanish world? Not really. What would you say? Dog cat armchair or pig saddle sofa? “On the other hand, when you multiply Spanish 10*10*10 = 1000 phrase combinations you can use at will to express yourself. The result is the difference between dog pig money vs. me gustaria verla esta noche (I would like to see her tonight)”
  9. 9. By using combinations, you speak in real Spanish sentences in next to on time. In fact, the example sentence is from lesson 3 of Spanishtutorjobs. You easily make sentences like this and many more by lesson 3. Best of all you can finish lessons 1 – 3 in just a few hours. This is the most powerful secret for your successful communication in Spanish. Instead of learning thematic words – lists that make you sound like a cave man, you discover patterns that multiply Spanish. Than the words flow naturally into Spanish phrases you can use anytime you want. You Can’t Possibly Fail, No Matter What Your Past Experience With Spanish Perhaps you too know what it feels like to study Spanish without finding any success in communicating. If you haven’t achieved the results you wanted, don’t worry, I have great news; you’ll speak in flowing sentences even before you finish section 1….by section 5, you’ll be speaking Spanish with real confidence everywhere you go.
  10. 10. If you need more info kindly visit us at: