[Altabel Group]Unity 3 D Development


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[Altabel Group]Unity 3 D Development

  1. 1. Altabel Groupwww.altabel.com
  2. 2. At Altabel Group we have experience in building wide range ofapplications from simple 2D apps to complex 3D games with a lot ofFXs, sounds, AI, network and Augmented Reality.Our developers are oriented to iOS development and haveexperience in working with standard Apple services likeLeaderBoard, Achievements, BlueTooth and Network multiplayerand voice chat. But tools and IDE they use allow them to build cross-platform solutions including iOS, Android, Wii, MacOS, Windows,PS3, XBox 360 and even web-based interactive 3D solutions.The technical specialists are able to combine different approaches(Unity3D, native code, 3rd-party plugins for Augmented Reality andiTunes, etc)in order to achieve the goals and create solutions withdifferent complexity. Altabel Group, www.altabel.com
  3. 3. Team members (developers) have good IT education withmathematical and classic programming background. They are highlymotivated in creating scalable solutions and user friendlyapplications.There are:1. architects/team leads and project coordinators/managers (with advanced level in game/graphic development, good knowledge in 3D technologies, Subversions and Project management);2. developers of different levels with strong knowledge in 3D/2D game development for Mobile/Desktop platforms, Unity3D (С# or Javascript), Objective-C , iOS SDK , Android SDK and Android NDK;3. 2D/3D designers with large experience in 3D Max, AutoCad, ZBrush and PhotoShop. Altabel Group, www.altabel.com
  4. 4. At Altabel Group we provide a full range of activities for product development:-business analysis;-rough budget estimation;-writing technical specifications ;-complete technical projects (architectural design, development, integration, customization, testing) ;-publishing to mobile Stores (AppStore, Android Market). Altabel Group, www.altabel.com
  5. 5. Customer: Individual person, USA.Objective: The aim was to create a 3D-game, which is combination of tic-tac-toe game andRubik’s-cube game. As a result, we get an interesting game with simple rules.Solution: A splendid, colorful and captivating game was developed. Fans of logical games,undoubtedly, will appreciate this product! It represents a variety of spatial tic-tac-toe: onlyin the role of both act small cubes of blue and red colors – do you remember, how it’s in“The Matrix”? Only, the choice of color will not help you win. Around a central cube,opponents gather already familiar combinations of 3 in a row, as well as trying to makemore valuable intersections of the lines of their color. In the first modification, the gameends when players have completed an analog of 3-story Rubiks cube. In a more complexversion of the game, any player can either insert a cube of his color in any of the 6 sides ofthe large cube, or turn one of its layers in one move. In the latter case, the points are alsocharged with breaking combinations of the opponent. In this modification, after picking upthe entire structure of the cube, players can still rotate in turns the layers or stop the game.This brain-twister provides an opportunity to play with artificial intelligence, or by usingBluetooth.Technologies: Unity3D, C#/.NET, iPhone SDK, 3D Studio Max Altabel Group, www.altabel.com
  6. 6. Customer: The customer is a game studio from the USAObjective: The aim was to develop a realistic game using 3D graphics. The game itself resemblesa widely-known handheld digital pet – TamagoschiSolution: An interesting, lively and amusing game was developed by our specialists. The ideaitself is very close to that of Tamagochi. At the beginning of the game you choose you character, itis possible to select race and sex of you 3D hero. You should take care of the character: in thegame menu you can feed him/her; play with him/her; change clothes; send to work; ecc.. All youmanipulations influence you personage, his/her health, mood and mentality. For example if youoverfeed him/her he/she will be fat and vice versa. So it`s important to engage the characterinto different actions wisely. However from time to time the hero can perform certain actions onhis own, thus adding to the game certain liveliness and dynamism. Still these actions do notaffect your hero`s health or IQ. During the game your personage is growing and you can observehow he changes from birth till the old age, certainly in case you are able to take care of yourhero in a right way.All the actions with the character are performed for the points that are restored in a certainperiod of time. Here the user should be careful: if you run out of points, you won`t be able toinvolve your character in different activities.Technologies: Unity3D, C#/.NET, 3D Studio Max, Adobe PhotoShop Altabel Group, www.altabel.com
  7. 7. Customer: Art-studio which is focused on high-quality 3D graphic for media, advertisementand movies.Objective: The goal was to create a bright colorful 3D books, interesting not only for childrenbut also adults.Solution: The given application was developed. That represents a fascinating narration withlots of three-dimensional illustrations.Close cooperation with the studio which participated in creation of heroes of a well-knowncartoon film “Shrek”, should bring a lot of pleasure to children. They can listen to a fantastichistory, looking through colorful pages and repeating after the story-teller the chosen words.They also can listen to a voice of their relatives reading the book in the multi-user modethrough Wi-Fi, wishing each other good night. You can enjoy several stages in variousforeshortenings, using accelerometer. Varied animations are realized, including interactiveones, which makes reading even more fascinating.Technologies: Unity3D, C#/.NET, Apple Game Center services, 3D Studio Max, AdobePhotoShop Altabel Group, www.altabel.com
  8. 8. Programming languages, Technologies, IDE-s, Libraries :• Objective-C (XCode, Three20, Cocos2D)• Java• Unity 3D (C# or JavaScript)• C#, .NET 4.0, MS Visual Studio (2003, 2005, 2008, 2010)• С/C++ – MS Visual C++ 6.0, 8.0; Borland C++ 3.1, 5.0; C++ Builder• XML, XSLT• QCar (Qualcom Augmented Reality)• Rational Rose, ErWin, Visio, MS Project• MS Visual SourceSafe, SVN, Unity SubversionOperating systems :• MacOS (Leopard, Snow Leopard)• MS Windows /XP/Vista/7• MS DOS• Linux Altabel Group, www.altabel.com
  9. 9. Altabel GroupAltabel Group companyUAB "ALTABEL GROUP"Naugarduko g. 3,LT-01141 VilniusLithuania, EUtel: +370 5 2160621fax: +370 5 2139251contact@altabel.comAltabel`s page in LinkedInAltabel`s page in FacebookAltabel`s blog www.altabel.com