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Better blogging
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Better blogging






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  • \n
  • very welcome to leave at that point if you decide no!\n
  • in the name of filling your heads with as much as possible in a short time, I’ll let you introduce yourselves to each other in the breaks - I’ll be around, please come and say hello\n
  • \n
  • Will it be a lot of work, is it worth it? Will I get returns on my effort?\ncan i lead the next arab spring?\n
  • here’s the thing\ngoogle search trends - in the news, you’ve come at an exciting time \nthere’ve been a few reactions to this in the webby world\n
  • web developer comic\n
  • what is it and why is it spelling the end of blogging? micro blogging platform, mostly visual content\nahead of the curve - the way we consume content online is becoming more visually orientated. I understand where I am and where to go next because a picture says it quicker than words\n
  • bought by facebook for an eye watering $billion. That’s $30 for every user. You’ll see that integrated with FB v soon \n
  • \n
  • pictures of things I’ve found on the internet that I want\nHere’s me being a vainasurus - bikes, better hair than I currently have and fashion\n
  • So the blog is over? No. 22.5% of all online activity is social networking and blogs. Other - I do not wish to say what I was doing online\nIt won’t go away. even if it’s declining, it’s still huge. The traditional blog undoubtedly led the way for the popularity of tumblr.\nAll those visual led blogging platform have written company blogs\n
  • Why is it still popular? This chap is talking about social media but it we could replace that for visual blogs. \nStruggle to beleive that the talent we’ve been developing since caveman times we’ll so willingly give up just to look at things\n
  • All very well that we know what’s growing but what do the successful people in those platforms have in common\nPersonality - this is a big one. They’re a voice, they’re a person, they’re just like me\nparticipate - talk to others, share content, read other bloggers. people who write blogs make up a huge portion of those that read blogs\nchange - controversial, self directed research\nWe’re not here to talk personal blogs. We’re here to talk corporate/organisational blogs\n
  • If you’ve got a marketing person that likes having a job you’ll find a style guide, brand values, communication objectives - anything that gives your business some personality traits and some objectives\n
  • We’ve decided that blogging is massive, we know that a good blog is like an interesting person\nNon-exhaustive list, caveat these are the good-for-business ones\ninsider - what’s going on in the office, we’ve got a deal on, you’re the first to hear about a new product\nresearch - We’ve conducted some research, this is what we found. This is you really adding value\nI’view - this is where your mates come in, align someone clever with your org\n
  • insider view - deal for readers and personal account from staff. \nBUT - it’s the easiest and everybody does it. Must have grown from the newsroom/press release discipline (nothing wrong with that but I’m bored of reading them)\n
  • Research - Here’s garmin knowing their running history and being empathetic\n
  • research - conference, uni partners. \nalso, notice it’s still personal\n
  • comment on current affair\nnotice again - I, my kiddies\nWorth reading, makes PETA look sane\n
  • tips, lists, how to - grouped them all together as they all do very well. \ns’thing very tangible to take away. Easy to digest, easy to scan, develop your idea through bullets. \nNot sure about coving your parents garage in paint...\n
  • interview - positions you as an expert by showing off your well known mates. Great way to keep your content fresh, let someone else write\nbritish red cross\n
  • We’ve talked about post types - which do you choose? \nTime- research piece with not much time - crappy might be damaging. Insider view/editorial - easy if you’re a good writer\naudience - not my clients. Ask them. See what else is in the same feild (does it have lots of comments, shares?)\ngoals - if your BLOG goals sound anything like ‘communicate with our customers’ ‘announce our achievements’ step backward slowly and pretend you never came here today. Look at your organisation (and if you have them comms team) goals for meatier ones. are get X amount of donors by 2013 > We’re organizing a conference and putting charity collectors on the street. Do speaker announcements or a day in the life of a chugger\nContent - communications with stakeholders, email compaigns, passionate employees\n
  • \n
  • It’s ok to ask for things, you’ve given them something, they expect to give something too\nThis is where your ROI comes in. What next?\n
  • top ones - what your readers expect to do\nYour brain is exploding now you’ve read it, add to it. Share it with your mates, the ROI all over, subscribe is much overlooked. They’ve expressed interest, its your job to keep them now. None of this check back rubbish\n
  • Problogger - blog about blogging\ncomment, reply, buy two products, subscribe, save it, read related posts (a good one, if you’re not convinced yet you might be after two more posts)\nshare on FB, Google+, linkedin\nthough it might seem like overkill it’s good to give your user content in the way they want to receive it. I use Delicious but not digg\n
  • Shelter - much simpler call to action - nearly dropped my burrito\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • one each! \n
  • trolls appear when there is the opportunity to comment so this isn’t just your blog this is FB, twitter, linkedin. The talentless graffiti artist of the internet, protected by anonimity and given a limitless audience\nIf you see this guy, you’ve been trolled\n
  • they’d be delighted to know I was using them as an e.g.\nrunning a campaign to stop litter on our roads. Top one responds to a tweet, bottom is the TS response\nslightly defensive response by beat the troll with facts. Alas, someone calling us a numpty is attached to the twitter feed. best response here would be don’t respond\n
  • They’ve read your blog. They’re rare\nCalm, makes them look silly\nUse the power of your brand voice. If they’re calm and thoughful, your resposnse won’t \n
  • credibility - don’t see that it was a troll and respond, the comment is left up before you’ve got time to delete it\n
  • Ignore it - there’s a chance if you engage it’ll continue\nMost platforms already do this. E.g. log into wordpress, Link to twitter/FB accounts, \nIf they’ve taken a dislike to your company or you, use your name so you’re not the anonomus troll and, if google ranks your name, you’ll stay on top -not the troll comments. Bush e.g. Miserable failure\n
  • you’ll learn more than doing it than postulating and writing reports\ntake a while to write a post. 10 mins a day, reposting something someone else has said\n\n
  • \n
  • \n

Better blogging Better blogging Presentation Transcript

  • BETTER BLOGGINGMaking your blog work for your organisation
  • BLOGGING• Is it worth the bother?• Characteristics of successful blogs• Calls to action• Handling the troll
  • Me.I’m a web copywriter and content strategist.To people that don’t make up their job titles that means I act as an advocatefor internet users by making web content findable, readable and up-to-date.
  • Logo wall of self importance
  • XKCD
  • Social media’s main purpose is to inform, update and entertain in quicker morebite-size morsels. That doesn’t mean that people are satisfied. In many cases itcan be seen as content junk food. It’s fun, it tastes good but...there needs to bea place where the 140 character idea is worked out in more detail. Frank Reed
  • PERSONAL BLOGS Successful personal bloggers:• Express personality• Create a slick image• Participate in their passion• Drive change
  • THE SECRETCorporate blogs are no different
  • TYPICAL BLOG POSTS• Insider view or announcement• Research• Comment on current affairs• Tips, lists and how to...• Interview, guest blogger
  • WHAT SHOULD I WRITE?• How much time do I have?• Who is my audience?• What are the organisation goals?• Do I already have the content?
  • TASK About SamaritansWork together to create a blog post Samaritans is a confidential emotionalidea for the Samaritans. Include: support service for anyone in the UK and Ireland.• Type of post - Announcement, interview, tips, research findings, The service is available 24 hours a day comment on current affairs... for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including• Content of the post - What’s the those which may lead to suicide. story? Volunteers offer support by responding to phone calls, emails and letters.• Other media - photo, graphic, video, Alternatively people can drop in to a audio branch to have a face to face meeting
  • CALL TO ACTIONA call-to-action is how you want your user to respond to your blogpost.They’ve given you attention, it’s your job to tell them what to donext.
  • TYPES OF ACTIONSYour golden calls to action: Comment, share, subscribeOthers might be: Call us, fill in a form, make a payment, takeadvantage of an offer, register for updates, free trial, downloadinformation...
  • WARNINGEvery time your call to action is ‘click here’ God gives a kitten aheadache.
  • WARNINGEvery time your call to action is ‘click here’ God gives a kitten aheadache.
  • QUICK FIREThink of a call to action to add to your Samaritans blog post
  • CELEBRATE THE TROLL• It’san opportunity to show you care about your readers - all of them• Let your devotees defend you• Be the bigger person• Reinforce your brand personality
  • FEAR THE TROLLThey can:• Upset your readers and intimidate the thoughtful commenters• Distract you from a genuine complaint• Spread false information about your organisation• Damage your credibility
  • TAME THE TROLL• Don’t publish• Ask for log-in credentials• Take it offline• Approach with calm, cool humility or whip out the facts• Respond with your/your company name
  • BLOGGING - FINAL WORDS• Just do it, you’ll be great•A bit at a time• Remember why you’re doing it - and stay focused• Make it fun to read and fun to create
  • Any questions?
  • Thank youKeep in touch:@anna_cookwww.annacook.nethello@annacook.net