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Anna Chamonina Portfolio23072010


Some of samples of my work from the first four years of my architectural adventure when i started study. …

Some of samples of my work from the first four years of my architectural adventure when i started study.

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  • 1. Works PortfolioAnna Chamonina Anna ChamoninaSomeSpaces for Human Some Human Spaces
  • 2. Working Space Office Building in San Luis Obispo, USA Living SpacePublic Spaces Apartment in Moscow City, Russia Vertical Garden in San Luis Obispo, California and City Hall in Saint Cyr, France
  • 3. Adapted Spaces for the Human Human inspires my work and thinking. My passion for traveling, living and studying during different parts of my life in Latvia, France, Marocco, Russia, Peru and USA, inspired me through their cultures, languages, people and environments. I believe in Impact that the space and environment have on Human’s brain, emotions, body and beha- vior. I assume the great responsability of an architect having the influence on user through the created space. My design is inspired by the user and made for him. The space can contribute to the well being, emo- tional, physical and psychological state of Human. While I apply this religion to my ideas and projected spaces, Inspiration is the Human I aspire to pursue my researches and apply them to my future creative process.Space’s influence on it’s user
  • 4. Vertical Garden
  • 5. Public Spaces Brake the rigidity of the Existing Building and offer students an inspiring gathering space In this project, supposedly to a former competition wining pro- ject, the existing Architecture Building is extended of two extra levels for Student Housing. Creation of an Urban Symbol in Campus scale - this Vertical Garden represents a link between the Existing Building and the new extended portion of Housing on the rooftop.Urban Symbol San Luis Obispo, USA
  • 6. I am inspired by Steven Holl’s Knut Hamsun Center in Hamarøy, Norway. My partie is to enrich the architectural building and to whole the campus - with a real urban symbol. My idea includes the creation of a new structural extention which allows to bring inside the building the nature and brake the rigidity of existing architectural shape. Creation of a new space of working, hanging out, relaxing, brainstorming and inspiration‘s seeking for stu- dents.My sketches show the architectural intention and designing process
  • 7. Peacful SpaceThe project presents the opportunity to extend site’s structural,architectural and functional possibilities. The program expects tocreate a canopy installation on the existing balcony of the 4thfloor of the Architecture and Enviromental Design Building in CalPoly.The composition of the polycharbonate panels by its shape andcontinuity with the form of the concrete balcony symbolize theexisting heavy, rigide building.The vertical garden is transpiercing the panels and braking them.Symbolizing the strenght of creativity, Freedom and Power of ideas,creativity and brainstorming of architecture students enclosed in Existing Building’s is massiveness and rigiditythis rigid and solid building and finally braking the physical cageof rigid, heavy institutions, walls and volumes.The architectural intention was to represent the freedom andbrainstorming of ideas braking the formal and sructural physicalchaines of monumental rigidness to escape and float in the airs. Vertical Garden
  • 8. Student Housing6th Floor/ExtentionStudent Housing5th Floor/Extention Design Studios 4th Floor/Existing
  • 9. To avoid enhancing aesthetically this very rigid and heavyconcrete building, the new structure makes a use of radicallydifferent materials.Vertical steel pipe tubes 5 inches of diameter are supportinghorizontal i-beems and composed concrete floors. Pipe tubesare supporting polycharbonate panels, as well.These panels are assembled in a sandwitch type panels withelectric lamp tubes inside. Vertical Garden
  • 10. Aesthetically , the vertical structure is completely integrated in theshape of the vertical garden inside and above the canopy. Polycharbonate Panels assambly
  • 11. Sandwitch panels structure includes, between two translucentpolycharbonate boards, a lighting system. Sandwitch panelsare held by steel pipe columns structure itself hidden fromouside views by the screen of vertical vegetation.Pipe’s and I beem’s assambly Steel Channel Bolt Pipe Column Welded Ledger Vertical Garden Plate
  • 12. The total design concept symbolizes thefreedom and power of ideas, creativityand brainstorming braking the chainesand physical cage of rigid, heavy wallsand volumes.Illuminated square panels symbolize therigidness of existing builiding withsteel structure that is totally invisible fromoutside between the band of bambooplantation along the illuminated poly-charbonate panel boards, which gives tothe structure the same Urban Symbol’simportance either the night or the day.The aesthetic of Moving Green InsideYard symbolizes the inlimited and ama-zing students brainstorming and creativityinside this building. Vertical Garden
  • 13. City Hall
  • 14. Public Space To symbolize the accessibility of Institution and People’s uthopic superiority over it Make the Citizen feel important The program expected a design of a City Hall and creation of a Public Space for a French town Saint Cyr of 17 000 inhabitants. Symbol of the Equality between People and their Administration is represented by the materiality, the contrast between the solid and the transparent. The Wedding Hall symbolizes the symbolic and physical link between the two partitions.Equality Symbol Saint-Cyr, France
  • 15. First Concept Models show my intention to divide some parts of theCity Hall program and to create a better visibility inside the buildingrepresenting the institution. These schematic sketches explain the conceptual development inbet- ween levels of the building. Building’s left side contains all the administration officies and the right side - reception and celebration halls and spaces. Formal design fallows the conceptual design main principles. The apparent cellular division of administration officies symbolizes the different organs of the machine that makes the City work or a general organism that makes the City live.Program’s conceptual development
  • 16. On this sliped site in Saint Cyr Ecole Militaire, small Frenchcommune of 17 000 inhabitants, my design concept for the CityHall, is to symbolize and render to this institution it’s real roleand meaning - the service for inhabitants.I wanted to create a City Hall serving people and being TheTown’s Working Machine. Functional and symbolically formalmechanism represented in this machine which makes this Com-mune function. City Hall
  • 17. 4th Floor, Offices 3rd Floor, Offices 1st Floor, Council Room and Offices Master Plan of the Library and the City Hall2nd Floor, Offices Main entranceWedding Hall
  • 18. City Hall
  • 19. City Hall
  • 20. Office Building
  • 21. Working Space Unify People through the fusion between the working and gathering spaces This Multidisciplinary Group’s Work is a project of an Office Buil- ding proposing a radical design solution for this angle situated site. Vertical Patio is an interactive and multifunctional space which is a link between all working spaces in this office building.Integrated Space San Luis Obispo, California
  • 22. The main intention is to create a quality of space which could con- tribute to reunify people in their work and firm’s activity. The Concept is to brake up with traditional “level by level” working space organisation where floors and people are divided. To interact with horizontaly organized office spaces the dicision is to integrate an interactive functional and socializing vertically deve- loped space.BW / Other Group Member’s Sketch Design development sketches show the symbolic fusion between the two volumes
  • 23. Other Group Member’s RenderingTwo functional entities are materialized and their different aspect isvisible from the street.Horizontally organized working spaces are behind the polycarbona-te translucent skin, and vertical interactive space has a transparentglazing envelope.A dynamic connexion inbetween these two materials reinforce theintended intention to represent a fusion between the two volumesand functions Office Building
  • 24. The vertical multifunctional patio offers to the building:-the natural light’s distribution into working areas-interactive meeting space space-visual link between levelsTo multiply qualities of this pation space, an idea was to bringinto this space different functions. On the glazing panels wallis installed a projection’s screen that allows the conference,meeting projection for inside appreciation, and firm’s adverti-sement projections integrated in it’s envelope and having aninteresting impact on street’s animation.Design process sunlight, views and program’s scheme
  • 25. All created spaces, inside and outside the building, can be divided in threehierarchized types of space.Outside: Inside:Public space/open, street’s space Public/walking and meeting areasSemi-public/covered, intermediate Intermediate circulation areasPrivate/inside the building Private working areas Office Building
  • 26. Integrated building envelope is elaborated by my groupcomposed of architecture, engineering and constructionmanagement major students.Facade was designed to reinforce the concept of Fusionand Collision between the two functional volumes.Materials and composition represent the collision’s Energy,Force and Movement.
  • 27. Office Building
  • 28. Apartment
  • 29. Living Spaces Design intention was to offer the various ambience living spaces and Flexibility The Client expected a proposal for a total Design project for his 225 m2 apartment situated in a luxury 15 floor apartment buil- ding in Moscow City . This living space program included a design of 3 bedrooms, Living room, Kitchen, Office, Bathroom and Sauna, and Winter Garden. This Project was elaborated during the 2 months of my work in Natalya Solopova’s Architecture Design Studio in Moscow City, Russia. This Project building started in February 2008.Flexible Space Moscow City, Russia
  • 30. Apartment’s surface and shape allowed and inspired a flexiblespace design.Design Project offers the most of natural Lighting, varisou Viewsand Ambiances to bring into all the apartment a harmonious spa-tial composition.Lounge and Reading Area‘s Design offers an intermediate day’sspace for dining, reading, childs playing and other functions.
  • 31. An important research of lightening was seeked for the cinemaspace’s illumination .I wanted to enhance the main and the longer axis of apartmentwith some strong lighting effects. This visual and physical axislinked a view on Cathedral and a view on the forest. Apartment
  • 32. Plan of Existing1st Version accepted by the Client2nd Version accepted by the Client
  • 33. 1st Version non accepted by the Client’s wife2nd Version non accepted by the Client’s wife Apartment3rd Version non accepted by the Client’s wife
  • 34. Several design proposals for the master bedroom were made,researching lightening environment and furniture’s design as well
  • 35. As the Client’s wife did not desire to have any plants in herWinter Garden, i imagined another aspect and use of this tinywinter garden.This Space was designed as a Floating Glass Bubbles Gardento bring a warm and joyful Light and Color ambiance into otherSpaces. Some dreaming space linking the Master Bedroomdreammy mood to the Living Room formal atmosphere. Apartment
  • 36. annachamonina@yahoo.fr +33 6 59 21 94 02Inspiration fallows me Fallow the Inspiration